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False information

I read your July 16th article about how

the Princes choice of banishing Romeo was
the most reasonable penalty and I could not
disagree more. I had seen the aftermath of that
horrendous fight and Romeo should have died.
He was not balancing out justice or killing in
defense by slaying Tybalt, he was just carrying
on where the fight left off.
This choice of exile should not be
praised nor defended. It was Romeos fault for
Mercutios and Tybalts untimely deaths. And
instead of carrying out the law for disturbing the
peace, it is just not fair that he still lives.
My nephew Tybalt should have lived.
Tybalt would not have killed Romeo; it was
Romeo who was enraged by the killing of
Mercutio that led him to slay my harmless
Tybalt. In fact, I remember the Prince clearly
saying mercy but murders, pardoning those that
kill meaning by showing mercy by pardoning
killers like Romeo, only causes more murders.
And that Benvolio, Romeos friend,
retold the events to the Prince of Verona and
completely fabricated it in Romeos favour;
saying how he bid him bethink how nice the
quarrel was, sounded like complete lies.
This was a very biased decision as the
Prince is related to Mercutio, who died, and
Romeo was a friend of his. He should have stuck
to his very clearly stated laws, but instead, he
twisted them. And if the Prince thinks this will
solve any problems, its not; disturbing the peace
is disturbing the peaceno exceptions.

Lady Capulet