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NP Elizabeth

The first challenge where to do the assessment? An electrical issue had left the members
apartment without any power. We settled on his mothers house.
The second challenge the member was an insulin-dependent diabetic in need of immediate help.
A couple of years ago, he had several amputations. During my visit, I found a diabetic ulcer forming
on his right foot with swelling, discoloration and drainage on his left.
He said it had been several years since he last visited his primary care provider. He mostly followed
up with his podiatrist. He said he had neuropathy in his feet and his shoes were too small, causing
I was unable to reach his case manager during the visit, but made appointments for him with both
his primary care provider and his podiatrist. To help ensure compliance, I also set up travel for him
to be picked up for both appointments.
In the meantime, I advised him to go to the emergency room to resolve his most immediate care