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Public Service Announcement Rubric

Grade Category
1 2 3 4 Total

Sequencing Single shot. No One or two types of

Good variety of shots. No change
Good variety of shots AND angles.
change of angles. shots and/or angles.
of angles.

Camerawork Not steady. Shakes Shakes most of the time.

Shakes once or twice. Most pans
No shaking at all. Smooth pans and
during every shot. Some unplanned moves. zooms. Focused and White
Unplanned focus and and zooms are planned. Balanced. Selective Focus

Editing No titles or black at Titles and beginning/end

Well-timed titles and
Well-timed & well-chosen titles and
beginning and end. black exist. Some use of beginning/end blacks with
Jump cuts. Doesnt effects and/or beginning/end blacks. Effective aesthetics that are appropriate for
flow. No color transitions, but some use of transitions between clips your content. Smooth and
grading. clips do not flow and other effects. Good color professional pacing throughout.
together well. Some grading/fixing and exposure Stylized, professional-looking
color grading/fixing and adjustments. images due to color grading/fixing
exposure adjustments. and exposure adjustments.
Sound Quality Poor audio. Music Part of mix is poor- Good overall audio mix, but some Great audio, mixed well throughout.
doesnt match, not either too loud or soft. voiceovers may lack clarity and/or Voiceovers sound professional with
mixed well. the appropriate intonation. the right intonation. Background
Well-chosen background music music selection enhances your
that supports your message and message and content.
Product Creation Your final product Your camerawork, You communicates important You powerfully communicate
and Effective shows little sequencing, and editing ideas for a given purpose through important ideas for a given purpose
consideration for produce uneven results; skillful camerawork, sequencing, through skillful and artful
Communication context or purpose. as a result, the PSA and editing. You demonstrate an camerawork, sequencing, and
Ideas are not clearly communicates your awareness of audience, clearly editing. You demonstrate a strong
conveyed. ideas with a vague sense conveying the message of your awareness of audience, expertly
of purpose. PSA by choosing which video crafting the message of your PSA
editing features will effectively and purposefully combining various
communicate that message. video editing features to deliver
your message.

Total _____ / 20

20 pts = 100 14 pts = 84 8 pts = 68
19 pts = 97 13 pts = 81 7 pts = 65
18 pts = 95 12 pts = 79 6 pts = 63
17 pts = 92 11 pts = 76 5 pts = 60
16 pts = 89 10 pts = 73
15 pts = 87 9 pts = 71