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Dear family,

I'm a 21 years old (almost 22) Spanish guy in his last year of degree, Translation and
Interpreting (English, French and basic German). I would like to do a Master in France, Strasbourg,
and to do that I need the C1 level (official). That's why I would like to try the Au Pair experience so
I could get the C1 level of French (and even English) and try to get the Master next year,
2018/2019. I took care of my cousins when I was in High School and a friend's little brother too; I
can teach English, Spanish and even how to play the piano (10 years of professional studies) so
apart from your au pair I could be your children's language and piano teacher (for the same money
per week!!).

I'm an active boy. I like all kind of sports: tennis, football, rugby, basketball, running...
(althought I'm not very good at all of them...). In my degree, Translation and Interpreting (English),
I had to study French (B2-C1 level) and German (A1 level), but I can speak a little bit of Italian too.
I started to play the piano when I was 4 and I finished the music professional studies when I was 16.
I like to improvise, I am an organised person and I hate silence and being inactive. I think that could
be useful with kids. I love kids, by the way: I am the kind of guy who is always searching for the
little siblings of my friends to play with them or just talk for a bit. I have done an erasmus in France
(Strasbourg) so I should not have problems with the language. I traveled all around the country
when I was there. I like all kind of food (and cooking) and I would like to cook some Spanish
dishes there so you could taste something of my country!!

One of my dreams is to work and live abroad (in France, in England... but I prefer in
France). To do that I would like to do a Master in France (Spanish Teacher or Music Teacher with
the MEEF CAPES), so I would like to use this kind of experience as a chance to be in France, work,
improve my level of language to get the C1 level and then try to get the Master next year. I have
spent my whole life learning languages and music (piano, some guitar and singing), so I think that's
what I want to make a living. Helping your children with languages or even music could also give
me more experience to have a better "dossier" for the Master. That's why I would like to go abroad
and take care of your children.

Thank you for your time, help and, if you want, thank you for giving me a chance!!

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