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Instruction: Please place a tick in the box provided or, where prompted, write

briefly in the space provided.

1. Age:

13-20 21-34 35-49 >50

2. Sex:

male female

3. Religion:

Christianity Hinduism Islam Other (please specify) _________

4. Occupation:

Self-employed Unemployed Firm-employed Student Other

5. Irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not, are a religious


Strongly religious Religious Unsure Not religious Atheist

6. How many times per month do you attend your place of worship/religious

Every week 2-3 times per month Less than two times Dont attend

7. Do you agree the elderly are more involved in religious activities while the
young either avoids or abandons it?

Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree

8. Do you believe modernization has contributed to the decrease in religious


Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree

9. Which age group do you believe are the most affected by this change?

Young children/teenager (5-15) Senior teenagers (16-19) Young adults (20-40)

Middle-aged and senior adults (>40)

10.Why do you think this particular age group is the most affected by

Greater influence by the media

Exposure to the world-wide web
Age group are at particular age where they can learn and adapt faster than
their seniors
All of the above

11. How do you believe this particular age group is mostly affected by

Less morals, as seen in their choice of clothes and lifestyle

More disrespectful to elders
More likely to do drugs and involve in harmful actions/behaviour
All of the above
Other: ________________________________________________________

12.State your opinion on whether you think third-world countries are more
involved in religious activities than first-world countries.

Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree

13.Why do you believe religious involvement has declined?

science has disproven many religious theories and people are more incline
to accept god as a fictional being
Disconnections form family tradition.
Modernization- society has become more modern
All of the above

14.Over the years, religion has and is continuing to be pushed aside and scientific
knowledge has replaced many teachings of religion. As a concerned and avid
religious follower, choose how you would combat this change.

Encourage friends and family to attend religious gatherings weekly and/or

Encourage family-time and keep closer contact with family members.
Limit the time children spends on television and the internet and encourage
religious activities.
Educate your juniors on why religion is important.
Not a religious follower/none of the above.
Other: ________________________________________________________