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2006-Introduction to QSB4.5 and QSB6.

7 Engines
Term Definition
Absolute Pressure Pressure reading that does not read "0" at atmospheric pressure.
Aftertreatment Exhaust system components used to reduce harmful emissions from diesel
Systems engines.
Camshaft Tone The rotation of the tone wheel teeth allows the secondary/backup engine
Wheel speed sensor to measure camshaft speed.
Charge Air Cooler Air-to-air cooler mounted in front of the engine radiator used to lower the
(CAC) temperature of the intake air after it has passed through the turbocharger.
Check Valve Valve designed to prevent the reverse flow of fluid.
Common Rail Rail used to store the high pressure to the injectors.
Crankcase Device used to allow excess pressure in the engine crankcase to exit the
Breather engine. Crankcase pressure is typically a result of combustion gas flowing
past the piston rings (blowby).
Crankshaft Tone The rotating tone wheel teeth allow the engine speed sensor to measure
Wheel engine speed.
Datalink The electrical connector that allows an external device, such as INSITE, to be
connected to the ECM. This connector is used for communication and data
Deaerating Cooling system utilized on many of Cummins engines that aids in purging air
Cooling System from the cooling system during initial coolant fill and during operation. This
system also provides a positive flow of coolant at the water pump during all
engine operating conditions.
ECM Electronic control module. A computer portion of the electronic control system
that is responsible for engine control, diagnostics, and user features.
ECM Cooling Plate mounted under the ECM and uses air low or fuel flow to protect the
Plate ECM from heat produced by the engine.
Exhaust Gas Process that takes a portion of the exhaust gas, cools it, combines it with
Recirculation fresh air, and returns it to the combustion chamber.
Firing Order The order in which the cylinders, beginning with #1 cylinder, deliver the
power stroke.
Fracture Split Manufacturing technique where the connecting rod and rod cap are
manufactured as a unit and then mechanically split apart.
Fuel Pump The fuel pump actuator controls fuel to the high pressure pump as directed
Actuator by the software calibration.
Fuel Rail Pressure Monitors pressure in the fuel rail. Also known as an "Accumulator Pressure
Sensor Sensor".
Gauge Pressure Pressure reading adjusted for atmospheric pressure so that the gauge will
read "0" when just the atmospheric pressure is acting on it.
Gerotor Pump Located at the rear of the high pressure pump. Supplies fuel at approximately
5-7 bar through the ECM cooling plate, stage 2 filter, and high pressure
Grid Heater Device used to warm the intake air in cold ambient air conditions.
High Pressure Fuel system in which a common rail contains the high pressure delivered
Common Rail from the pump to the injectors.
Injector Flow Uses a ball-type check valve to prevent excess fuel flow in the case of a
Limiter malfunctioning injector.
INSITE The PC based electronic service tool used to diagnose and calibrate
Cummins electronic engines.
J-Jet Style of piston cooling nozzle used on higher horsepower engines.
Lash The distance between the crosshead and the rocker arm.
Nozzle Ring The sliding portion of the turbocharger that changes the size of the volute exit
area. Changing the exit area affects both boost pressure and exhaust
Parent Bore Cylinder design that contains no sleeves or liners.
Piston Cooling The 6 piston cooling nozzles each have a single targeted spray to direct oil to
Nozzle the cooling gallery under the piston head.
Piston Protrusion The distance that the crown of the piston is raised above the deck surface of
the cylinder block when it is at top dead center.
PTO Power take off
Saddle Jet Style of piston cooling nozzle used on lower horsepower engines.
SCA Supplemental Coolant Additive. Additive used to treat the cooling system.
Secondary The secondary/backup engine speed and position sensor takes its
Position Sensor measurement from the camshaft tone wheel.
Stiffener Plate Plate mounted to the skirt of the block to provide for increased block rigidity.
TDC Top dead center. The engine position where the number one cylinder piston
is at the uppermost point in the travel.
Test Ports Ports located on the fuel filter head for testing inlet restriction.
Thermostat An automatic temperature sensing device utilizing a mechanical valve to
regulate the flow path of a fluid.
Tier 3 Government emission regulations applicable to diesel engines used in off-
road applications.
Tone Wheel Notched ring, commonly installed on the crankshaft or camshaft. The notches
are used as "targets" for a speed or position sensor.
Turbocharger Centrifugal air pump or blower driven by an exhaust gas turbine. It fills the
engine cylinders with fresh air at a higher pressure than atmospheric.
Variable Geometry VGT. A style of turbocharger that adjusts its exit volute area, thereby
Turbocharger increasing backpressure quickly in the exhaust system.
Venturi Filter Provides lubrication filtration for the bypass flow and utilize the venturi flow
concept to promote flow through the bypass filter.
Wastegated A style of turbocharger that allows some of the exhaust gases to bypass the
Turbocharger turbine wheel under higher engine speeds thereby limiting the among of
turbocharger boost.
WIF Sensor Sensor located in the fuel filter to detect the presence of water in the fuel.