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1. A man is being accused of murder.

He claims his identical

twin is the real culprit. He also claims that the fingerprints the
CSI's found aren't his, but his twins, who has the same
fingerprints as him. Is this possible?
o Yes, identical twins always have identical fingerprints.
o No, identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.
o It is plausible. Identical twins sometimes have identical fingerprints.
2. A CSI team found a hair at a murder scene. The root of the
hair is not attached. Can they identify it as male or female?
o Yes.
o No.
3. There was an explosion at a manufacturing plant. The bodies
were burned too badly to identify the victims by sight. What is the
next most common way to identify the body in this situation?
o DNA analysis
o Clothing
o Dental records
o Bone structure
4. A CSI team responds to a body that was found dead in the
woods off a major highway. How can they tell how long the body
has been dead in this location?
o Call in an entomologist to study the arthopods (bugs) found on the
o Consult with a meteorologist, who can study the weather patterns in
the region and determine the effects on a body.
o Make an announcement to the public in order to find any
5. Are you a male or female CSI?
o I am a male CSI.
o I am a female CSI.
6. A skeleton is found inside an empty warehouse. What is the
quickest way to determine the gender?
o Skull size
o Height
o Bone density
o Pelvic bone structure
7. Of the following options, which is the least reliable source of
o DNA data
o Eyewitness account
o Latent fingerprints

6. A CSI forgot to bring luminol to a crime scene. What can the

CSI now not scientifically and quickly detect at the scene?
o Blood
o Saliva
o Urine
o COffee
7. Blood from a crime that occured 2 hours ago was found on a
doorknob at a crime scene. A CSI wants to determine if the person
who left the blood had alcohol or drugs in his/her system at the
time of the crime. Is it possible to determine this from the blood
on the doorknob?
o Yes.
o No.
8. A Level 2 CSI is using a database called SoleMate. What is
the CSI trying to find information on?
o A soulmate
o Shoe and sneaker patterns
o Toxicology reports
9. What kit is important for a CSI to bring to every crime scene?
o Manicure kit
o Computer repair kit
o Fingerprint Kit
o Sewing kit
10. Victimology, a useful area of knowledge when training to
become a better CSI in order to better understand crime scenes, is
the study of what?
o The scientific study of victimization
o A theory relating to blaming victims
o The 7 step process of healing victims
o The victimization rate in the United States
11. A CSI team found evidence that suggests a man named
Walter is hiding a murder weapon in his home. How can the CSI
team find out if the murder weapon is in Walter's home?
o Enter Walter's home and show official CSI badges because he
legally must let them enter
o Have police escorts let them into Walter's home
o Ask Walter for permission to enter and search his home
o Obtain a search warrant and then search Walter's home
12. A CSI discovers a bullet in a wall near where a murder
occured. The CSI also finds a firearm 20 feet from the scene. How
can the CSI determine if the bullet came from the firearm?
o Run a ballistics report at the lab
o Visually compare the bullet to the firearm and determine if it is a
o Test for fingerprints on both
o Fire a couple of rounds into the wall at the scene and see if the
bullets look the same as the one found

Question 9

In a murder investigation, a corpse was found by a detective at exactly 8pm. Being alert, the
detective also measured the body temperature and found it to be 70F . Two hours later, the
detective measured the body temperature again and found it to be 60F . If the room temperature is
50F and assuming that the body temperature of the person before death was 98.6F , at what time
did the murder occur? Answer: 5.26 PM

Question 8

It was noon on a cold December day in Cameron Highland 16C . Detective Ismail arrived at the
crime scene to find Sergeant Normah leaning over a body. Sergeant Normah said that there were
several suspects. If only they knew the exact time of death, then they could narrow down the list.
Detective Ismail took out a thermometer and measured the temperature of the body 34.5C . He
then left for lunch. Upon returning at 1:00 pm, he found the body temperature to be 33.7C . When
did the murder occur? Hint: Normal body temperature is 37C . Answer: 9.08 AM