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Senate Proposal of Revisions to S.

June 8th, 2017

Technical amendment to the language defining public place.

New search and seizure language added. The intent is simply if you possess over the
amount allowed by law (either as 21= or a medical patient), or possess where you
shouldnt (in a child care center), or consume where you shouldnt (in a car or in public)
your marijuana can be seized. (The ACLU/DG/AG have signed off on this)

Two tweaks to sections 8 and 9 changing the word furnish to dispense and adding a
statement that clarifies that the statute does not preclude prosecution under other
provisions of law.

Increase of penalty for passenger consumption of marijuana to a $200.00 civil penalty.

Increase of penalty for using marijuana in car with a child to a $500.00 civil penalty.

Establishment of misdemeanor crime for using or knowingly cultivating marijuana in a

child care center or after-school program, punishable by a fine of not more than $500.00.

Various tweaks to the Commission, including additional members, reworking of

subcommittees and charge, changing due date to January 15, 2018, changing staffing to
direct Legislative Council to provide assistance with legislative members and to draft
legislation for the Commission.

VT LEG #326476 v.1