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Mapua Institute of Technology

School of AR-ID-BE
Intramuros, Manila


Submitted by:
SAPUNGAN, Leonoralynn N.

Submitted to:
Ar. Wilkie B. Delumen

02 May 2017
This year, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), once again held the
Construction Expo 2017 or CONEX 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay.
This three-day event, starting from April 27 until April 29, featured various
exhibitors in the field of construction. A lot of professionals, students and other
spectators attended the said event.

I was able to get the chance to attend CONEX 2017 last April 29. Even though
it was the last day of the expo, the convention center was still full of people. As I
enter the exhibition hall, I immediately saw the huge and well-designed booths by
numerous exhibitors displaying their products. From plumbing, electrical,
mechanical and other construction services, the expo definitely opened up the eyes
of the spectators to the world of construction. I even saw some kids, together with
their parents, enjoying the games and activities done in every booth.

As I take a look around the expo, I was able to visit some interesting booths,
such as Chun Hoe Steel Wire Reinforcing Products and Geosynthetics. With the scare
of the Big One, and the recent earthquake incidents that our country has
experienced, I think that the wire meshes that I saw in their booth can serve as one
of the solutions to help prevent erosions.

I also saw some booths that introduces innovations of typical construction

materials such as wood and concrete. Exhibitors of different races and products
from other countries were also present in the said event, each of them eagerly and
earnestly explaining, to students such as I and practicing professionals alike, on how
their materials work. Their explanations and discussions only strengthen my belief
that the state of architecture and construction here in the Philippines will soon
achieve a world-class prestige.

Of all the booths that I have seen all throughout the whole expo, I can say that
the one that I enjoyed the most is the Boysen Color Play. Colors play a big part in the
world of architecture, as it connects the structures designed by architects to the
common users through the emotional and psychological impact it provides. Their
booths approach in introducing their products is not only creative, but also
interactive and engaging as well. Using differently shaped blocks and the paints
based on their new color schemes, the attendees were able to directly interact with
their products. It was also fun to see kids unleashing their creativity to use their
hands on painting blocks, and adults revealing their playful sides in making colorful
works of art. Boysens exhibition booth is definitely one of the most attention-
grabbing at the CONEX 2017.

I truly appreciate the fact that these conventions exist for they are very
informative not only to architecture students like me, but for common spectators as
well. It deals with the physical world that we live in, making such expos relevant. I
do hope that one day, more people would involve themselves to such activities to
really learn and know more about the field, and not just for the freebies that they
could take home. Its a sad sight to see discarded brochures thrown in trash bins
because they hold information that could improve the lives of every Filipino people.
This activity aims to give us the experience of knowing and learning more, of
reaching out to everyone, and I firmly believe that it is an opportunity that one
should passionately grab, especially for us future practicing professionals.

Information is one of the main resources that man can use to enhance their
lifestyle, and CONEX 2017 surely overflows with it.