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Sample Questionnaire on financial instruments:

This questionnaire is administered to find out comparative analysis of various financial

instruments available in the market based on customer buying preferences.

1) Name (Optional) :

2) Occupation (Optional) :

3) Annual Income (Optional):

4) Name of your Bank:

5) What is your age group?

a)18-25 years b)25-35 years c)35-45 years d)>45 years

6) What is your occupation?

a) business b) salaried c) self employed d) others

7) Under which range your household income falls?

a)<2 lakhs b) 2-5 lakhs c) 5-10 lakhs d) >10 lakhs

8) What is your objective behind investment ?

a) safety and security of capital b) retirement c)tax benefits

d)expecting good returns e) future plans f)managing uncertainties

g)Others --------(please specify)

9) How do you take financial decisions?

a) independently b) word of mouth/friends/relatives

c)broker d)advise from a chartered accountant

e)advise from a banker f) financial adviser g)others(please specify)

10) How much risk are you willing to take?

a)high b) low c) moderate d )nill

11) What do you have presently in your portfolio in form of investment?

a)Fixed deposits n b) property/land c)gold d)insurance

e) bonds f) govt securities g)mutual funds h)shares

Si)others (please specify)

12) How do you rate the satisfaction level with the current portfolio?

a)excellent b)very good c)good d)average e)bad

13) Do you know about the following financial instruments?

a)Mutual funds b)bonds/IPOs c)insurance d)fixed deposits

e)govt securities f)Real estate g)commodities

14) How do you get information regarding these financial instruments?

a)Advertisements b)company sales force

c)newspapers and magazines d)friends and relatives

15) Rate these investment options as per your preference

a)mutual funds b)govt securities c)bonds d)insurance

e)fixed deposits f)IPO g)commodities h)real estate

16) Do you invest in financial instruments?

a) Yes b) no c) already invested d)never

17) Where do you invest your savings?

a)Fixed deposits b)commodities c)insurance d)post office

e)Mutual funds f)derivatives g)equity h)others

18) What are the factors which you consider while investing?

a)Return b)tax saving c)liquidity

d)Safety e)regular income f)risk

19) If you select a broker or agent which company would you select?

a) Angel broking b) share khan c) karvy d) kotak securities

e) ICICI direct f) marwadi g) motilal oswal h) India bulls

i) Religare j) HDFC securities k)just trade l)others

20) On what basis you will invest in any particular financial instrument?

a) Past performance b)portfolio c)fund manager

d) Fundamental/technical analysis e) market sentiment

21) How will you invest your money in any financial instrument?

a) yourself b)sub broker/agents c)through banks

22) How long you prefer to keep your money in any financial

instrument? a)Less than 6months b)6 months to 1 year c)1 year

to 3 years d)more than 3 years