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Hung Nguyen

88 Roden Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003

(m) 041159222 (e)

June 14, 2017

Dematic Pty Ltd
Graduate Automated Guided Vehicles Engineer
I am truly excited to apply for the graduate automated guided vehicles engineer at Dematic. I had a
tertiary education scholarship at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S., from which I have just
graduated with a Bachelor degree of Science in Electrical Engineering and minor in Mathematical Models
and Data.
I believe that with my excellent academic achievements, solid knowledge and experience in electric
circuitry, automatic control systems and robotics, along with my great enthusiasm and high motivation, I
can quickly adapt to your company and become a valuable member.
Having undertaken multiple projects at University, I have gained valuable experience in designing robots
for specific tasks, especially using Arduino and other similar microprocessors. I had great involvement in
examining and assembling electric circuits, with strong familiarity with analog to digital communications
particularly in signal representation and analyses on MATLAB. I am also proficient in Microsoft
applications (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and have strong familiarity with programming languages
MATLAB, Quartus, PSpice, Assembly, AutoCAD, Python, Java and C.
I have had plenty of time working with robots. While working as an engineering intern at Saigon New
Port Corporation, I have worked closely with the management and control team of the automatic ROV
(remotely controlled underwater vehicle) on a rescue mission and learnt various aspects of the marine
engine operations. For my senior capstone project at University, I worked with a mechanical engineering
student to design and build a self-balancing remotely controlled robot that delivers beverages. Thanks to
experiences like these, I am very passionate about automation and robotics and would greatly appreciate a
career in such fields.
Having worked as a librarian throughout my university days, I possess good verbal and written
communication skills; I am also used to helping library patrons so I enjoy helping and communicating
with them.
On a personal note, I am a hardworking, enthusiastic and efficient individual interested in automation and
committed to performing to my optimum. In addition, I would be a great fit for the position because I
enjoy travelling so having it be a part of my job would only be a bonus. Plus, I am able to start work as
soon as possible.
I look forward to an interview with you and having the opportunity to bring my energy, enthusiasm and
skills to this position as a part of your company.
Kind regards,

Hung Nguyen