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Classroom Procedures for Gold 8 Science, Room 105

Entering the Classroom: At the beginning of each class, students are required to enter the classroom quietly and
go directly to their seat. They will gather all of their supplies needed for the day (Pencil/Pen, Journal, and their
Science Folder). Students will then begin on their warm-up. Each day the warm-up is to be completed with the
question and answer written clearly. Once the bell has rung, the teacher will begin class by reviewing the Warm
Attendance: Each week there will be a new Classroom Manager. This person will be responsible for quietly
taking attendance each day. The Classroom Manager is still responsible for completing their warm up in a timely
Asking Questions or Permission during Class: Students must quietly raise their hand and wait until the teacher
calls on them. Students will not be called upon if they do not have their hand raised.
Cell Phones in the Classroom: School policy says that if the student has a cell phone it must be off and in his/her
backpack. If the teacher sees or hears a cell phone ring during class, the student must turn it in and will not get
it back until a parent or guardian picks it up in the office.
Throwing away Trash: In order to prevent class disruptions, students will not be allowed to get out of their seats
to throw anything away during class. Students must wait until the end of class and throw away items as they
leave the room.
Bathroom Passes: Students will be give 2 bathroom passes per marking period. If a student needs to use the
restroom during class (Not within the first or last 10 minutes of class), they may use their bathroom passes.
They need to ask the teacher for permission at an appropriate time (when the teacher is not teaching in front of
the class, etc.) Students need to sign the clipboard to Sign Out of the classroom
Entering/Exiting the Classroom: If students need to leave the classroom for any reason, they need to sign the
clipboard to Sign Out of the classroom.
Desks: These desks are BRAND NEW! There will be no vandalizing of any sort. This includes writing on them with
ANYTHING (pencil, pen, marker, erasers, etc.) and carving. If this occurs, you will be immediately sent to the
office with a referral for destruction of properties. We need to keep them new!!
Food, Candy, and Gum: Since we do not want to attract critters or insects, students will not be allowed to eat in
the classroom (unless it is an extenuating circumstance). Students will be required to throw away or put any
food items before entering the classroom.
Sharpening Pencils: In order to prevent class disruption, students will only be allow to sharpen their pencil at the
beginning of class or with teacher permission. Students should bring back-up pencils and sharpeners.
Dismissal at the End of the Period: The teacher dismisses the students, not the bell. Students must remain in
their seats until the teacher gives them permission to get ready to leave the classroom. In order to be dismissed
from class, all supplies must be returned and the classroom is clean. Leaving the classroom, students will stand
up quietly and push in or stack their chairs.
Quiet Down- When the teacher needs the attention of the class, the countdown will begin. My class in 5, My
class in 4. By the time the teacher gets to My class in 1, the class must be silent and ready to focus on the
Gold 8 Science

I, ______________________________________ (student name) understand and agree to Mrs. McHenrys

Rules and Classroom procedures.

___________________________________________________________ _________________
Student Signature Date

I, ______________________________________ (guardian name) understand Mrs. McHenrys Rules and

Classroom procedures.

___________________________________________________________ _________________
Guardian Signature Date

Please return to class by September 5, 2017.