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CONSULTANT EDITOR DAVID G. CHANDLER (sea REY (sea ADRIANOPLE AD D8 THE GOTHS CRUSH ROME’S LEGIONS ‘SIMON MACDOWALL is a former army officer with a deep interest in military history, especially the period around the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West. After 22 years in the Canadian army he worked for several years on NATO International Staff and is now a senior civil servant in the British Government. His combination of practical military background with his knowledge and understanding of the later Roman give him a unique perspective on the military aspects of this, fascinating era. After living in Canada, Germany and Belgium, and seeing service in Central America, Bosnia and Kosovo, Simon now lives in Oxford England. HOWARD GERRARD has been a freelance designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He has worked for a number of publishers, and is an associate member of the Guild of Aviation Artists. He has already produced artwork for Campaign 69: Nagas! 1575 and Campaign 72: Jutland 1916. ADRIANOPLE AD 378 THE GOTHS CRUSH ROME’S LEGIONS