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10m run approach to hurdle Handspring Flat back on 60cm Handspring Flat back on 90cm
straight jump to land on 60cm mat mat
VAULT box and rebound to land on 20-
30cm mat
Handstand flat back

Bent Knee Swings Glide Swing 2x Glide Swing
Jump to Front Support Pullover to front support Pullover to front support
2x Cast (toes to bar height) Cast (toes to bar height) Cast to horizontal
UNEVEN BARS Forward roll to tuck hang Back Hip Circle Back hip circle
Dismount: Underswing or toe Climb to squat or cast to squat
shoot Dismount: Underswing or toe
3x Long hang swings shoot
3x Long hang swings

Mount: Front support, straddle Mount: Front support, straddle Mount: Front support, straddle
sit, swing legs back to squat sit to straddle press, swing legs sit to straddle press, swing legs
Arabesque back to squat back to squat
BALANCE BEAM Straight Jump 2x Forward Kicks Leap Drill
2x Passe steps 2x Backward Kicks 2x Passe turn on same foot
Turn on two feet on releve L Handstand Straight jump to split jump
Dismount: Straight jump Passe Turn on one foot & Handstand
Turn on 2 feet Dismount: Straight jump
2-3 Steps punch dismount backwards

Handstand Cartwheel, cartwheel turn to Tuck backward roll
cartwheel (finish in side position) step in Round-off rebound
2x Tuck forward roll Split jump (90) Full turn on one foot
FLOOR EXERCISE 2x Spring steps Backward roll Split leap (135)
Straight jump tuck jump Bridge kickover Handspring to two feet rebound
Backward roll to angry cat Bridge Body wave Straight jump split jump (135)
Releve turn on 2 feet Handstand forward roll Backward walkover or tictoc
2x Step kicks
2x Step hops on each leg