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Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

Having an endoscopy (for example a gastroscopy, colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy) can be a

frightening experience for many people. We hope that patients get adequate information about their
test, that they understand what it involves and why it is being done and that they are treated well
when they visit the unit.

Your answers to these questions would help us decide if we can improve our endoscopy service
and how to best do this. A few minutes of your time would be very much appreciated.

We are asking that you do not sign these forms (i.e. they are anonymous), so that your answers can
be as honest as possible.
Please return the questionnaire to the reception desk or by mail, using the attached self-addressed

Name and address of person responsible for collecting surveys


What procedure did you have?

Gastroscopy (examination of stomach) ERCP (examination of the bile ducts)

Colonoscopy (examination of entire colon) EUS (ultrasound examination of stomach)

Flexible sigmoidoscopy (examination of lower

colon) DBE (examination of the small bowel)

Motility test Capsule endoscopy

1. Before the day of the test (this may apply to an appointment in the gastroenterology clinic
or in your gastroenterologists office, to any pamphlets you received by mail, to booking your test or
to any other discussions taking place before the day of the procedure)


Yes No I had an appointment with a nurse in clinic Dont remember

Yes No
Once your doctor requested a consultation with our service, were you contacted
quickly enough?

Once your doctor requested a consultation with our service, was the appointment
given to you soon enough?

In your opinion, was the test done quickly enough after being seen in clinic or
being referred?

Were you offered a choice of dates/ times in which the test was done?
Did you receive a pamphlet or booklet explaining about what the test involved?
If you received a pamphlet or booklet, did it explain the procedure in a clear

Did the nurse or doctor discuss what the test involved (this would usually take
place in clinic when you were first seen or on the phone)?

Did the nurse or doctor explain why the test was being arranged (i.e. what it was
looking for)?

Did the nurse or doctor discuss alternative tests or treatments (which might
include doing nothing, trying some treatment just to see if it helped, barium X

rays or other scans)?
Did the nurse or doctor mention that, although it happens very rarely, there might
be risks (complications such as bleeding or perforation) of doing the test?

Did you feel you had received enough information to prepare for your test?
Yes No
Did you feel that you understood all aspects of having a sedative injection for the
Before going into the endoscopy room, did you feel that you had an opportunity to
ask the nurses any further questions you may have had?
In the endoscopy room, did you feel that you had an opportunity to ask the doctor
doing the test any further questions you may have had?
Do you feel that you had adequate time in the endoscopy room and that you and
the doctor doing the test were not rushed?
Was the doctor doing the test courteous and considerate?
Were the nurses assisting with the test courteous and considerate?
Was the test more uncomfortable than you thought it would be?

What was your overall assessment of the procedure?

Extremely tolerable
Fairly tolerable
Fairly intolerable
Extremely intolerable
Do not remember

How did your experience of the test compare with the expectations you had of it prior to the test?
The experience of the test was exactly as I had expected it to be
The experience of the test was worse than I had expected
The experience of the test was better than I had expected
Do not remember

Would you be willing to undergo the same test in the future if your doctor recommended it?
I would have it again if necessary
I would only have it again if essential
I would not have the procedure again

3. The endoscopy unit

Yes No
Was your journey through the unit well co-ordinated?
Were you treated courteously and with respect?
Did you feel adequately informed about what was happening to you and when?
Were you comfortable when waiting for the test?
Was there an excessive delay in waiting for your test?
4. Privacy and dignity

We appreciate that many people will feel that these tests do invade their privacy and are not
always very dignified. But within these limits:

Yes No
Did you feel that your privacy was respected as best it could be?
Did you feel that attempts were made to preserve your dignity as much as

5. Aftercare

Yes No
Were you given information on what reactions to expect after your procedure?
Did a doctor give you your test results?
Did a nurse give you your test results?
Have you been told the results of your test?
Did you receive a written copy of your test results?
Are you satisfied with the way your results were communicated to you?
Were you given information regarding the follow-up of your care? (i.e. if follow-
up was required, who would see you in follow up and when?)

Do you feel the information given to you regarding your follow-up was clear
and detailed enough?

Any comments on how we could improve the service would be gratefully received. Please
feel free to make any comment(s):




Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Please return the questionnaire in the attached stamped, self-addressed envelope.