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Fast Track Course - 13CE915 Construction Safety Practices

Part A
1) Mention the duties of first line supervisor
2) How will you define ergonomics?
3) Explain emergency preparedness in construction safety.
4) What do you understand by sub contractual obligation?
5) Mention the purpose of safety record keeping.
6. a) What are the health legislation levied in India? Narrate briefly
6 b) Explain Governments policy in safety
7(a) Narrate the safety provisions in construction contracts
7(b) State and explain the workers compensation in India and other benefits.
8(a) Narrate project coordination and safety procedures
8(b) Mention and enumerate the (i) workplace ergonomics (ii) Personal protective equipment
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College (Autonomous),
Department of Structural Engineering
III B.E., Civil Engineering
III Internal Test
Fast Track Course - 13CE915 Construction Safety Practices
Date: 27/04/2017 Max Marks:50
Time: 4:45PM to 6:15PM
Part A (5X2=10)
1) Explain workers compensation.
2) What do you understand by safety record keeping.
3) How will you explain substance abuse?
4) Explain fire safety.
5) What do you understand by middle managers?
Part B (8+16+16 = 40)
6) a. Explain safety scenario in construction industries

6) b. Narrate about (i) safety record keeping (ii) sub contract obligations

7) a. Explain with a case study the safety and health legislation in India.


7 b) Narrate (i) Principles of risk and loss control (ii) PPE

8 a) Explain (i) Project coordination and safety procedures (ii) Emergency preparedness


8 (b ) Explain (i) Machinery safety (ii) Electrical Hazards.