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OF THE FUTURE AFTER MAI BY DQUGAL DIXON _ INTRODUCTION BY DESMOND MORR AF IER MAN A ZOOLOGY OF THE FUTURE BY DOUGAL DIXON INTRODUCTION BY DESMOND MORRIS ST. MARTIN'S PRESS NEW YORK Published in the United States of America in 1981 by ‘St. Martins Press 175 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10010 Library of Congress Number 81-50345, ISBN 0-312-01163.6 ISBN 0-312-01162-8 pbk © Harrow House Editions Limited 1981 For information, writ: St. Martin's Press Allright reserved. No part ofthis work covered bythe copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form by any means ~ graphic, electronic, ‘or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping rinformation storage and retrieval systems ~ without writen permission of the publisher. Eat designed and produced by Harrow House Editions Limited 7a Langley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9A. Edited by James Somerile Designed by David Fordham Phototypeset by Tradespools Ltd., Frome, England hustrations originated by Gilchrist Bros. Ltd, Leeds, England Printed and bound in the United States of America.