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SELECT License and Download Management Fact Sheet

Bentleys flexible licensing and software access policies provide broad access to applications, including usage beyond owned license pools. Though there are many benefits to this subscription policy (see Usage
Calculation and Reporting Fact Sheet), Bentley understands the need to manage usage and provides a number of tools to assist in the management of license access, download permissions, and checkouts for
sites. See chart below for details and suggested uses.

By Specific
Applies Applies to Set Visibility
Product(s) or
Tool 1
to Software Method Expiration in Usage Suggested Uses
All Available
Licenses Downloads Date Reports

User Not Not Control permission to download software by individual user/login.

No Yes All By Login
Permissions Applicable Applicable Applies to Bentley products overall, cannot control individual product downloads.

Generates unique license key different from Bentley master key. Administrator has
ability to manage usage based on distribution of the key, which will replace master when
Custom entered on an individual machine. Settings do not inherit master key settings.
By Distribution Not
Activation Yes No Specific Most2 Some usage reports can be filtered by Custom Activation Group for usage tracking
of Key Applicable
Groups purposes. Does not have auto-expiration, but can be cancelled at any time by
administrator. Useful for providing access to a subset of products to arbitrary groups of
any size, such as project teams, subcontractors or special billing groups.

By Distribution Similar to Custom Activation Group, but allows expiration date to be set.
Activation Yes No Specific Yes No
of Key Cannot be filtered in usage reports.
Client By Site or
Not Not Control access to licenses by site, or apply to Custom Activation Group.
Access Yes No All Custom
Applicable Applicable Applies to Bentley licenses overall, cannot control access to individual product licenses.
Restrictions Activation Group

By Site or Control the number of licenses that can be checked out for a specific product.
Checkout Not Not
Yes No All Custom This is a site-wide setting and cannot be set for individual users/machines, but can be
Restrictions Applicable Applicable
Activation Group applied to a Custom Activation Group.

By Distribution Not Not Enforce use of master key or Custom Activation Group key on machines and
Directory Yes No All
of Key Applicable Applicable lock license settings.
Group Policy

User Permissions can be accessed through SELECTservices Center; all other tools are located in SELECTserver administration portal.
Custom Activation Group data can be filtered in all User Based Reports, Machine Based Reports, and Inventory Reports. Not available in Peak Usage Reports.

2014 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Bentley, the B Bentley logo, and SELECT are either registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bentley Systems, Incorporated or one of its direct or indirect wholly owned
subsidiaries. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.