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1. Where does this act take place? Salem Meeting house = courtroom
2. Identify Hathorne. Salem Judge with a reputation to uphold
3. Identify Danforth. Deputy Governor. Higher ranking judge. Does not want to postpone the
4. What three men have gotten together to try to save their wives? John Proctor, Francis Nurse,
and Giles Corey
5. What does Elizabeth Proctor declare about herself? She is pregnant
6. How long does this give her to live? At least a year
7. Why wont John Proctor back off once his wife is saved? He wants to help the other mens
wives (Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey)
8. What did the three men get 91 citizens to sign? A document that testified to the upstanding
and good character of Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey
9. What is now going to happen to these 91 citizens? They have been arrested for examination
(of witchcraft)
10. What does Giles Corey charge that Putnam told his daughter to do? Call George Jacobs out as
a witch
11. According to Giles, why did Putnam do this? So that Jacobs would confess to witchcraft (to
save his life) and his land would be forfeited. Then Putnam would buy it at an auction
(because he has the money to do this)
12. Why wont Giles tell the name of the man who told him all of this? He knows that if he gives
him the name, then that man will be accused of witchcraft
13. Specifically, what does Hale mean by, I have signed away the soul of Rebecca Nurse? He
does not think she is guilt, but he contributed to her conviction
14. When Danforth accuses Mary Warren of either lying earlier (saying there were witches) or
lying now (saying there were not witches) which one does she say is the lie? The earlier one
(that there were witches)
15. When Abigail is called in, does she admit that the girls made everything up? NO
16. What does John Proctor mean about Abigail when he says It is not a child.? He knows what
she has done in the past (the affair) and he knows what she has been planning (getting rid of
17. Hathorne asks Mary Warren why she could faint in court but could not faint now. Explain
Marys answer: No emotion in her statement she just says she thought she saw sprits
18. When Danforth asks Abigail which is true witches or dancing, etc. how does Abigial react?
She gets in Danforths face threatening him (not really answering the question)
19. Why does John Proctor say to Abigail, How do you call Heaven, Whore! Whore!? He knows
that her perceived holiness is fake it is only an act for the court. She is actually not holy at
20. What does Proctor mean by, A man will not cast away his good name.? He would only
admit to adultery in the courtroom if it were indeed true. No one would destroy his
reputation with that kind of lie
21. What does Proctor mean by, I have known her.? He has seen her naked and had sex with
22. What does Proctor mean by, She thinks to dance with me on my wifes grave.? He knows
that Abigail plans to eliminate Elizabeth from the picture so that she can have John to herself.
23. Why do they bring in Elizabeth? What do they want to ask her? How does she try to avoid
the question? To see if John is lying; did she fire Abigail because of the affair; she says John is
a good man and that she were sick and that Abigail dissatisfied her
24. What is the specific question that they ask her? Is your husband a lecher?
25. What is her specific answer? NO, SIR
26. How does her answer relate to the earlier line, Than woman (Elizabeth) will never lie.? It
means to the judges and the court that John must be lying (even though it is actually Elizabeth
who lied)
27. What does Abigail now say she sees on the ceiling? A yellow bird
28. What does she say that it is? Mary Warrens spirit
29. What do all the girls do to everything that Mary Warren says? Why? Repeat it; to make it
seem like she is possessing them
30. When the scene with the girls is over, who does Mary Warren accuse? Why? John Proctor; to
point the finger at someone else because she fears Abigails wrath upon her
31. What important line does Proctor say? GOD IS DEAD
32. How does Danforth react to Proctors words? What does he do to Proctor? Sends him to jail;
thinks that he is combined with the anti-Christ
33. What does Mr. Hale announce he is going to do? I denounce these proceedings. I quit this

Act IV

1. Where does this act take place? Salem Jail

2. What are Tituba and Sarah Good doing? Why? In Jail; planning on flying to the devil (they are
3. What is Mr. Hale now doing in the town? What kind of a change does this suggest from his
earlier attitude? He is counseling the accused to lie and admit to witchcraft to save their lives;
he is completely going against the ruling of the court that he was once a part of
4. How has village life changed since the people are in jail? Orphans are wandering from house
to house, cattle are abandoned everywhere, crops are rotting in the fields, everyone is
suspicious of everyone else
5. What has happened to Abigail and Mercy Lewis? They ran away after they robbed Parris of 31
6. Why do Parris and Hale want to stop the hangings? Why does Danforth insist they continue?
The reverends feel that they are responsible for these peoples deaths; Danforth sees this as
indecision and a sign of weakness
7. Explain Hales statement There is blood on my head. Can you not see the blood on my
head?: he feels personally responsible for these peoples deaths
8. What does Hale want Elizabeth to do when she see John Proctor? Influence him to confess to
witchcraft to save his life
9. How many people does Elizabeth say have confessed now? Why did they confess? Over
One-Hundred; they confessed to save themselves from hanging now they will only sit in jail
10. What has happened to Giles? Why didnt he confess? He was pressed to death for standing
mute on the charge of witchcraft. As long as he isnt convicted of witchcraft or confesses to
witchcraft, his family will still inherit his land. Otherwise, his property would be forfeited and
sold at an auction.
11. According to Elizabeth, what was her sin? She kept a cold house; she was not warm and
loving with John
12. Why wont Elizabeth judge John? She feels it is not her right and she has sins of her own
13. Why does Proctor feel his confession to witchcraft is evil? He is lying just to save his life, thus
diminishing the actions of the righteous who refuse to lie, but will be killed
14. Why is Rebecca Nurse upset that John Proctor is confessing? He is selling himself out to give
the court the lie it needs to save their own reputations
15. Why does Proctor first not want to sign the testimony, then not want to have it put on the
church door? His name is all he has left and he knows that his lie would be permanently
16. Why is Proctors name so important to him? It lives forever (through his sons) and it is all he
17. Why does Elizabeth not again attempt to save John as Hale asks her to do? She realizes that
he has finally achieved his peace (with himself) and has lifted the burden from his soul
18. What two main characters die at the end of Act IV? John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse