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ALUMNO: Juan Carlos Balleza Lpez


Petroleum engineering overview.

Its no easy to talk about Petroleum engineering especially because it is a career that requires different areas
to have a good functioning but any way lets going to start.
A petroleum engineer wants to search all the reservoirs that contain oil and gas in the world, in order to
achieve this activity, petroleum engineers Works with a lot of colleagues like geologists to understand the
rock who contains oil and gas.
In my opinion I think that very important to know the properties of the rock because in this way they can
determine the drilling methods to be used, and monitor drilling and production operations.
Its important to say that only a small proportion of oil and gas in a reservoir will flow out under natural forces,
petroleum engineers develop and use various enhanced recovery methods.
The refining.
This activity its to my mind one of the most important things because in this process the oil crude is aimed at
separating the crude oil into its various components.
At the end of its refinement process. The oil can be transformed into fuels and a great variety of plastic objects,
among others.
In my personal opinion one of most common way to transport fuel is by pipelines, because in this way, the fuel,
can be distributed, around the country, in a fast way and without complications, by the other hand another
option to transport fuel its by pipes, but to be honest its for me a bad way to transport fuel because the
transport time is longer than other options.
And there may be different complications, delaying their movement around the country.
In addition that fuel can be stolen from the pipe, which carries it.
Important Qualities
One of the most important things to study a degree, its to have a solid background in mathematics in topics
like algebra and science in topics like chemistry.
Other things that you must considerate are:
Creativity: Petroleum engineers must come up with new ways to extract oil and gas because each new drill site
presents challenges. They must know how to ask the necessary questions to find possible deposits of oil and
Interpersonal skills: Petroleum engineers must work with others on projects that require highly expensive
machinery, equipment, and infrastructure. Communicating and working well with others is crucial to protecting
and preserving firms huge capital investments.
Problem-solving skills: Identifying problems in drilling plans is critical for petroleum engineers because drilling
operations can be costly. They must be careful not to overlook any potential issues and quickly address
problems that do occur.