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Chapter 1


Since the beginning, human thought and creativity separate him

from his fellow creatures. While beasts have specially developed
body parts like sharp claws and tooth to adapt to their environment,
man adapts the environment to himself. Man has no sharp claws and
teeth but he has the bow and arrow, and spear to hunt. Man has no
thick fur to survive in the cold regions of the world but he has
utilized the skin of other animals as clothes to warm him from cold,
or shade him from heat. Adapting the environment to him using tools
is a human ingenuity called technology.

Today, the world is overrun by technology. It runs from the

average kitchen knife to the towering skyscrapers (skyscrapers are
product of technology yet they are technology in themselves for they
answer the human need for space) to the complicated algorithms that
create systems in the digital world. In spite of the complexity
technology has gone through, it remains true to its purpose: to
adapt the environment to man or in simpler terms - to make life more

Indeed, technology affects contemporary community life by

making commodities convenient and services efficient. In line with
this, Information Technology is groundbreaking and has an
indispensable role in todays world. It is the study, design,
development, application, implementation, support or management of
computer-based information systems."1 Simply put, Information
Technology is the use of computers to effectively manage and
organize data. Both the government and private sectors are employing
Information Technology to provide efficient services to the people.

In spite of the practical advantages of using modern

technology, there are still private business establishments that are
operating manually. These establishments suffer from the difficulty
of accounting the resources and calculating profits. In addition,
manual operation provides slow-paced services that undermine
business profits. One of the business sectors that are still trapped
in manual operation is RACAL Motors.
Background of the Study

The researchers surveyed different government and private

sectors in the Municipality of Binalbagan and found out that several
of these sectors are still operating manually. They decided to focus
on RACAL Motors, a business sector.

In the field of business transactions, quality services are of

prime importance. This entails accuracy in data transmission
(receiving and providing information), like availability of items
and their corresponding prices; efficiency in data management
(storage and retrieval of information), like keeping the records of
previous customers; and alacrity in data manipulation for analysis
of capital and profit. All these are hindered by manual operations.

Furthermore, the Racal Motors Binalbagan branch has only a

sole employee in charge of the operation. He does all the work in
the company including the checking of the monthly income. The system
would also lessen the burden of the employee in organizing and
providing confidentiality, and security in data flows of Racal
Motors. In a greater scheme, this system would also help the
community in the Municipality of Binalbagan.

This study shows the importance of technology in contemporary

community and its effects, especially for quick information traffic
and providing accurate information.

The researchers will solve the difficulty of manual operations

and at the same time show the importance of technology by providing
an automated business transaction system for the Racal Motors. While
solving the problem of manual operations, the said system would also
ensure quality services to the clienteles of the company. In
addition, it will also secure the privacy of the customers and
provide will serve as a security for the company.
Statement of the Problem

The Racal Motors is a business establishment that is operating

manually. Manual operation undermines Racal Motors services to its
clienteles. The main problem of this paper is to provide an
automated system for the business transactions of Racal Motors.
Likewise, it sought to answer the following problems:

1. What programing language is suited for the business

operations of Racal Motors? This program should cater the storage
and access of records in the most effective manner.
2. What are the prerequisites of the programing language
needed to make it efficient? Along this problem, is to ask whether
these prerequisites are within the disposal of Racal Motors
Binalbagan branch?
3. In addition, the system the researchers will provide for
the Racal Motors will also ensure the security of logging the
records, expenses, and profit of the company.
4. Furthermore, the system should have the capability to
connect other branches of Racal Motors for an overall assessment of
its expenses and profit for the entire company. In line with this,
it is ideal for the system to be user friendly in terms of its
installation and access.
5. Lastly, how does this automated system will affect the
business transactions of Racal motors (in line with the management
and in accordance to its services to its customers)?
Objective of the Study

The main objective of the study is to show the importance of

Information Technology in the contemporary community especially in
the business sector. This study aims also to achieve the following:

1. to transform the companys manual operations into an

automated system;
2. to provide a user friendly and easily maintainable
automated system.
3. to measure the efficiency of the automated system as
experienced by
a. the management and,
b. the customers.

Scope and Limitation

The focus of this study is on the efficiency of the automated

system in business transactions. Meanwhile, it includes the
recording of the weekly and monthly income of the company, also the
flow of transaction of the Racal Motors. The time frame of the study
is three months before the implementation of the automated system
and three months after its execution.

On the contrary, this study is limited only on Racal Motors-

Binalbagan Branch and its customers. The study will not cover
reported income outside the company. On this study, it only focuses
on the overall income of the company.

Both customer and the company will gain more of this proposed
system. Not only that, it will also assist them in doing their job
but also they can rely to it if they want their work to be performed
well, easy, and fast.
Significance of the Study

This will automate the transaction of the company and the

transaction process will be feaster and efficient. The proposed
Racal Motors Automated System will benefits the following:

Owner/Manager the result of the study will help the owner or

manager to know the overall
income of the company.

Citizen the proposed system will benefit the citizens for

they can apply to buy a motor in a fastest way.

Researcher the study will help the researcher to gain more

knowledge about database management. Likewise will improve their
skills in researching and designing systems with care beneficiary to
the society.

The Cashier this study will do an operation in field of

receipt and payments for the customers. These will benefits by all
members of the company.
Chapter 2

Review Related Literature and Technology

Foreign Related Literature

Inventory Control System (Barcode Incorporation at Chicago)

Inventory Control System are employed in a wide variety of

applications, but they all revolve around tracking delivery of goods
to customers. Inventory Control is crucial in retail stores,
especially those with a large number or variety of merchandise items
for sale. Inventory Control is also used in warehouses to rack
orders and shipments, and for automated order processing. Other
important applications of inventory control systems are in
manufacturing shipping and receiving.

Automated Inventory Control System work for scanning a

barcode either on the item. A barcode scanner is used to read the
barcode and the information encoded by the barcode is read by the
machine. This information is then tracked by a central computer
system. The inventory control system can serve a variety of function
in this case. It can help a worker locate the items on the order
list in the warehouse, it can encode shipping information like
tracking numbers and delivery addresses, and it can remove the
purchase items from the inventory tally to accurate count of in-
stock items. All of this data works in tandem to provide business
with real-time inventory tracking information. Inventory control
system make it simple to locate and analyze inventory in real-time
with a simple database search.

Inventory Management Software (ASAP system)

Inventory Management Software, helps the business improve

profitability by eliminating manual data entry, proper files and by
automating records and other important documents. It uses barcode
technology, quickly scan and enter inventory data. Minimize the risk
of employees, mistyping data or entering incorrect information,
share inventory reports, status and updates with employees, mangers,
and vendors.
Inventory Management System makes your life easy by
providing a complete inventory tracking solution. Automated software
with hardware such as barcode scanners. Software improves the
business inventory control by completely automating inventory
management. Inventory management Software, meets the real world
requirements, allowing to track and mange different types of
inventory including, standard inventory that track by location,
number and quantity. Batch-lot inventory, track for expiration-dated
inventory. Batch lot inventory tracking enables to track date codes,
lot codes and expiration dates. And serialized Inventory, the
individual tagged items using an ID or serial number. Serialized
inventory also allows for the contents of the item to be quantified.

Worlds End Motorcycles System

World's End Motorcycles was formed in 1978 to cater for the

servicing needs of the London motorcycle courier industry and was
originally based in the World's End area of Chelsea, south west
London. The company relocated to Hammersmith in 1994 and started
importing Japanese 'Home Market' motorcycles (grey imports) like the
Honda Bros, CB-1 and the Yamaha Serow. At the turn of the Millennium
the traditional motorcycle retail sector started to change and
World's End was no exception, we started to focus more on spare
parts, initially just for grey imports but quickly expanding into
other models as the demand for low price, quality replacement parts
grew. The Internet became our primary focus and we soon developed a
massive range of easy to buy spare parts for an unprecedented range
of motorcycles, and the decision was made to relocate to more
pleasant surroundings by the sea, and Hove in East Sussex became our

By July 2007 we had outgrown our maze of mews units and transferred
our headquarters, main storage and trade counter to our present
location four miles along the coast to the west in Southwick, West
Sussex near to the entrance of Shorham Harbour. At the start of 2009
we took on our second warehouse on Grange Road Industrial Estate, to
make room for further stock and to house the WMD office, the 'trade
only', and sister company of Wemoto, the retail part of the

As of Autumn 2009 we hold over 25,000 stock lines, a total of

136,000 replacement hard parts with over 375,000 applications and a
value of nearly one million pounds, an investment necessitated by
our desire to service our customers requirements quicker and more
efficiently than anyone else, the proof being that over 80% of our
orders are from returning customers. We are currently adding about
1000 new parts to our database every day to give you more choice at
the best possible prices.
In addition to our impressive portfolio of products we feel our
customer services are second to none in the motorcycle industry, we
have carefully assembled a 30 strong team of the best, most
knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff we can find, all of whom are
eager to make sure we supply the best value service, with the
minimum of fuss in the quickest possible time, always striving to
pull out all the stops so that your beloved machine is off the road
for as little time as possible.

Wemoto Worlds End Motorcycles 2001-13.

Viper Motorcycle Company System (VMCS)

John Silseth founded the Viper Motorcycle Company in 2002. It was

Johns belief that the motorcycle industry was missing something.
That something was a high-performance motorcycle with innovative
styling, one off looks, great handling and the dependability of an
OEM manufacture. After 8 years of R&D development and a lot of
blood, sweat, and tears that belief has come to fruition.
Beginning with our Ilmor Engineering partnership in 2009, when Ilmor
took our design, made improvements and they are now producing the
worlds most powerful production V-Twin engines. Followed by our
relocation in 2011 to a custom built 63,000 square foot World
Headquarters in Auburn, AL, where we are currently hand-crafting and
marketing the finest Supercruiser Motorcycles in the world.
The Viper Motorcycle Company intends to prove to the world that
products designed, engineered, and American Made are once again
something special and built to the highest quality and standards.
Viper Supercruisers are the definition of extreme performance;
their finish and levels of refinement are more than any other
motorcycle being built today. Those who have never ridden a Viper
can scarcely understand or appreciate that unbelievable rush of
performance, which brings it to an entirely new level.
Over 80 percent of a Viper motorcycle is our own proprietary design
and most component parts are CNC machined from aircraft quality
billet aluminum, incorporating distinctive patented technology born
from our racing heritage. 2012 Viper Motorcycle Company.

Automated Direct Payment System

ADPS is the most efficient mode to electronically

effect payments because it has been enhance to enable foreign
payments and this is made possible by the connectivity to the SWIFT
network. ADPS not only guarantees corporate customers swift payments
but it is prevents errors and checks associated with generating
manual checks. Detailed view of transaction processing stages and
time. This includes transaction initiation, approval and transfer
time. ADPS also comes complete backup solution that ensure smooth
audit trail.

Local Related Literature

SMS-Based Automatic Billing System

SMS-Based Automatic Billing System of households

power consumption based on the active experts messaging. The study
about SMS-Based Automatic Billing System of power Consumption aimed
to change the conventional way the power utility provider gathers
and handlers billing data. The system is composed of two basic parts
such as the remote site and the based-station. The former calculates
and sends power consumption while the latter retrieves meter
readings. Calculates billing charges and processes payment of the

Spoil Marketing Automated Inventory System

This system that is to develop helps to make the process of

data management become more efficient and easier. It is a solution
designed with an optimized and systematic automated inventory system
that has a user friendly as well as a systematic and automated
approach for easier handling and improvement of the Data Management

Spoiler marketing gave as the necessary data to start managing

the data efficiently and effectively. The daily input of the data is
really vast but the main problem only is encoding the total price of
each product because we need to add the E.V.A.T first then compute
for the total price of each product which is very sensitive and
meticulous. Also human trends, to make some typographical error in
storing data.
This project demonstrates the efficient and effective data and
inventory management. It use less of time for the accessing of data
of information about the client and the same time makes the process
of business.
SAP Inventory System
By: Fasttack Solution Inc.

SAP is an ERP system that helps businesses, manufacturers and

retailers in managing their supply chain. SAP provides you and your
suppliers fast access and real time information. SAP creates a
transparent system that implements efficient collaboration for a
better and responsive supply network.

Every business, companies, manufacturers and retailers are

particular with their inventory. It is important not to have an
excessive inventory to avoid overhead expenses. Manufacturers and
Retailers need to ensure that they have enough number of a given
item in stock depending on its trends of sales. The SAP inventory
system software provides real time assessment of items in stock. As
each item is sold, the inventory database is automatically updated.
When the inventory level is at its minimum, it automatically creates
a purchase order sent to the supplier. As soon as the order has
arrived, the inventory database is automatically updated and the
system will issue a notification to the accounting department for
the suppliers invoice and purchase order copy.

Design and Methodology

Technical Background

This part of the paper consist of various related literature

and studies about transaction process. This research study cited
books, articles and laws, which are relevant to the present to the
present transaction in the company. It is composed of related
literature and studies, both local and foreign, which contains facts
and information on the research problem at hand. It also provides
explanation and logical connections between previous researches and
present work.


Base on the research this are the following devices that re

going to use printer, camera, and laptop or desktop computer.
Printer is used for printing the information of the applicants that
is stored in the system and inventory of the company and especially
the total income of the company. Camera it is used for taking
pictures of the applicants and taking pictures of the items that the
costumer that would like to buy. Laptop or desktop computer is the
server computer that a user can manipulate the system.

Printer: Canon Pixma IP2770
Features: High Quality Printing
Quality Comes Faster
Environmental Friendly
Printer Specifications:
Resolution: (DPI)*2 4800 x 1200dpi (max)
Cartridge type PG-810, CL-811(PG-810 XL, CL811 XL optional)

Camera: canon 12 megapixel

System Unit
RAM: 150 MB available hard drive
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Processor: 1.2 GHz processor

Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M PRO B3 Revision

Peripherals: keyboard, mouse and speaker


The proposed system transaction require an operating system at

least Windows XP or windows 7, heidiSQL as a database connector and
MySQL database server as front and end of the automated and it
serves as the brain of the system were all the data is stored . The
system also uses net beans IDE 6.9 making a program or code to run
the system or the life of the system.
Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Binalbagan campus

Enclaro, Binalbagan Negros Occidental

Proponent: Gelvosa, Kerr Ian Ritz

Responte, Ma. Catherine

Espares, Jean Lorie

Title: Racal Motors Automated System


This system consist of various data, since the overall

motors system is manually done, as a researchers we proposed an
automated system of Racal Motors. The Said system could aid in
updating and investigating quickly the profit, expenses and overall
income of the said company. With the help of proposed system the
update reports of overall income, profit, and expenses are easily
log in a computer and easily accessed by the owner or a manager.


As a researcher we conduct interview and get information

about the flow of the transaction in the Racal motors-Binalbagan
branch. We already research about the things needed before this
project. We used Java as its IDE or Frontend and it represents the
life of the system, MYSQL database for storing information, camera
for taking pictures and printer for printing purposes.


The objective of the study is to create an efficient computerized

system. It aims to improve the current manual system of Racal
Motors in Binalbagan. And provide the system that easy to access
the records of all income of the company. To make system that is
able to update and search the record in a fastest way. To make a
system that provides an accessible yet secured way of logging the
expenses, profit of the motors. And also the staff must know what
the updates income of the said company. The slowest form of
transaction will be quickest and fastest through to our new proposed
system, through this the process of the said transactions will be
more efficient than the manual.


This system is for the benefits of all staff, supervisor,

manager, and owner of the company. And if this project must be
implementing, it is expected that the performance of all staff of
the company will improved, through this project the management and
the employees including the owner will merged. Helpful in any
transaction and less paper consumed.

Scope and Limitation:

This study focus on recording of the reported monthly income

and yearly income within the company; record of the expenses,
profit, and staff involved in this study. Reported income outside of
the company is not covered by the said system. On this study we only
focus on the monthly expenses, profit of the company. Racal Motors
Binalbagan Branch can only use the system.