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Banishment and Spilt Blood in the Old Family Feud

Alex Lee family and insulted Romeo by gratitude to Romeos actions by

calling him a villain even though sparing his life.
Thursday, June 2, 1595 - On Romeo wanted to make peace with
Monday, late afternoon, Romeo Tybalt. The Princes orders were Romeo being banished instead of
Montague killed Tybalt Capulet disobeyed, but Romeo took justice being put to death makes sense
because Tybalt killed Mercutio, by taking the live who started the because he killed Tybalt, who
relative to Prince Escalus and best fight, whom was Tybalt. Romeos started the street fight, and the lives
friend to Romeo. Romeo was then spared life is the right choice of the participants in any fight will
banished from Verona and left for because he did obey the rules for be killed. So that will count as
Mantua. The Prince spared Romeos killing the one who began this revenge for Mercutio, but Romeo
life but if he came back to Verona fourth disturbance. was still involved so his life should
again, he shall be killed. Romeos have been taken as well. But, the
banishment is very generous of the Lady Capulet wanted justice and Prince does not want to kill Romeo
Prince because the law was if revenge for Tybalts death, I beg because he acted the right way for
anyone participated in a duel, they for justice, which thou, Prince, must setting an example to what will
would be executed. Banishment is give. Romeo slew Tybalt. Romeo happen if the citizens disobey.
far better than death, however, must not live, shouted Lady However, the Prince cannot reward
lifelong banishment is too much Capulet. But instead, the Prince told Romeo because he must stop the
because the person banished will the citizens that Romeo was exiled dueling madness and the best way is
never be able to come back. from Verona and if he was found, to make Romeo leave Verona. The
then he shall be removed, Mercy best solution to this issue is to place
The Prince declared before that but murders, pardoning those that guards to secure the grounds so no
another street fight in Verona, will kill, concluded the Prince. This one can fight, make the law of
cost the participants life, If ever decision was made because Tybalt fighting more serious and to make
you disturb our streets again, your killed the Princes relative. This is peace with everyone in Verona.
lives shall pay the forfeit of the the right choice to make because 1.1.94-95
peace, claimed Prince Escalus. Romeo performed justice towards 3.1.179-180
Tybalt wanted to fight the Montague Mercutio. Then the Prince showed 3.1.196