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NP Eileen

The member had a history of multiple heart attacks and resulting procedures to open blocked
arteries and insert stents. In fact, he was just recently discharged from the hospital due to another
heart attack.
During the medication reconciliation, he showed me all of his medications. I reconciled what I saw
with the prepopulated list of his medications on my tablet.
What wasnt among the medications in front of me, set off an alarm. His list showed he was to be
taking Plavix which helps prevent blood clots after a recent heart attack.
With his permission, I called his primary care provider and confirmed his recent hospital discharge
medication list. The member was indeed discharged on Plavix.
The member said he had not been taking his Plavix for a few months. The nurse taking my call said
she would confer with the members doctor and call in the prescription. Additionally, a case
management referral was made for the member.