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Bend over, here it comes again

The hidden, grisly dangers of routine
And two safe, time-tested alternatives that wont cost you a
fortune (or your life!)
The U.S. is well-known for its real health experts are questioning Horror-film injuries from a
massive expenditures on end-of-life whether its truly worth it to get a routine test
care. On average, people here incur colonoscopy once you hit a certain Colonoscopy is portrayed
more medical costs during the last six age as a benign, safe procedure for
months of life than during their entire everyone. But in my forensic
Too old for a colonoscopy?
life up until then. But it turns out the medicine practice I have seen case
cost of ordinary care is nothing to The minute you hit 50, your doctor
probably started encouraging you to after case of perforated intestines
sneeze at either. and peritonitis (a potentially fatal
get regular colonoscopies.
Routine tests and exams add up inflammation of the abdominal
to $2.7 trillion per year (even more But at this point in life, is a lining), lacerated and punctured livers
than the federal governments annual colonoscopy really worth it? with massive bleeding, and other fatal
deficit).1 Colonoscopies are a case in You see, the major purpose of complications. All from routine
point. routine colonoscopies is to detect colonoscopies.
Colonoscopy isby farthe polyps growing from the mucosal I even had one case in which the
most expensive screening test that surface of the colon. But it takes, on
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Americans are exhorted to undergo. average, 15 years for cancer within
But there are several reasons you a polyp to develop into full-blown In this issue:
should think twice before bending colorectal cancer.2
The South African secret to
over, when it comes again. In Yes, some people have a specific
fact, skipping your next routine genetic predisposition which can lead maintaining healthy blood
colonoscopy might actually save to multiple polyps and a higher risk sugar.........................................4
your life. of colorectal cancer. And these people
There are some serious dangers should be followed and managed WARNING: Cutting-edge
associated with this supposedly closely. macular degeneration therapy
safe test you wont hear about from But anyone can potentially develop
the public health experts. Or the
poses serious dangers ................5
a colon polyp. And in light of that
mainstream hype. There are also 15-year lag time, how old is too The hidden costs of that
alternatives to colonoscopy that are old to go through this uncomfortable
just as effectiveand much safer (not
perfect lawn............................7
procedure and be subjected to its
to mention less expensive). More on risks? This question is important
that in just a moment. Building better bones
because routine colonoscopy can be
But first, let me tell you why some quite dangerouseven fatal. without more calcium.................8 1

air pumped into the colon (to inflate it This despite the continual call from
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a for easy examination) escaped into the mainstream medicine for ever more
worldwide leader in nutritional and patients abdominal cavity. It put so randomized, controlled, clinical
complementary/alternative medicine. much pressure on the liver that it cut trialswhich are considered the
He has had a distinguished career as a
off blood supply back to the heart. The gold standard.
researcher and physician executive at
the National Institutes of Health and
patient died from shock. Until the last 10-15 years,
Walter Reed National Military Medical To make matters worse, colonoscopies were only performed
Center in Washington, DC, and the colonoscopies are often prescribed in doctors offices. And only on
College of Physicians in Philadelphia more frequently than medical patients at high risk for colorectal
PA. He has published over 30 medical
guidelines recommend. cancer or who were experiencing
and trade books, and founded and
edited the first scientific journal, and ACOG in the wheel intestinal bleeding.
the first textbook, on complementary/ Ten years ago, apparently having Then doctors reported they
alternative and nutritional medicine, run out of things to say on TV could detect early cancers even in
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and
from one end, Katie Couric had her people who are not at high risk and
continuously in print since 1995.
colonoscopy performed on the other dont have bleeding. But, according
Dr. Micozzis Insiders Cures is published end, live, on national TV. Patients to an article published in the Journal
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C., began demanding them like the of the National Cancer Institute,
819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for latest cosmetic procedure. Then, the there is no compelling evidence that
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue). American College of Gastroenterology colonoscopy offers any additional
POSTMASTER: Send address changes (ACOG) successfully lobbied benefit over the older, cheaper,
to Insiders Cures, 819 N. Charles St., Congress to have the procedure safer tests.4
Baltimore, MD 21201. covered by Medicare (in other words, And the bottom line is no study
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. us, the taxpayers). has shown that colonoscopy prevents
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler So now, when you become eligible colorectal cancer incidence or
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini
for Medicare at age 65, with the 15 mortality any more than the other safer,
All material in this publication is year lag time for a polyp to become less expensive screening methods.
provided for information only and may cancerous, this Medicare benefit can And dont forgetcolonoscopies
not be construed as medical advice or help you avoid coming down with
instruction. No action should be taken can miss polyps that are present.
colorectal cancer at age 80 years or In July, I sent out a Daily Dispatch
based solely on the contents of this
publication; readers should consult
older, on average. Just doing the math. reporting on a study which showed
appropriate health professionals on any But I digress that with each passing hour of the
matter relating to their health and well- The fact is, several much less day, gastroenterologists are nearly 5
being. The information provided in this expensive and less dangerous percent less likely to detect a polyp
publication is believed to be accurate
techniques are also effective. Yet during colonoscopy.
and sound, based on the best judgment
specialist medical practitioners
available to the authors, but readers Nonetheless, the ACOG
have (not surprisingly) picked the
who fail to consult with appropriate unilaterally declared colonoscopy as
health authorities assume the risk of any most expensiveand dangerous
the preferred approach to colorectal
injuries. The opinions expressed here do option. Without any scientific data to
cancer prevention. It certainly was
not necessarily reflect the views of the support it. I know it sounds bizarre,
preferred when it came to collecting
publisher. The publisher is not responsible given all the hype and increased
membership dues, apparently.
for errors or omissions. recommendations for colonoscopy
For questions regarding your subscription, but its true. Of course, colonoscopy has also
please call reader services at 443-353-4398 become very lucrative. One analysis
In fact, according to a study
(8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT Mon.-Fri.) even reported colonoscopy is the
published earlier this year in the
Copyright 2013 OmniVista Health reason the U.S. leads the world in
American Journal of Gastroenterology,
Media, L.L.C., 819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, health expenditures!
colonoscopy has never even been
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or
compared to other, much saferand But some primary care doctors
in part is prohibited without written
permission of the publisher. less expensivescreening methods dont realize the costs of the tests and
head-to-head in randomized trials.3 procedures they prescribe.


The most expensive hour youll For anesthesia during one surgical Anesthesiologists lobbies strongly to
ever spend procedure, for the exact same service, keep in place, of course).
A colleague of mine in Hartford, one anesthesia group practice charges So all of this leads us to the $1
CT recently called the local hospital $6,970 from a large private health billion question
in order to price a colonoscopy. And insurer, $5,208 from Blue Cross Blue
Shield, $1,605 from Medicare, and What are the alternatives?
even he couldnt get an answer.
$797 from Medicaid.5 What is the real Here we have yet another situation
Because this routine screening where the most expensive, most
cost of providing this service? Who
procedure can cost anywhere from dangerous screening procedure has
$6,000 to nearly $20,000. For an simply never been proven to be better
outpatient procedure requiring less A better question is: Why are
than less expensive, safer procedures.
than an hour. anesthesiologists involved in
colonoscopies at all? Three proven alternatives to
Again, they are the most expensive colonoscopy are:
screening tests that otherwise Colonoscopy does not require
healthy Americans undergo. In general anesthesia. Moderate 1.) The long-established hemoccult
fact, colonoscopies in the U.S. sedationa drug like Valium, test detects blood in the stool as a
often cost more than childbirth or or another intravenous medicine sign of intestinal bleeding. When
an appendectomy in most other that takes effect and wears off there is bleeding in the lower
developed countries.5 quicklyis all you really need. intestinal tract it can be seen as
Both of which could technically be bright red blood in the stool. But
But colonoscopies represent such a administered by any nurse in any when the bleeding is higher up, the
large financial burden because, unlike doctors office. There is no clinical blood breaks down and becomes
hip replacements, c-sections, or even benefit whatsoever from having invisible, or occult. Fecal occult
nose spray, everybody gets themor anesthesiologists involved in this blood testing can decrease the risk
is supposed to, whether they need it procedure. But it adds a further cost of death from colorectal cancer
or not. of $1.1 billon per year.7, 8 by 33 percent.9 Not bad for a test
The final knock-out blow So, who is keeping the that is cheap, completely safe,
And on top of all this, there is anesthesiologists where they dont non-invasive, and that you can
the wild west of administering belong? Our friends at the FDA. administer yourself in the privacy
anesthesia during colonoscopies. They refuse to modify the drug of your own bathroom.
Not only does anesthesia add to the labels advising that moderate 2.) To get an actual look inside
procedures risk, but this service is sedation must be performed in the the lower intestine, opt for
billed separatelyand is all over presence of an anesthesiologist (a a sigmoidoscopy. Unlike
the map. policy that the American Society of Continued on page 4...

U.S. ranks as a world leaderin health care costs

Its not just colonoscopy that is too expensive. Americans pay more for almost everything we get from the healthcare
system than people in other countries.
Hip replacements cost four times as much here as in Europe. Caesarian sections are three times more expensive than
in Britain and New Zealand. A common nasal spray for allergies costs over five times more in the U.S. than in Europe.
Hospital stays are three times more expensive in the U.S. compared to the rest of the developed world (even though they
are being cut shorter and shorter by insurance companies).
We are prescribed more frequent, and more expensive, tests and procedures than in other countrieswhether or not
those countries have private or government health systems.
The International Federation of Health Plans compiled a list of drug treatments, scanning tests and other procedures
which shows the U.S. is the most costly in all of their 21 categoriesoften by a huge margin.6
Citations available online at



colonoscopy, which examines the out several more specific guidelines job of reducing mortality from this
entire colon, sigmoidoscopy only for individual casesincluding disease.
enters the lower large intestine, instances of positive fecal occult If you have your doubts about
which is where most cancers occur. blood tests (FOBT), and to deal getting a colonoscopy, make sure
Several recent studies have shown with the frequent problem of an to consult with your primary care
that this screening method is as incomplete colonoscopy. physician regarding your family
effective as colonoscopyif not Please dont misunderstand my history, personal medical history,
more so.10,11 In fact, according to intention. In no way am I downplaying and any current health problems
one of these studies, getting just the importance of colorectal cancer or symptoms, to find out whether
ONE sigmoidoscopy between the and effective screening for this starting with safer, less expensive
ages of 55-64 can reduce incidence potentially deadly disease. However, optionsa hemoccult test, a
of colorectal cancer by 31 percent Iand many othersdo take issue sigmoidoscopy, or the new CT
and colorectal cancer mortality with the medical subspecialists colonography scanmay be right for
by 38 percent.12 A sigmoidoscopy carte blanche recommendation of you for colorectal cancer screening
can be done right in your doctors colonoscopy. The available science and prevention.
office and doesnt require any simply doesnt support it as the be-all, And remember, you can lower
sedation. Which makes it much less end-all of colorectal cancer screening. your risk of colorectal cancer in
expensiveand also much safer And, as always, when it comes to your the first place (and any other form
than colonoscopy. health, its absolutely critical to follow of cancer, as well as many other
3.) A relatively recent development the science. chronic diseases, for that matter)
has been CT colonography, The fact is, there are serious risks by following the diet, exercise,
which involves doing CT scans to associated with colonoscopyand and supplement recommendations
detect colon polyps. In general, CT its superiority is unproven. But there youll find throughout your issues of
colonography is done every five ARE alternatives. Safer ones. That do Insiders Cures. IC
years, but radiologists have worked a better (or, at the very least, safer) Citations available online at


The South African secret to maintaining healthy blood sugar

In the March issue, I wrote about recent research showing that a compound in red bush (or rooibos) called aspalathin
helps maintain healthy blood sugar in mice.1 Now, some new research adds more insight into how red bush reduces
blood sugar.
Red bush is a relatively recent discovery from South Africa, and Ive explained before how it is your best option for healthy
hydration. (To read more about it, refer back to my report Miracle at Red Bush, which you received when you subscribed
to Insiders Cures.) Now, this study shows that red bush also reduces insulin resistance in muscle cells.
Muscle cells make up the largest bulk of tissue in the body (after the skin). So, together with the liver, muscle activity has
a profound effect on sugar metabolism. In fact, its responsible for up to 80 percent of glucose uptake from the blood.
Thats why a short walk after eating dinner is so effective at driving blood sugar into muscles and avoiding obesity and
diabetes (as I explained back in July in the Daily Dispatch Short walks cut type-2 diabtes risk.)
Unfortunately, certain free fatty acids in the blood from the diet (such as palmitate) can interfere with glucose uptake by
muscle, fat tissue and liver. But this new study showed aspalathin from red bush can reverse this effect.
In simple terms, as Ive always said, red bush helps with healthy digestion after a meal as well as hydration between
For a trusted source of red bush, I recommend the Red Joe brand, which Ive helped develop. Its sold locally in Sarasota,
FL but we are now making it available directly through my website,
Citations available online at


WARNING: Cutting-edge macular degeneration

therapy poses serious dangers
But new research shows you can cut your risk of vision loss IN HALF
without a single risky drug!
Age-related macular degeneration to the wet form, most cases do not. After decades of basic research
(AMD) is the leading cause of vision About 10 percent of men and women proving the role of angiogenesis
loss for men and women over 60 with macular degeneration develop in cancer, Big Pharma has finally
years. Yet, mainstream treatments are the wet form. But this percentage embarked on an all-out, multi-
often ineffective. And expensive. suffers the most severe vision loss. billion dollar effort to develop anti-
Now, some doctors have begun angiogenic drugs.
to use a cutting-edge cancer drug to Age-related macular These drugs block cancer growth by
treat AMD. Yes, its less expensive. blocking the proliferation of new blood
But it comes with serious risks. degeneration (AMD) is the vessels. And unlike chemotherapy, this
Ill tell you more about this leading cause of vision loss new treatment does not poison all the
dangerous treatment in a moment. cells in your body.
for men and women over
But first, lets consider why macular Avastin is a new anti-angiogenic
degeneration is such a big problem. 60 years. Yet, mainstream drug approved for the treatment of
Bringing AMD into focus treatments are often cancer by the FDA.
Your retina is all-important for And some ophthalmologists recently
ineffective. And expensive. began using Avastin off-label for
vision. It receives photons of colored
light and codes them into electrical the wet form of macular degeneration,
impulses. Then, it sends the impulses Curiously, the abnormal in the hopes that it might stop the
to the brain and central nervous proliferation of blood vessels in the abnormal blood vessel proliferation in
system. wet form of AMD is very similar to the eyes. (Once the FDA approves a
The center of your retina is called angiogenesis seen in cancer growth. drug, treating physicians can use it for
the macula. The macula contains any purpose they deem viable.)
The devastating cost of
highly specialized cells needed for human error This off-label use of Avastin
sharp vision. Unfortunately, as we age, Angiogenesis explains how cancer appeals to AMD patients for one
changes can occur to the macula. And cells grow into tumors. reason: its cost. A single injection
these changes can lead to serious loss of Avastin costs only $50. By
Cancer actually begins as a few
of vision. comparison, Lucentisan FDA-
abnormal cells. So how do these
The dry form of macular approved drug specifically for AMD
abnormal cells grow into a tumor
degeneration results from drusen costs $2,000 per injection.
mass? They deviously send out a
deposits. (This word comes from the message that redirects blood vessels But, heres the catch. The
German word for dregs, as in dregs to the cancer cells. manufacturer of Avastin, Genentech,
of wine). These deposits block the does not make ophthalmic preparations
Then, the rogue blood vessels carry
retina and cause blind spots. of the drug. Compounding pharmacies
nutrients to the hungry cancer cells.
The wet form results from the must do it.
Eventually, the cancer cells multiply
abnormal proliferation of blood and grow, forming a tumor. This process is cumbersome
vessels in your eye. These vessels leak and potentially dangerous. The
As I presented in my special report
blood and fluids that block the retina. compounding pharmacies must divide
The one word battle plan to crushing
Eventual scarring leads to serious loss a regular vial of Avastin many times to
cancer, we now know that stopping
of vision. make doses small enough for treatment
angiogenesis helps slow or even stop
The dry form of AMD is more cancer growth. in the eye. Ophthalmologists inject it
common. Although it may progress Continued on page 6...



into the diseased eye using very fine maintain the peripheral nerves of the A healthy dose of B12
syringes. body. So it stands to reason they can (cyanocobalamin) is 20-40 mcgs per
As I pointed out recently, preparing benefit the highly specialized nervous day, and 800-1,600 mcgs of folate
drugs for injections is a risky tissues of the eye and retina. per day. You can also ask your doctor
business. The extra handling and Previous studies have noted about getting periodic B12 injections.
exposure greatly increases the risk of statistical associations between The second study, called LUTEGA,
contamination. serum homocysteine levels, vitamin is evaluating the benefits of
Indeed, earlier this year, a B12, folate, and age-related macular carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids,
compounding pharmacy in Georgia and antioxidants for AMD.
recalled 40 lots of vials. Turns out, Fortunately, you can skip One group of patients was given
several AMD patients developed the dangerous injections 10 mg of lutein, 1 mg of zeaxanthin,
bacterial endophthalmitis after 100 mg of the omega-3 fatty acid
receiving Avastin injections. and the pricey drugs too. DHA, and 30 mg of the omega-3 fatty
And that wasnt the first time You dont need drugs acid EPA per day. A second group
Avastin caused problems. was given double these daily doses.
at all to treat macular And a third group didnt take any
In 2011, 16 people in Florida and degeneration. Two new supplements.
Tennessee lost their eyesight following
Avastin injections. In those cases, studies show that a few key After one year, researchers found
patients brought malpractice lawsuits that vision had improved among
nutrients may be all you all the patients taking supplements.
against doctors, clinics and hospitals.
need to save your vision. Improvements were the same with
A study published last year in the both the lower dose and higher dose
American Journal of Ophthalmology of these supplements. However, vision
investigated the problems with degeneration (AMD). But this new
study investigated how intake and deteriorated in the control group.
Avastin.1 The researchers found that
the drug itself wasnt the problem. blood levels of B12 and folate affect Lutein and zeaxanthin are two of
But rather, the compounding incidence of AMD over 10 years. the carotenoids my colleagues and
procedures used to prepare the tiny Blood levels were measured in I discovered during the 1980s when
ophthalmic syringes. samples drawn during 1997-1999 we examined the nutrient content of
from a cohort of study participants foods that protect against cancer. No
Essentially, this is the same kind of one had ever heard of them before
thing we saw back in 2012 with steroid 55 years and older. Dietary intake of
B12 and folate were assessed using then. When I was interviewed on
injections for neck and back pain. As NIH Radio about our findings, the
youll recall, contaminated steroids a food frequency questionnaire. And
the presence of AMD was assessed by commentator said it was too bad
caused dozens of deaths and hundreds these particular carotenoids were not
of debilitating neurological illnesses. taking retinal photographs.
(then) available in supplement form.
Fortunately, you can skip the Higher homocysteine levels showed I said not to worry because they are
dangerous Avastin injections. And the a linear, dose-response increased risk available in every grocery storein
pricey AMD drugs too. You dont need of AMD. leafy green, and yellow-orange fruits
drugs at all to treat AMD. Patients with lower serum B12 had and vegetables.
a 1.58 times higher risk of developing Of course, these carotenoids are
New vision cure from age-old
nutrients early AMD and a 2.56 times higher available in supplement form now
risk of later AMD. both alone and in combination. But
Two new studies show that a few
key nutrients may be all you need to Lower folate levels were associated even if you do choose a supplement,
save your vision. with a 75 percent increased risk of I always recommend following a diet
early and 89 percent increased risk of high in fruits, vegetables, and fish.
The first study, published in May
later AMD. In addition to helping preserve your
in the American Journal of Clinical vision, eating in this healthy way has
Nutrition found that vitamin B12 and Patients who took B12 supplements
had a 47 percent reduced risk of many other benefits as well. IC
folate decrease the risk of macular
degeneration.2 These B vitamins help AMD.3 Citations available online at


The hidden costs of that perfect lawn

In the early 1980s, two British Meantime, evidence has been 18 holes with a deadly handicap
epidemiologists published a technical mounting that pesticides are strongly We worry a lot about pesticides
book on the causes of cancer. They associated with increased cancer risk. in our foods. And we should, since
concluded cancer was primarily due large crops are treated with a couple
Pesticides fuel tumor growth
to factors that we, as individuals, rounds of pesticides each cycle. But I
can each controlsuch as tobacco, Some pesticides, such as lindane,
have become more concerned about a
diet, body weight, physical activity, propoxur, and endosulfan can mimic
source much closer to home. That is,
and sun exposure. They considered estrogen activity in the body. And all the chemicals that are poured onto
the contribution of environmental they are prime suspects for increasing lawns to keep them artificially green
factors such as pesticides, pollution, tumor incidence. and weed- and pest-free. This is
food additives, etc., to be very small In fact, a new study in the journal especially a problem on golf courses.
by comparison. Anticancer Research revealed These large turfs require constant
This was 10 years into the U.S.s how these pesticides can increase maintenance. Barely a day does goes
own flailing war on cancer, and the tumor growth (that all-important by, all year round, when workers
National Cancer Institute and the rest mechanism of action I keep arent spraying an herbicide, fungicide,
of the government largely went down mentioning).1 As I explain in this insecticide or other cide onto these
this road mapped out by the British. issues lead article (and in my vast acreageswhich then drain into
special report The one word battle our water supply.
Unfortunately, it has turned out to plan to crushing cancer), the only
be mostly a dead end. Many of the chemicals used on golf
way cancer cells can grow into courses have long been recognized as
Despite the general publics tumors is by hijacking the bodys environmental carcinogens (causing
collective efforts to quit smoking, blood supplya process called cancer initiation). Now we are seeing
improve their diets, lose weight, and angiogenesis. others can act as cancer promoters
slather themselves with sunblock,
Anti-angiogenesis is well on its (including through angiogenesis).
most cancer and chronic disease rates
way to becoming the new watchword So its no surprise that studies
have continued to increase.
for targeted, non-toxic interventions around the world have been finding
As Ive written before, the against cancer. But it is important to significantly higher rates of all types of
governments focus on smoking did remember that there is a flip side cancers among golf course workers.
not turn out to be the final solution for to this coin. Indeed, some chemicals
oral cancer, or even for lung cancer, No one is really studying it yet,
cause angiogenesis. And, in turn, fuel
for that matter. When it comes to but I think the next problem we
cancer growth.
dietary factorssaturated fats, eggs, will find is increased cancer rates
meat, and other favorite government This new insight wont just help in avid golfers themselvespeople
culpritsthe evidence has been us find effective ways to prevent who are on the golf courses for long
evaporating. Even being overweight and treat cancers. It will also help periods almost every day, or several
isnt the chronic disease and death us identify what specific substances times per week. Not to mention all
sentence the experts have made are really causing cancer in the first the people living on and around the
it out to be (except when it comes place. high-end real estate that was built
to morbid obesity, which has now And researchers have found that right on golf courses.
been declared the new disease of the the particular pesticides I mentioned I, for one, wouldnt recommend
month). And, of course, the crusade above do not damage DNA (thus they spending too much time hanging
against sun exposure has actually are not like mutagens that cause around on artificially green lawns or
contributed to a national and global cancer initiation). So their cancer- golf courses, waiting for the results to
epidemic of vitamin D deficiency causing effect is due to their ability come in. There are a lot of other ways
which is now being seen to have to promote subsequent tumor growth, to get your exercise and your sun. IC
wide-ranging negative health effects. for example, through angiogenesis. Citations available online at



Building better boneswithout more calcium

When it comes to the problem of The researchers attributed the quality fish oil supplement, which
osteoporosis (brittle bones) and increased risk of bone loss and has been distilled to remove toxic
hip fractures in elderly women, the fractures to inflammation. This also metals like mercury, so you dont get
focus has been on calcium in the diet. helps explain the protective role the wrong resultslike the recent
The governments confusing and of omega-3s. Omega-6 fatty acids study on fish oil and prostate cancer
contradictory recommendations on promote inflammation, while omega- from the statisticians in Seattle (see
dietary calcium have not helped. 3s help reduce it. the August 5, 2013 Daily Dispatch
Something smells fishyand its not
But getting enough calcium In the February 2013 issue of
the fish for more on this debacle).
from the diet or from supplements Insiders Cures, I described how
Nordic Naturals makes some
can be quite a challenge (see the controlling inflammation is the
good quality products that I have
article Protect yourself from the key to controlling the damage and
personally tested over the years.
governments blatantly wrong pain that occurs to joint cartilage in
arthritis. And I also explained that to Its worth noting that this study
requirements in the September
benefit the joint cartilage, its critical also suggests that plant sources of
2012 issue of Insiders Cures for more
to support the underlying bone. omega-3s were just as effective as
on this topic).
fish sources. Good plant sources of
The good news is, there are other A complete approach to bone
omega-3s include flaxseeds, chia
betteroptions for protecting your and joint health should control
seeds, cauliflower, and walnuts.
bones. inflammation to prevent arthritis,
Flaxseed supplements are also widely
osteoporosis, and fracture. available.
In fact, new research shows that
one of the best ways to prevent brittle What to addand what to cut Of course, its not just about
bones and hip fractures is to get plenty As usual, wholistic, natural what to add to your diet, but about
of a nutrient Ive covered in these approaches are the best options for what to cut. Avoid omega-6 sources.
pages quite a bit recently: omega-3 protecting your bones. Linolenic acid comprises 99 percent
fatty acids. Osteoporosis drugs have shown of the omega-6s in the U.S. diet. Its
disastrous side effects. I consulted found in corn, soybean, safflower and
Scientists analyzed blood cells
on one recent case where the drug sunflower oils.
from women with and without a
history of broken hips as part of the given to strengthen the hip bone Between corn oil, corn syrup, and
large, long-term study known as the caused erosion of the jaw bone genetically mutated sweet corn
Womens Health Initiative.1 (I helped (mandible) leading to an abscess itself (see my Daily Dispatch from
organize the forerunner of this study that was permanently disabling June 17, 2013, The curious case
at the National Institutes of Health and nearly fatal. of cornavailable on my website,
during the mid-1980s.) They found So here is yet another reason to, we have
higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids make sure you get sufficient omega- reached the point where this once great
were associated with a lower risk of 3s from diet and/or supplements. Native American food regrettably
suffering a hip fracture. needs to be avoided altogether, in all
I recommend everyone take its forms. The No. 2 crop grown by
Researchers also looked at omega-6 at least 1 to 2 grams per day of U.S. farmers today has simply become
fatty acids (a prominent ingredient in omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. toxic (and thats not even counting the
the packaged, processed foods that Ideally, you should be looking for pesticidesmore on that topic on page
are such a large part of the standard dietary sources of omega-3s, such 7 in this issue). And, unfortunately, our
American diet). They found the as salmon, sardines, and other fatty No. 1 cropsoyis now no better.
higher ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fish. Of course, if you dont like
fish, purified omega-3s and fish oil Note to big agriculture: you have a
fatty acids, the higher the risk of hip growing problem. IC
fracture. Women with the highest supplements are widely available.
levels had up to double the risk. It is very important to use a high- Citations available online at