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HendMen'sBasketballcoach: = arm.of Emolovment, “The Ohio State University, on behalf af its Department af Athletics (“Ohio State”), and Chris Holtmann (Coach) have had certain discussions regarding Coach's employment as Ohio State's head men's basketball coach. ‘The partes recognize that Ohio State shall present Coach with a more thorough and formal employment contract addressing additional terms of employment in the near future. Until that time, the parties hereby agree to the following terms: 1 Cio State shall employ Coach as heed men's basketball coach for a term commencing on June _, 2017 and terminating, without further notice to Coach, on June 30, 2025. ‘Ohio State shall pay Coach total cash compensation at the rate of Three ion Dollars ($300,000.00) per year forthe term commencing on June 4, 2017 and terminating on June 56, 202. Coach sal receive compesation increases as approved bythe Bard of Trustees or contract terms beginning ly 1, 2018. The total cash compersation ("Total Cash Compensation" forthe ita contract term shal be allocated as follows: ‘a. Base compensation: $850,000; ', Medta, promotions and public relations: $1,315,000; Apparel/shoe/equipment: $825,000; and 4. Appearance for Coca-Cola Co.: $10,000, Inaddition, Ohio State ts committed to reimbursing Coach for expenses he will incur from having to terminate his employment with Butler University as a condition of accepting ‘employment with Ohio State. Ohio State acknowledges that relmbursement of such expenses are necessary to obtain Coach's services as head coach and therefore are to the substantial benefit of Ono State. ‘Coach is elpble for annual bonuses as follows: 1. Annual cumulative team grade point averages as calculated for the fall and spring semesters by May 30° of each year: 3.0 $50,000; 35 - $150,000 . Big Ten Conference Regular Season Champion ar Co-Champion - $20,000; . Winning the Big Ten Conference post-season tournament -- $40,000 ‘c.Participating n the NCAA post season tournament ~ $40,000; oononi €. Participating in the reglonal fas (“lite Eight") ofthe NCAA past-seeson tournament ~ = $20,000; {Participating in the semifinals (Final Four") of the NCAA post-season tournament ~ $20,000; {Winning the National Championship ~- $100,000; 5. If Ohio State pays Coach one or more of the bonuses set forth in paragraph 4 abeve, and if such achievementis) are subsequently vacated by Ohio State or the NCAA({f such vacation is