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I. Modified True or False
A. Direction: Identify whether the following statements are true or false. If the statement is true, write TRUE. If the
statement is false, underline the word or phrase which makes the statement false and write the correct answer on the
blank space provided before each number.
____________________ 1. Philosophy as a science & a discipline, uses the heart or emotion to investigate the ultimate
causes, reasons, and principles which govern all things.
____________________ 2. Asian communities already had thriving schools of thought and belief system before the first
philosophical schools emerged in ancient Greece.
____________________ 3. Western Philosophy led the development of a more scientific, theory-based approach in
philosophy, and a more individualistic, self-oriented approach in analysing the human
____________________ 4. Socrates was considered the foremost philosopher of ancient times; a student of Plato. He was
credited for his means of examining a topic by devising a series of questions that let the
earner examine and analyse his knowledge and views regarding the topic.
____________________ 5. Platos lasting contribution to learning was his founding of the University, an institution of
higher learning.
____________________ 6. Empiricism is a philosophy tied to a premise that reason & logic are considered the basis of
knowledge and belief; man has innate knowledge that can be accessed through intuition or
____________________ 7. Eastern Philosophy is often considered as wisdom literature, where stories, sayings & text
encourage people to adopt an ethical & harmonious way of life.
____________________ 8. Buddhism believe in multitudes of gods and goddesses (Brahma, Shiva, & Vishnu), and belief
in a cycle of birth and rebirth.
____________________ 9. The question of reality is closely related to the concept of knowledge and truth. Knowledge is
viewed as either innate, a product of experience, or essentially uncertain.
____________________ 10. Philosophers often grapple with the concept of truth. Truth lies at the heart of any inquiry.
Knowledge must be truthful to gain validity and acceptance.
____________________ 11. Muslims have a belief that certain animals like pigs are unclean. Non-Muslims, however do
not share this belief and thus do not subscribe to this practice. This context can be verified
through correspondence theory.
____________________ 12. An example wherein correspondence theory is applied is on the decision of the International
Astronomical Union (the one in authority) in 2006 to change the planet Plutos classification
into a dwarf planet
____________________ 13. A number of arguments which are intentional, faulty arguments, as the person making the
claim is desperate to convince you to accept his or her argument are called as premise.
____________________ 14. Fallacy of composition is based on premise assuming that what is true for the whole can be
true for its part.
____________________ 15. If this peace agreement will not be signed by the government, then we will have no
recourse but to go to war. is an example of appeal to emotion.
II. Analysis
A. Direction: Read and analyse the statements below. Identify each statement as: CORRESPONDENCE,
COHERENCE, CONSTRUCTIVIST, CONSENSUS, and PRAGMATIC theory. Write your answer on the space
provided before each number.
____________________ 1. The ancient Aztecs believed that there existed four worlds prior to this one, and the world is
eventually destroyed and renewed through the sacrifice of the gods.
____________________ 2.Ice is water in frozen or solid form.
____________________ 3. In 1998 two independent astronomical studies obtained evidence proving the hypothesis that
the universe is continually expanding at an accelerating rate.
____________________ 4. The practice of Muslim women wearing the veil must be understood within the framework of
Islamic ethics. The hijab is seen not only as a symbol of modesty and privacy, but also a sign
of adherence to the Muslim faith.
____________________ 5. A 2013 survey of scientific journals established that majority of scientists believe human
activities have directly caused global warming and climate change.
B. Direction: Read and analyse the statements below. Identify each statement as: AD HOMINEM, APPEAL TO FORCE,
AND-EFFECT, FALLACY OF COMPOSITION, FALLACY OF DIVISION. Write your answer on the space provided
before each number.
____________________ 6. It is claimed by some people that severe illness is caused by depression and anger. After all,
people who are severely ill are very often depressed and angry. Thus, it follows that the cause
of severe illness actually is the depression and anger. So, a good and cheerful attitude is key
to staying healthy.
____________________ 7. Francis Bacon's philosophy should be dismissed since Bacon was removed from his
chancellorship for dishonesty.
____________________ 8. Of course this mode of government is the best. We have had this government for over 200
years and no one has talked about changing it in all that time. So, it has got to be good.
____________________ 9. The belief in God is universal. After all, everyone believes in God.
____________________ 10. My fellow Americans...there has been some talk that the government is overstepping its bounds by
allowing police to enter peoples' homes without the warrants traditionally required by the Constitution.
However, these are dangerous times and dangerous times require appropriate actions. I have in my
office thousands of letters from people who let me know, in no uncertain terms, that they heartily
endorse the war against crime in these United States. Because of this overwhelming approval, it is
evident that the police are doing the right thing.
____________________ 11. If someone stands up out of his seat at a baseball game, he can see better. Therefore, if
everyone stands up they can all see better.
____________________ 12. Should we not assume that just as the eye, hand, the foot, and in general each part of the
body clearly has its own proper function, so man too has some function over and above the
function of his parts?
____________________ 13. The universe has existed for fifteen billion years. The universe is made out of molecules.
Therefore, each of the molecules in the universe has existed for fifteen billion years.
____________________ 14. If such actions were not illegal, then they would not be prohibited by the law.
____________________ 15. Bill sets out several plates with bread on them. After a couple days, he notices that the bread has mold
growing all over it. Bill concludes that the mold was produced by the bread going bad. When Bill tells
his mother about his experiment, she tells him that the mold was the cause of the bread going bad and
that he better clean up the mess if he wants to get his allowance this week.
III. Matching Type
Direction: Match column A with column B. Write your answer on the space provided before each number.
______1. Scientific, theory-based, self-oriented a. Fallacy
______2. Use of human reasoning to investigate things b. Certainty
______3. Home to one of the great civilization c. Aristotle
______4. Advocate of simple & virtuous life d. Argument
______5. Institution of higher learning e. Sikhism
______6. Famous for his Deductive Reasoning f. Ethics
______7. He determined volume using displacement g. Correspondence Theory
______8. Knowledge is gained through experience h. Taoism
______9. Emphasis on morality and virtue j. Fallacy of Composition
______10. Use of reason and logic as the basis of knowledge k. Hinduism
______11. Application of philosophy to explain religious doctrine l. Begging the Question
______12. Emphasis on the practical use of knowledge & ideas m. Appeal to Tradition
______13. Man will never understand the meaning of life n. Plato
______14. Existentialism o. Diogenes
______15. Emphasis on the unity & harmony among opposing elements q. Greece
______16. Four Noble Truths r. Asia
______17. Vedas s. Islam
______18. Five Pillars (shahada, salat, zakat, sawm, hajj) t. Absurdism
______19. Guru Nanak u. Coherence Theory
______20. Perfect knowledge free from error or doubt v. Ad hominem
______21. Deals with the standard of right & wrong w. Rationalism
______22. Direct relationship between idea & reality x. Academy
______23. Something is true if it makes sense when placed in a situation y. Empiricism
______24.Knowledge based on agreement z. Edmund Husserl
______25. Ideas & claims that are reasonable a1. Coherence Theory
______26. Faulty reasoning b1. Buddhism
______27. Attacking the person instead of the argument itself c1. Consensus Theory
______28. Idea is acceptable because it has been true for a long time d1. Pragmatism
______29. What is true for the whole is true for its part e1. Fallacy of Division
______30. Circular argument f1. Western Philosophy
g1. Stoicism
h1. Soren Kierkegaard
IV. Identification
Direction: Identify which branch of philosophy is referred to in the ff. statements. Write WESTERN, EASTERN or
NONE (if it doesnt refer to both) in the blanks provided.
_________________1. It is concerned with uncovering the truth systematic argumentation.
_________________2. Its goal is for man to find his role in society.
_________________3. It emphasizes social relations and importance of family and community.
_________________4. Major schools include Existentialism, Pragmatism, and Postmodernism.
_________________5.It is considered to be more individualistic and self-oriented in its approach.
_________________6.Most schools of thought are closely related to religion.
_________________7. It gives greater emphasis on reason rather than faith.
_________________8. It focuses on living an ethical, balanced life.
_________________9. It emphasizes the rights and liberties of individuals.
_________________10. It emphasizes on meditation and his ultimate destiny.
_________________11. Morality, virtue, and emotional fortitude is greatly emphasized.
_________________12. It is more on analysis of knowledge, ideas, and power relations.
_________________13. It focuses on discipline and respect for all life.
_________________14. It is more on devoting themselves to selfless service and action.
_________________15. It is more on scientific experimentation to find out the truth of a certain thing or situation.

V. Essay
Direction: Write a brief paragraph of what is asked for each item consisting of not more than 7 sentences and not less
than 4 sentences. Each item corresponds to 5 points each. You can write your answers at the back of this paper.
1. What are the reasons that compel a person to engage in philosophical thinking? How can philosophizing benefit you as
a person? Cite a situation where in doing philosophy or applying philosophy helped you.

2. Why is testing & verification important in determining the truth? Have you ever used practical means to figure out the
truth or validity of something? Cite a situation and explain it.

3. Identify any idea or claim that is circulating in media and on the Internet. Analyze and explain the validity or truth of
the idea or claim you have chosen by applying your knowledge on concepts of fallacy.