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BC2030: Week 4 - SBS Assignment Worksheet

ABOUT 50 Points Total

This assignment provides you the opportunity to apply the coding skills youve learned this week. Every
professional coder will tell you the more you code, the better coder you become so practice, practice,

To do well on the assignment, you must read the assigned chapters and complete the exercises in your
textbook and workbook. It is recommended that you look over the questions before reading the case
scenario to give you an idea of what information you will be asked to answer. Be sure to read every question
completely as some are asking for a written response while others are asking you to assign a code.

**If the answer is none please write none in the space below the question. To receive points you must have
an answer for each question.

30 points
(3 points each)

Directions to complete Part 1:

Answer the questions below.
After all questions have been answered, save the file and submit it.
Use MS Word to complete the assignment

1. What are the first three subsections in the medicine section?

A. Immune Globulins
B. Immune Administration For Vaccine toxics
C. vaccine toxics

2. According to the notes preceding the Immune Globulin subsection in the Medicine Section, where are
the agents found in immune globulins obtained from?

Human Plasma and immune to a particular disease

3. What is it considered when you list each vaccine separately when a combination vaccine is available?

Each vaccine is separately with a combination vaccine unbundling

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BC2030: Week 4 - SBS Assignment Worksheet

4. Typically what type of patient is the recipient of Interactive Psychotherapy?

Minors a child

5. How often are outpatient dialysis services reported for end stage renal disease patients?

Rental Disease are Reported Of A Patient Monthly.

6. Tonometry may be included in what type of examination?

Tonometry is included as a part of a full eye examination

7. What does a pulmonary function test reveal?

Asthma , Bronchitis And Emphysema ,Also lung Capacity.

8. What is the measurement of brain waves during sleep testing referred to as?

Polysomnography is the measurement of the brain waves during sleep but with the feature of recording the
various stages of sleep testing

9. Using the CPT coding manual assign the correct code for the following:

Peritoneal dialysis with two (repeated) physician evaluations

CPT Code: 90947

10. Using the CPT coding manual assign the correct code for the following:

Bernstein test for esophagitis

CPT Code: 91030

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BC2030: Week 4 - SBS Assignment Worksheet

Steps for correct CPT coding

1. Determine the procedure, test, or service to be coded

2. Identify all terms
3. Locate each main term in the Alphabetic Index
4. Review and select the subterms indented below the main term
5. Note the code number(s) found opposite the selected main term or subterm
6. Verify the code in the Tabular List
7. Review coding notes and coding conventions
8. Determine modifiers when applicable
9. Repeat steps for additional code(s)

20 points
(2 points each)

Directions to complete Part 2:

Use the CPT coding manual to answer the following questions for the scenario listed below.

The patient was seen today for an esophagus acid reflux test with a nasal catheter pH electrode placement
for detection of gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).

1. What is the documented procedure, service or test to be coded?

Gastroesophageal Acid Reflux 91034

2. What is the main term in the Alphabetic Index?

Acid Reflux

3. What is the subterm that identifies the procedure, service or test?

Esophagus acid reflux

4. What, if any, are the additional subterms you need to reference?

Reference Gastroesophageal Acid Reflux

5. Are there any cross reference instructions in the Alphabetic Index that should be followed?


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BC2030: Week 4 - SBS Assignment Worksheet

6. What code (s) are listed for the procedure, service or test in the alphabetic index?


7. What Section of the CPT coding manual is referenced in the Tabular List?

91012 Acid

8. Are there any notes/guidelines in the Tabular List that should be applied to this CPT code?

YES Electrode Placement According to the pain 95971

9. Assign the CPT code that describes the procedure, service or test performed.

69421 Nasal Cather pH electrode Placement

10. Have all documented procedures, services or tests been identified for this scenario?