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Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. According to the first Creation Story, which was created first by God?
A. Dome/firmament B. Light C. Sun and Moon D. Living creatures in the sea

2. In Genesis, Man/Adam was forbidden by God to eat of _____.

A. The tree of life B. The apple tree C. The tree of knowledge of good and evil D. None of the above

3. Who is the daughter-in-law of Judah who took the initiative, by pretending to be a harlot, to continue his line of
A. Gomer B. Rehab C. Rahab D. Dinah

4. Who is the younger son of Josehp by his wife Asenath?

A. Ephraim B. Manaseh C. Benjamin D. None of the Above

5. What is the Israelite feast celebrated in the month of Abib/Nisan?

A. Yon Kippur B. Pentecost C. Passover D. Tabernacles

6. Because of his skills, who was given the task to prepare the sacred vestments and decorations for the sanctuary of
the Lord?
A. Zadok B. Hur C. Bezalel D. Aaron

7. Which of the following did Moses allow the Israelit to eat?

A. Camel B. Pig C. Locusts D. Fish without fins and scales

8. On the day of the year where the Israelite commanded to fast for all their sins?
A. 14th of Nisan B. First day of the year C. Day of atonement D. Day of shoah (destruction)

9. What is the seven-branched lampstand used in the sanctuary of the Lord?

A. Hannukiyah B. Purim Lampstand C. Menorah D. Passover Lampstand

10. How many elders of Israel were chosen and given a share of Moses authority so that the might share with him
the burden of the people?
A. One hundred B. Seventy-five C. Fifty D. Seventy

11. In what place did water come out from the rock that Moses struck through which God displayed his holiness
after the Israelites quarreled with him?
A. Elim B. Ein-gedi C. Meribah D. Massah

12. What bit Israelites in the dessert so that many of them died? This was in punishment of the people for
complaining against God and against Moses.
A. Cobras B. Scorpions C. Jackals D. Seraph Serpents

13. What did Zelophedads daughters ask Moses and the Eldersof Israel?
A. to marry outside of their kindness B. to allow them to remain unmaried
C. To possess their hereditary land among their fathers kindred D. to serve the priests in the Lords sanctuary

14. What is the other name for the feast of Pentecost?

A. Ingathering B. Unleavend Bread C. Firstlings (Firsborns) D. Weeks

15. What was Joshua the successor of Moses as the leader of Israelites, also called?
A. Hoshea B. Jeshurun C. Ithamar D. Jerubaal

16. In what land is Mount Nebo, where Moses died, located?

A. Edom B. Moab C. Ammon D. Gilead
17. In killing his Philistine enemies, Samson boasts, I have slain a thousand men_______.
A. With my bare hands B. With my bow and arrow
C. With the help of the Lord D.With the jawbone of an ass

18. Who was the king of Assyria who threatened King Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem but whose army
was destroyed by the angel of the Lord?
A. Sennacherib B. Sargon C. Nebuchadnezzar D. Tiglath-Pilizer

19. In the book of Tobit, who is the demon who killed each of the seven men who married Sarah before the
consummation of their marriage ?
A. Azazel B. Asmodeus C. Baalzebul D. Shatan

20. What is the Jewish name of Esther in the book that bears her name?
A. Sarah B. Tabithsta C. Tirzah D. Hadassah
21. In th song of songs who is the girl praised for her beauty?In the vision of Isaiah, who were the angles stationed
above the Lord`s throne in the temple?
A. Sarah B. Shulammite C. Tirzah D. Hadassah

22. In the vision of Esaiah, who were the angles stationed above the Lord`s throne in the temple?
A.cherubim B.Thones C.Seraphim D.Dominions

23. Who is the propet commanded by the Lord not to marry, because the children who will be born will die
unlamented and unburied because of the tragedy that will fall upon Judah and Jerusalem?
A.Ezekiel B.Jeremiah C.Habbakuk D.Obadiah

24. Who is the propet addressed by the Lord as Son of man ?

A.Ezekiel B.Daniel C.Isaiah D.Hosea

25.When Daniel and his companion were trained to enter the the service of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, they
were given Babylonian names. What name was given to Daniel?
A. Shadrach B. Meshach C. Abednego D. Belteshazzar
Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. In Matthews genealogy of Jesus, who was the Moabite ancestress of Jesus the Messiah?
A. Tamar B. Ruth C. Rahab D. Bathseba

2. When the Holy Family returned to Israel from Egypt, Matthew said that this prophecy is fulfilled: out of Egypt I
called my son. Whose prophecy is this?
A. Isaiah B. Jeremiah C. Hosea D. Micah

3. What did John the Baptist called the Pharisees and Sadducees who came to him for baptism?
A. Hypocrites B. Whitewashed tombs C. Brood vipers D. None of the above

4. When Jesus resides in Capernaum, Matthew says that Isaiahs prophecy of light rising upon the regions known as
Galilee of the Gentiles is fulfilled? What two tribes of Israel comprise this region?
A. Ephraim and Manaseh B. Zebulun and Naphtali C. Simeon and Levi D. Gad and Asher

5. In the Beatitudes accordung to Mathew, what is the reward for those whoare persecuted for the sake of
A. Thiers is the kingdom of heaven B.They will inherit theland
C. They will see God D. They will be called children of God

6.What is the collection of Jesus teachings in chapter 10 Matthew all about?

A. Parables B.Mission Discourse C. Community Discourse D. Eschatological Discourse

7.In Matthew, why did Jesus reproach the towns of chorazin and bethsaida?
A. They did not offer hospitality to Jesus and the apostles B.They did not believe in Jesus as the Missaih
C. They had repented despite seeing Jesus mighty deeds D.None of the above

8. Jesus accuses the pharisees and scribes of nullifying the word of God for sake of thier traditions.Then he applies
this prophecy on them: This people honors with me thier lips, but thier hearts are far from me.Whose prophecy
That Jesus quote?
A.Jeremiah B.Ezekiel C.Isaiah D.Hosea

9.Who told Jesus the case of the woman who had married seven brothers, asking him whose wife would she be at
the resurrection?
A. Sadducees B. Pharisees C. A Levite D. A disciple of Jesus

10.According to Mark, which was the temptation of the Devil when Jesus was in the dessert for forty days?
A. To turn stone into bread B. To jump from the pinnacle of the temple
C. To worship the devil in exchange for the kingdom of the world D. None of the above

11.In mark, when did Peter tell Jesus, You are the Messiah?
A. The synagogue of Capernaum B. Caesarea Philippi C. Caesarea Maritima D. Jerusalem

12. In Mark, when the disciples were unable to drive out a mute and deaf spirit out of a boy, Jesus told them that
this kind could only come out through ______.
A. Fasting B. His (Jesus) name C. The Holy Spirit D. Prayer

13. In Mark, where did Jesus cure the blind man Bartimaeus?
A. Jericho B. Bethsaida C. Capernaum D. Jerusalem

14. In predicting his passion and the failure of the disciples, Jesus quotes a Scripture passage, I will strike the
shepherd and the sheep will be dispersed. From what book is this passage coming?
A. Isaiah B. Jeremiah C. Zechariah D. Psalms

15. In Lukes genealogy of Jesus, who is the son of Adam from whom Jesus descended?
A. Cain B. Abel C. Seth D. None of the above

16. In Lukes Gospel, who asked Jesus this question, Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for
A. John the Baptist B. The Pharisees C. The Samaritans D. Andrew and the other disciple
17. Which Gospel narrates that Jesus sends seventy[-two] disciples on a mission?
A. Matthew B. Mark C. Luke D. John

18. Who uttered this praise in Luke, Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts which you nursed?
A. Elizabeth B. A woman from the crowd C. Simeon D. Daughters of Jerusalem

19. In Luke, who is called by Jesus son of Abraham?

A. Zacchaeus B. Levi C. Lazarus D. Nathaniel

20. In Luke, the risen Jesus explains to the disciples that everything written about him in the law of Moses, the
prophets and _______ must be fulfilled. He then opens their mind s to understand the scriptures.
A. The writings B. The psalms C. The oracles D. The Old Testament

21. In Johns Prologue, who was sent from God to testify to the light?
A. Jesus B. John C. Elijah D, None of the above

22. After Jesus discourse on the Bread of Life, who left and no longer accompanied him?
A. Many of his disciples B. The Jews C. The Twelve D. Judas Iscariot

23. In John, on what Jewesh festival did Jesus refer to himself as consecrated by the Father and semt into the world?
A. Passover B. Tabernacles C. Weeks D. Dedication

24. In John, who anointed the feet of jesus and dried them with her hair?
A. Mary of Magdala B. Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus
C. A sinful woman of the city D. An unnamed woman

25. Who said to Jesus at the Last Supper, Master , show us the Father, and that will be enough for us?
A. Philip B. Peter C. Thomas D. Andrew
Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1.To whom the Book of Acts dedicated by its author?

A. Luke B. Christian in Rome C. St. Paul D. none of the above

2. In acts, what book was the Ethopian eunuch reading when Philip ran up and joined him?
A. Jeremiah B. Isiah C. Deuteronomy D. Daniel

3. Who is the Jewish magician who posed as prophet in Paphos and became blind when Paul denounced him?
A. Sceva B. Simon C. Elymas D. Ananus

4. Who is the disciple who substituted for Barnabas as Pauls companion in his second missionary journey?
A. Silas B. Timothy C. Titus D. John Mark

5. When Paul and his companions were in Lystra, Paul had a vision of someone imploring him to go to their place
and help them. This marks Pauls entry into Europe. Who is that figure?
A. Timothy B. A Lydian C. A Macedonian D. None of the above
6. In the trial of Paul before the Roman Commander in Jerusalem, who is the High priest who ordered his attendats
to strike Paul in the mouth? Paul called him whitewashed wall
A. Anians B. Annas C. Caiaphas D. Zadok

7. In Romans, Paul writes that ________ was credited to Abraham as righteousness (justification).
A. Circumcision B. Faith C. Obedience D. Covenant

8. Paul writes to the Romans that before going to Rome, he will first go to Jerusalem ______
A. To see Peter
B. B. To deliver his churches contributions for the poor among the Jewish Christians
C. To visit James, the brother of the Lord
D. To worship at the Temple

9. Who is Pauls secretary to whom he dedicated his letter to the Roman Christians?
A. Timothy B. Silvanus C. Tertius D. Luke

10. According to Paul, what is the sin that a person commits against his own body?
A. Murder B. Sexual Immorality C. Idolatry D. Theft

11. Writing to the Corinthians, Paul reminds to contribute to the need of poor Christians without sadness or
compulsion because ___________
A. God loves a cheerful giver
B. There is more joy in giving than receiving
C. Love covers a multitude of sin
D. Their reward in heaven is great

12. With the Corinthians, Paul shares his Experience of vision and revelation, saying that he [a man in Christ] was
caught up to the _______
A. Seventh Heaven B. Third Heaven C. Tenth Heaven D. Highest Heaven

13. In Galatians, Paul writes that three years after his conversion, he went up to Jerusalem _______.
A. To attend the council of Jerusalem
B. To see James, the brother of the Lord
C. To confer with Kephas
D. To see Barnabas

14. Paul calls the Galatians stupid because _______.

A. They were forsaking the gospel he (Paul) preached for a different gospel
B. There was division among them
C. They were going back to their pagan ways
D. None of the above

15. Who is the bearer of Pauls letter to the Ephesians as well as the letter to the Colossians?
A. Timothy B. Tychicus C. Aristarchus D. Erastus

16. What Christian community did Paul direct to work quietly and to eat their own food, and if anyone was
unwilling to work, he should not eat?
A. Thessalonians B. Galatians C. Corinthians D. Philippians

17. In the First Letter to Timothy, where did Paul send Timothy to be the overseer of the community there?
A. Crete B. Corinth C. Ephesus D. Colossae

18. The Letter to the Hebrews compares the word of God to _________
A. Rain that waters earth B. A two edge sword C. A scroll that tastes sweet in the palate
D. A lamp that guides the path

19. Who is the biblical figure said to be without father, mother, or ancestry, without beginning of days or end of life,
and who remains a priest forever, like the son of God?
A. Aaron B. Enoch C. Methuselah D. Melchizedek

20. Who is presented by the author of Hebrews as a man who by faith offered to God a sacrifice greater than his
brothers and through this he was attested to be righteous?
A. Samuel B. Solomon C. Abel D. Aaron

21. What catholic letter declares that faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead?
A. James B. Jude C. 1 Pteter D. 1 John

22. First Letter of Peter mentions the traditional code name for the city of Rome, as used in Jewish and Christian
apocalypses. What is the code name?
A. Nineveh B. Babylon C. Egypt D. Gomorrha
23. In Revelations, the church in Thyatira is condemned for tolerating a women who calls herself a prophetess, but
who teaches and misleads the Lords servants to play the harlot and to eat food sacrificed to idols. Who is this
A. Rahab B. Gomet C. Jezebel D. Tamar

24. Revelation declares the risen Christ as the one who opens and no one shall close, who closes and no one shall
open. What does this points to?
A. Jesus gives the keys of the kingdom to Peter
B. Jesus holds the key of David
C. Jesus is the gate of the sheepfold
D. None of the above

25. In revelation, the name of the angel of the abyss, who was the king of the locusts, is spelled out in Hebrew and
Greek. What is the name in Hebrew?
A. Abaddon B. Shatan C. Beelzebul D. Azazel