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Certified Payment Processing

Specialist (CPPS) TM

CPPS certification will help you in enhancing

your skills in payment processing.

Get certified! Stay ahead of

the competition!
Payments are an inherent part of our daily life. With
Continuous evolution and rapid progress, payment
industry offers great opportunities. Entry of non-
bank players and technology innovations are adding
more zing to payments. It very important for banks,
technology companies, players in payment industry
as well as professionals working with them to have
a thorough knowledge of end-to-end processes,
opportunities and developments in payments.

MVLCO offers a four full days comprehensive

CPPS certification program extensively focused on
processing wholesale and retail payments.
BFSI Academy is the
training division of MVL When you complete CPPS, you will have complete
Consulting Private understanding of :

Visit MVLCO at How wholesale and retail payments are processed
Structure of SWIFT MT/MX payment messages
All our training programs How payment engines and payment hubs function
are also available in-
Exceptions, investigations, rejects and returns handling
house. To arrange an in-
house program please Frauds in payments
contact us on :
Payment analytics
+91-9764835350 Current and future trends in payments
or email Join our classroom program at :
Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune, India
Certified Payment Processing Specialist (CPPS)TM

4 full days. Coursecontents
We conduct regular (week- Introduction
Importance of payment systems
days) as well as week-end
Broad objectives and components of payment system
(Sat/Sun) batches Three key elements : Message, Clearing/Netting and Settlement
Electronic Payment Systems viz. RTGS, Hybrids and Card Payments
Fees: Payment transactions : Bank to Bank, Bank-to-Customer
Indian Participants
Payment Messaging :
INR 17,000 + service tax
Messaging methods i.e. internet, mobile, SWIFT etc.
SWIFT/euroSIC/EDIFACT/proprietary messages
International Participants
Understanding SWIFT MT/MX message structure
US$ 975 + service tax
SWIFT MT Messages for payments i.e. 1XX, 2XX, 3XX and 9XX
SWIFT MX messages for payments i.e. PAIN, PACS and CAMT
Service tax is currently 12.36%.
May change to 14% in near future. Message conversion and message processing, message repair

Early-bird and group discounts Payment Exceptions and Investigations

are available (conditions apply)
Exceptions : request to cancel/request to modify
Certification Fees include all the Exceptions : Unable to apply
tuition, full course documentation, Exceptions : Claim non-receipt
lunches and refreshments for the
duration of the program but does not Investigation : Resolution
include accommodation facility and Investigation : Notification of case assignment
transport costs. Investigation : Duplicate/Request for duplicate
Investigation : Rejection
Full course fees is payable Investigation : Case status report request/report
in advance in favor of Investigation : Debit authorization request/response
Use of software/applications to automate exceptions/investigations
MVL Consulting
Private Ltd. Payment Rejects and Returns
Understanding rejects and returns
Understanding SWIFT reject/return guidelines
Using SWIFT MT/MX messages for reject and return

Payment Engines. Payment Hubs and Straight Through Processing (STP)

Components of payment engine/payment hub
How payment engines/payment hubs function
Payment processing using payment engines / payment hubs
Payment accounting and transaction reconciliation
Liquidity and queue management

Why should you attend: Payment Accounting and Funds Management

International and domestic Payment accounting : Settlement Accounts, Nostro/Nostro Mirrors
payments are one of the Payment transactions reconciliation
most happening domain
Frauds in Payments
areas in banking and Types of frauds and fraud prevention
finance. Large opportuni-
ties exist for Payment Pro- Payment Analytics
fessionals in banks and Payment KPI/KRI and data analytics
IT/Software industry.
Current and future trends in payments
After this certification you
would have a cutting edge
over others !
Certified Payment Processing Specialist (CPPS)TM

The course covers thorough understanding of SWIFT MT/MX (ISO20022)

messages used for payments, usage of payment engines to process payment
transactions, straight through payment processing, treatment of rejects and
returns, payment exceptions and investigations, and frauds in payments.

The CPPS program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and

includes exercises and case studies. A certification test is conducted at the end
of the program.

Course modules:

Module 1 : Basics of payment systems

Module 2 : Basics of Paper Payments
Module 3 : Basics of RTGS, ACH and Card Payments
Module 4 : Payment messaging
Module 5 : Payments exceptions and investigations
Module 6 : Payment rejects and returns
Module 7 : Payment engines & straight through processing
Module 8 : Frauds in payments
Module 9 : Payment analytics
Module 10 : Current and future trends in payment

Get Certified ! Stay Ahead of the Competition !
Our other program in payment domain :
Certified International Payment Systems Professional (CIPSP)TM

Participants speak:

The Program was so carefully designed, that every single second of

time became very interesting, The way the trainer drove us
The CIPSP training through the program was just amazing, there was no confusion or
was the best training I bumps during the session.
have attended so far. : Maheshkumar, Oracle.
It was well organized
and delivered.

A participant from The program was very interesting and the trainer made it even more
Bangalore August interesting. The basic were made strong first and then the advanced
2014 Batch
topics were taken. This made it easier for everyone. The trainer also
had answers for any questions encountered.

: Participant from National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

The program touched upon all the concepts with respect to

payments. Getting this much information from a single source
is simply outstanding.
: Saurabh Sharma, HSBC.

Given the amount of knowledge being imparted, the trainer

managed to engage us right through the 4 days and kept us
I want to thank you for the completely glued to the course !
wonderful training session on : Sanjay Kumar, Oracle
payment systems.

It was the best I have ever

Very useful program. I had very limited exposure to banking.
With the very meticulous col- But I carry back with myself a lot of learning!
lection of data / processes and
supporting material, structured
: Akhil , Infosys.
presentations, clear sequencing
of the sessions, the efficiency
of the training was as enjoyable
as much as it was informative.
It is a very useful and well designed program . The flow is also
- Srikrishnan Jayaraman, excellent
Consulting Practice Director : Vaibhav Vaze, Barclays.
Oracle Bangalore
November, 2014

Very insightful and interactive program !

: Vivek Tiwari British Council.

MVL Consulting Private Limited

#17, Laxman Villa Condominium, Near Jog Hospital, Paud Road, Pune 411038 India
Telefax: +91-20-25466154, +91-20-25422874 Mobile: +91-9764835350
Our other program in payment domain :
Certified International Payment Systems Professional (CIPSP)TM

CIPSP @ Bangalore

CIPSP @ NPCI, Mumbai

CIPSP Bangalore, August, 2014

More than 40 participants from Oracle, IBM, Wipro,
Infosys, Congizant, LankaClear, RS Software and other
reputed organisations attended the program.

CIPSP Pune June, 2014

More than 20 participants from Barclays, Tieto, Oracle, IBM, and
other reputed organisations attended the program.

MVL Consulting Private Limited

#17, Laxman Villa Condominium, Near Jog Hospital, Paud Road, Pune 411038 India
Telefax: +91-20-25466154, +91-20-25422874 Mobile: +91-9764835350