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Anyone who speaks the language can teach the language.

It is important to know deeply a subject to teach it, nevertheless, when we talk about

language we have to say that it is important to have a good proficiency for using it as way

to share some teaching. Grammar structures, vocabulary, listening skills, reading

comprehension skills etc. These elements in language teaching acts like the subject

mentioned above, and are as important as the vehicle to transmit them. In this case the


According to the theories learned in this module the language talk teachers use in the

classroom is very important for students comprehension and it is also important that these

teachers manage the language properly which, requires a good proficiency in the language

spoken due to, the teacher can chose the appropriate words, and language structures

according to the target group he or she teaches.

According what I said before, I am no agree with the statement Anyone who speaks the

language can teach the language. And I have realized this in my own teaching experience, I

speak Spanish and I consider I have an excellent proficiency in my mother tongue, but when I

have tried to teach some Spanish concepts, I have had to look for help in some Spanish books

and ask to some Spanish teachers. This is because I have not Spanish teaching techniques.

BY: Giselle C.