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1. What would you like to see happen with health care? If you support the repeal of
Obamacare, what would you replace it with? If you support another system, what would
that look like?

2. What is your level of support for President Donald Trump? Do you generally align
with his positions and actions? Do you disagree on any of his major policies?

3. If elected, would you serve in Congress differently from how Rep. Jason Chaffetz
has? If so, how?

4. How should the United States respond to intelligence findings that conclude Russia
interfered in the 2016 presidential election to boost Trump?

5. What policy, if any, should the United States adopt for immigrants and refugees
looking to enter the country? Do you support Trump's travel ban?

*Editors note: Below youll find the responses from the candidates who responded to
The Salt Lake Tribunes emailed survey. Their answers have been lightly edited for
formatting, readability and obvious spelling errors.

The candidates are organized first by party and then alphabetically by last name.
1. The disastrous implementation of Obamacare is an example of why the federal
government should not be given more power or more programs to manage. Individuals
were forced to drop their existing plans despite promises that this would never happen
and double-digit premium increases appear to have become the norm. I believe that
most Democrats and Republicans share a desire to see more families have affordable
access to healthcareyet even on this metric, Obamacare has failed.

I believe we need healthcare reform legislation that follows free market principles that
will promote competition and transparency to lower costs and gets the government out
of the way of the doctor patient relationship to help improve quality of care. Additionally,
any reform legislation needs to be bipartisan and long-term in nature. We should stop
the name-calling and work together to fix what is broken so that the American people
can be confident in both the cost and quality of their healthcare options. My experience
working in the healthcare industry gives me a valuable perspective that will help me
more effectively fight for the people of the 3rd district on this critical issue.

2. I was disturbed by the nature of the 2016 election and did not support President
Trump in the Republican primary. But I did vote for him in the general election given I
believe he was a far better choice than Hillary Clinton.

My prayers and hopes are with the President and First Family to have success in
leading our country.

I have been pleased by some of the Presidents actions like the selection of Justice Neil
Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, his push to rollback outdated and unnecessary
regulations, and his executive order to review the Bears Ears designation and listen to
the people of San Juan County. I am very concerned, however, by the drama and focus
on White House inner workings rather than advancing the right policies our country

I am thrilled that Paul Ryan, a leader I admire and met with recently, is Speaker of the
House and works jointly with the President in advancing the right legislation for our
country. It will be easy for me to work with Speaker Ryan and other members of Utahs
delegation to advance conservative solutions to the challenges facing our country.

3. I have not had the opportunity to get to know Representative Chaffetz or his family
but hope to do so soon and learn from his experience. From what I have seen, he has
done a good job representing the district and rather than talk about any potential
differences I am happy to talk about the way I would serve. I believe strongly in
conservative values and want to shout from the rooftops about Utahs successes in
applying conservative policies and will work together with any member of Congress that
shares a common goal with me and the people of this district. My approach will be
simply and humbly working to craft conservative solutions to the problems plaguing our
4. First of all, we need to evaluate fully and completely all of the intelligence findings in
order to formulate an aggressive and appropriate response to what exactly happened.
When elected, I look forward to obtaining the complete set of facts and working with our
intelligence agencies to make sure they have the strategy and resources necessary to
protect our national security. This specific issue highlights the extreme urgency we
should feel as a country in continuing to be the global leader not only in military force
but also in cybersecurity and counterintelligence capabilities. So much of our economic
and strategic interests are tied to an online infrastructure that we must be able to

5. We are a country that must be welcoming of all people regardless of national origin or
religion while also placing our national security as the top priority. If our intelligence and
law enforcement agencies conclude that enhanced vetting of travelers from certain
parts of the world can better protect us from terrorist attacks, I would support such
enhanced measures, even with the unfortunate consequence of increasing the burden
on some.

The nature of the public discourse on this matter, however, concerns me greatly. I am
terrified by the idea of a president speaking out against a religious minority group in an
unrestrained matter and stoking the flames of fear and divisiveness in our society. Utah
faith communities know the pain, suffering, discrimination and hurtful and lasting
stereotypes that come from such rhetoric. I am inclined to speak out in defense of the
rights and goodness of all religious communities, even and especially those that are an
unpopular minority.
1. A freer market where healthcare isn't bogged down by artificial lines or regulations
would be my plan for a new healthcare system. It would also include children up until 26
and pre-existing conditions. Kennedy once said that a rising tide raises all boats. If we
can help the poor get out of poverty by implementing my economic plans we will no
longer need this redistribution of wealth program.

2. I support the President and his agenda. President Trump has no one in Congress that
will help him put America first. I plan to be that congresswoman.

3. I would stick to my promises and finish out my terms. He was a great conservative
but unlike him when the going gets tough I won't back down.

4. The same way we always do, interfere with theirs. This back and forth is nothing
new. It has been going on for decades. If they were to interfere with our voting machines
then there would be serious implications but they gave the American voter more
information. I am always for more transparency no matter where it's from.

5. Yes, I support Trumps temporarily ban on certain terrorist countries. My policies

would match those of the president. I am running to keep our country safe.
1. After 8 years of complaints, we Republicans werent ready with real solutions for
health care. Obamacare needs to be replaced but we cannot fall into the same trap of
passing something too quickly for political reasons. We need to put forward a thoughtful
replacement that centers on transparency, portability, flexibility and cost reduction.

2.I view Presidents Trumps nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as his
best achievement to date. I also support his tax reform efforts as well as efforts to roll
backexecutive overreach and burdensome regulation. My biggest problem so far has
been his combative style that distracts from the important issues. I think we have
something in common in that we are not typical politicians but we have vastly different
styles in that regard.

3.I applaud the focus of Rep. Jason Chaffetz on fiscal responsibility, accountability and
a strong national defense. I certainly share his passion for these issues and will
continue to make them a priority. I also intend to employ proven tools of outreach and
engagement - more town hall meetings not less.

4. We need to get about the business of the country and let Robert Mueller do his job.
Until we have his findings our speculation only stalls the important work that needs to be

5. We need to strengthen our boarders, be tough on illegal immigrants who commit

crimes, make it easier for qualified applicants that want to participate in the American
dream to work in the U.S. and become citizens. I support strict screening but not an all-
out travel ban.
1. I would like to see federal involvement in health care greatly reduced. I firmly believe
that one of the main reasons that health care is nearly twice as expensive in the US as
it is anywhere else in the world is because of excessive and unnecessary regulation. Let
the states manage the entire insurance market and safety net and I believe that costs
will drop dramatically without affecting price or access.

2. I support his major policy goals in the areas of healthcare, financial deregulation, and
tax reform. I believe his immigration policies on border security need to be more closely
linked to comprehensive immigration reform.

3. As a software engineer I would almost certainly serve on different committees. I

would seek to serve on committees dealing with technology, which would serve Utah's
3rd District's booming technology economy. I would also lean on my 11 years of
experience in the House where I served on the Health subcommittee of the House
Energy and Commerce committee. My basic voting record would be very similar to
Congressman Chaffetz. My style tends to be more low key in quietly building consensus
around good policy.

4. It depends entirely on the type of interference. If the interference was planting fake
news stories I would say that any response to try to stop that would be pointless. If the
interference was hacking emails or voting equipment then we vigorously pursue and
prosecute those that committed the crime.

5. All individuals should be carefully vetted and have a responsible host. I do not
support a blanket travel ban.
1. No where in the Constitution is there a plan to provide health care for the nations
citizens. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor about care.To a Constitutional
Conservative, the answer is simple: Fully repeal Obamacare and unleash the power of
the free market. Some examples include:

-Dont put the government between patients and their physicians

-Give tax credits for health savings accounts
-Allow insurance plans to be sold across state lines
-Create transparency in pricing so patients can shop for services
-Give individuals the same tax credits as businesses
-Cut unnecessary regulations to encourage medical innovation
-Align Congressional health plans with those of other citizens

2. I support every Constitutional move President Trump has made. His pick of Judge
Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court was a wise choice.
Justice Gorsuchs originalist vision on the court will be felt for a generation. That
singular issue will have greater impact than anything else to date.

President Trumps focus on relieving the burdensome regulations which generate stifling
compliance costs created by previous administrations is another of his policies that I
whole heartedly support.

I also agree with President Trump on revisiting the National Monument Designation at
Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. The abuse of the Antiquities Act by
previous administrations is the perfect example of the federal overreach that I oppose.

Pres Trumps plan to protect the border is also an issue on which I am in agreement.
Protecting our borders is a responsibility of the Federal Govt. Building a wall or
providing more personnel or enforcing immigration laws are all options that I support.

3. I appreciate all the beneficial work for CD3 that Congressman Chaffetz has made.
There will be, however, differences in our approach. An office cot will not be in my plans.
I am also sure that Im not going to leg wrestle on TV - thats not a comfortable visual!

4. I do not agree with the premise of the question as asked. The Comey hearings
indicate that said narrative has been misleading. I will reserve judgment on that decision
until after the congressional hearings and Mueller investigations are complete. So far
evidence from the hearings indicates that members of the previous administration may
have obstructed an investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

5. It is the role of the Federal Govt to protect the borders and provide security for the
nation. Legal immigration needs to be more efficient. Illegal immigration needs to be
curtailed. Immigrants and refugees from terrorists countries need to be very carefully
vetted - thus softening the total travel ban.
1. Obamacare needs to be repealed and not replaced. The very moment we buy into a
replacement we buy into the notion that government is the be all end all solution. While
there are certain conditions that exist within the health care market that need to be fixed
and can be fixed by the government these fixes should be few and targeted.

The problem with health care is not coverage (like the ACA claims) but the over inflated
costs of care. Market conditions that lead to these problems include the fact that you as
a patient do not know as much as a hospital about what you need for care and the
actual cost of that care allowing them a lot of flexibility in their pricing.

As an example, a friend of mine with 10 years of experience in health care

administration had a friend that needed a knee replacement. The hospital told him it
would cost $90,000 for the surgery. When my friend found out he called the hospital and
told them how much that surgery actually costs (because of his health care experience)
and said that $90,000 was ridiculous. They eventually lowered their price to $15,000 for
the surgery meaning that their initial charge was a $75,000 markup but someone
without the same amount of knowledge as my health care friend would not have known
nor would they have known what to say to get that price down.

Why are the prices so high then and how come our insurance companies do not do
what my friend did? Incentives do not align. When an insurance company enters
negotiations for network provided care with a hospital it is essentially a backroom deal
where the insurance company says that they want a higher discount and the hospital
says that they want more money. They eventually come to a novel idea that if the
hospital charges more money for a procedure they can afford to give the insurance
company a higher discount while still charging more. (e.g. If they initially charge
$100,000 for a surgery and give the insurance network a discount down to $70,000 they
could potentially charge $130,000 for that same surgery but give the network insurance
company a discount down to $85,000 allowing the hospital to charge more and an
insurance company the ability to show its clients that it was getting a $30,000 discount
but now is getting $45,000 discount). My policy suggestions include:

-Require large health care providers to provide estimates to any patient or patient
representative who asks in a timely manner (within 15-30 days)
-Hold large providers accountable to the estimates given (cannot charge more than 15%
of the estimate without true justification or complications)
-Require hospitals to allow patients to decide if they would like to take advantage of
cash prices or use their insurance network contracts.
-Require insurance companies to credit members cost sharing appropriately for cash
prices that people take advantage of even at out of network hospitals/doctors.
-Allow Medicare Advantage and insurance plans to cover secondary preventive care
and/or direct primary care subscriptions before the deductible. This will drive prices
down by incentivizing insurers to cover the care that many actually need thus increasing
overall health of their members. Currently not allowed.
2. President Trump is our president and as such needs everyones support. There are
many policies that I do not agree with President Trump on but I believe that what
President Trump needs are folks in Washington who are convincing and willing to work
with him on policies for this country. I believe that Republicans in general have been so
focused on resisting liberal progress that they have no true conservative vision for this
country at the moment (think about our inability to pass true tax reform or even to repeal
Obamacare). Utah needs someone in Washington with real conservative vision, plans
for accomplishing that, and the ability to communicate that to the common voter. I
believe that if I make it to Washington I can provide this to President Trump and
together we can implement that vision.

3. No answer provided.

4. No answer provided.

5. Most of us in this country are decedents of immigrants but the fact of the matter is
that when most of our ancestors came to this country is was much easier to enter than it
is now. In fact, many of our ancestors would not have made it over with the current
immigration laws. Immigration has not truly been overhauled since the mid-1960s. I
suggest the below path toward at least legalization:

-Allowing unauthorized immigrants to come forward and

Pay an application fee
Pay a fine for having broken the law
Pass a criminal background check
Learn English
Pay any back taxes owed

-Upon completion of the above, earn legal status

Any future levels of permanent and temporary immigration to the United States should
be based on the demand for labor in the United States and not a fixed number as it is

Studies have shown that this path will increase overall GDP in the US by more than
$1.6 trillion over 10 years.
1. It shouldn't take an act of Congress to see your doctor. With the inevitable failure of
the ACA, I support a combination of free market and state-based solutions that include
state high risk pools, the legalization of affordable health plans, and the ability to
purchase insurance across state lines.

2. I align with many items on President Trump's domestic agenda. In particular, tax
reform, regulatory reform, repealing Obamacare, and re-empowering the states and

3. I have a great interest in tax policy, federal regulatory issues, and federalism. I intend
to make those issues my focal point.

4. We must make every effort to protect the integrity of our elections. Any hint of voter
fraud or interference should be taken very seriously. I support broad investigations that
scrutinize attempts by any country, organization, or person to manipulate our electoral

5. I support efforts to protect this county from the types of terror attacks we have seen in
Europe. That authority should not be blocked. We need to have a robust vetting process
and I support efforts to review that process. However, I am uncomfortable with a blanket
1. Americans are frustrated with politicians saying one thing and then doing another.
Over 50 times the House voted to repeal then it didnt count and yet cant vote for a
repeal now. Congress should have been ready, but was not.

The problems with U.S. healthcare began long before Obamacare as free-market
principles have been gradually removed and choices limited. I support HSAs coupled
with catastrophic medical plans which bring the free market pressures as consumers
compare prices to save money. States should be given freedom to customize Medicaid
and insurance coverage for their states circumstances. I support states being allowed
to have high-risk insurance pools to deal with pre-existent conditions which will drive
down costs for insurance plans.

2. I was the State Director for Senator Ted Cruz so I did everything I could do so that
Donald Trump would not be president in the Republican primary. It took some time, but I
eventually supported and voted for Donald Trump in general election. I agree with most
of his major policies especially his Supreme Court picks, immigration, and foreign
policies. I do, however, disagree at times with his style which sometimes hurts his
agenda, but Congress needs to stop nitpicking his style and tweets and get to work.
Overall, he has done what he said he would do and needs to be given the same respect
all Presidents deserve.

3. Jason Chaffetz has done many good things. He has communicated very well with his
constituents and been very open to my questions. When I was in the Utah House and I
was visiting DC, he would always reach out. He has been outspoken. I would be
outspoken as well. Republicans are losing the war of ideas (especially with the youth)
and so I would explain why conservatism and the Republican principles are best for
preserving freedom and providing long-term economic growth and in the end much
more compassionate. Ive taught university courses throughout my life and would take
every opportunity to teach the principles of liberty that our Founding Fathers believed. I
would serve my full-term.

4. First, we should not be surprised about Russias influence in our elections since
nations (as well as the U.S. media) try to influence elections all the time. Propaganda is
unfortunately part of life. The U.S. spent over $50 million to influence Italys elections in
1948 so that the communists wouldnt be voted in President Obama influenced
elections in France and Israel. (Had actual votes been changed then that is another
thing, but so far there is no credible evidence).

Its silly and dangerous to continue to be paralyzed about non-proved collusion. Putin
is loving the distraction because we arent talking about Russia basically invading
Ukraine, tax policy or repealing Obamacare which would improve our economy and
make us stronger . . . no talk of terrorism or North Korea. Putin is a brutal leader, but he
is Russias leaders and most Russians like him. We must work with Putin to stop
terrorism, deal with North Korea, and avoid WWIII in Syria where we basically are in a
proxy war.
5. I was married in the Ukraine and have experienced the immigration process from
start to finish - four separate trips to Moscow from Ukraine. My sister-in-law is from
South Korea and I have two adopted nieces from China. My family sponsored my
business partner who is from Ethiopia. I believe in immigration but we must have
responsible number so immigrants have a chance of assimilation.

We must balance immigration so that all classes feel the same downward pressure on
wages. The working and lower middle class are being crushed as are legal immigrants
and other minority communities. African-Americans are the most negatively affected by
illegal immigration according to a Cornell University study.

Tolerating illegal immigration is simply unfair to the tens of millions of potential

immigrants who are honoring our law as they try to immigrate legally. When one country,
Mexico, which makes up 1.7% of the worlds population, gets 28% of the benefit of legal
immigration and half of the benefit of illegal immigration, that is the very definition of
institutional racism. We must stop saying illegal immigration is a victimless crime. The
two police officer widows who President Trump recognized in his speech to Congress,
were killed by an illegal alien using a Utah Drivers Privilege Card. He lived in West
Valley and had 12 interactions but Utah did nothing despite being a twice deported

I support Trumps temporary travel ban from 7 countries where vetting immigrants is
extremely difficult. According to PEW Research Center, 15% of Iraqis (one of the 7
countries temporarily banned) believe that suicide bombings can be justified. One
cannot afford to make a single mistake about vetting especially when the infrastructure
to vet is almost non-existent.

My father-in-law was raised Muslim and Ive studied in the Middle-East. Ive traveled to
Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Israel, and the West-Bank so I understand the
difficulties of Islam integrating into a pluralistic Western Society. We must have an
honest conversation about whether Islam is a religion or a political system and how
Islam must be reformed to be compatible with the U.S. Constitution. We avoid such
conversations at our own peril, otherwise, by default within a decade we will be like
Europe where Islamic communities riot for Sharia Law and parents send their teenage
daughters to pop concerts and they never return. There are moderate Muslims but
expectations must be clearly set. For example, 91% of Iraqis believe that Sharia Law
should be the law of the land.
1. For 8 years we have been promised by our Republican leaders that Obamacare
would be repealed. In 2012 the narrative changed to repeal and replace. During the
Obama administration, when repeal was not possible, and the political showmanship
was good, we voted 62 plus times to repeal, since Republicans took control of the
federal government, we haven't voted on it once. I agree with the Freedom Caucus, that
replacing Obamacare with another version of federal healthcare is nonsense. We need
to get costs under control by allowing competition and advertised prices, we need to
allow states more choice in how to administer health care, and we need individuals to
have options and flexibility rather than a federal mandate.

This is a perfect example of how sending politicians back to Washington has failed us.
They say one thing when it is politically convenient then behave differently. The
frontrunners in this race are politicians, they talk like politicians, they act like politicians,
and if you nominate them, they will behave like politicians.

2. I am running for congress. And as a member of the Legislative branch, it is my duty to

weigh the actions of the executive branch with a vigilant eye on constitutionality. For
more than a decade the legislative branch has abdicated its authority to the executive
branch, again, putting politics and party above people and the constitution. I think some
of what the President has done has been in the right direction, his appointment of
Justice Gorsuch was a great choice. Reviewing the burdensome agreements with other
nations is something we should always be doing. When the actions of the president go
against the constitution, we will rely first on the courts, and if need be, the legislative
branch will get involved.

I disagree with any military action that does not fall under an existing declaration of war
or the war powers act. Congress needs to step up and carry their portion of the burden
for defending our nation, and that means declaring war and taking care of our veterans.
This is not about who is President, this is about our constitution.

3. Congressman Chaffetz dedicated his time to transparency, and government

accountability. Much of his service was in the form of committee assignments and a very
public persona. I intend to go to congress as a work horse, the guy who goes to work
each day trying to build a legacy of big solutions. I view my time in Washington as
limited and on a timer, so in the time I serve I want to be able to come back and point to
real, bold solutions. Things like tax reform, and I don't mean more tax code with a big
bow that we call tax reform, I mean a full assessment and re-imagining of our tax code,
moving away from the immoral and regressive income tax, death tax, and corporate tax
that punish innovation and hard work.

Where Representative Chaffetz worked administratively, I want to roll up my sleeves

with Justin Amash and Mike Lee and find bold solutions.

4. Our congress is investigating, our independent prosecutor is investigating, and our

intelligence agencies are investigating. This is the proper path and we will act on the
findings of those investigations.

5. The immigration crisis is this country is complex and since the politicians in
Washington have kicked this issue down the road for decades, I suppose for real
Statesmen to come along and resolve, the solutions arent as simple anymore. Its
almost laughable that some of the politicians in Washington that are talking tough on
immigration have been in office for decades and could and should have done something
about it long ago. We now have no less than 10 million adult illegal immigrants in this
country and that may be a conservative estimate. We have families of illegal immigrants
who have been here for decades, children and grandchildren who were never here by
choice. We shouldn't grant amnesty for many reasons and even if we wanted to we
cant afford the Trillion(s) dollar price tag that would come with it (our gross national debt
is already at 19 trillion). We cant round up every illegal immigrant and deport because
that would not only be impractical but also un-American. Seriously, what would that look
like? Ive sat back for 20 years waiting for the politicians in Congress to come together
and work on a long term solution. We have nothing. Its time, once and for all, to stop
sending politicians back to Washington. Yes, solutions will be complex, difficult, and
likely unpopular at first, but we have to do something. We cant afford to keep kicking
this crisis down the road from someone else to resolve.
1. We need to repeal ObamaCare. We need to allow free markets to compete with
health care within states. We need to support pre-existing conditions. I don't agree with
high-risk pools, this is just ObamaCare 2.0 within states.

2. I will not be a cheerleader for the President. I would represent Utah to Washington
and not the other way around. I support core conservative principles of a strong national
defense, fiscal discipline, limited government, and accountability.

3. I would sleep in a blow up mattress in my office. I could easily hide that better than a
cot. I would have more town halls. We need to restore that communication with the

4. This is currently still under investigation. I have no comment until we have

unclassified material to speak on.

5. We are a nation of legal immigrants. My mother legally immigrated from Colombia. I

love legal immigrants. We need to protect our nation and support extreme vetting. Allow
more legal immigrants to come to America and live the American Dream.
1. I support the complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare. I support a program
that is based on free market competition and includes increased reliance upon health
savings accounts, competition between insurance providers, including across state lines
and competition among healthcare providers.

2. President Trump is our president and when he succeeds we all succeed. I support his
appointments of Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court, General Mattis as
the Secretary Defense and General H.R. McMaster as the National Security Adviser. I
support his position to repeal and replace Obamacare and restructure our complicated
tax system.

3. First of all, I appreciate his service and his leadership in Congress. Like Mr. Chaffetz,
I will continue to fight federal government overreach with respect to our public lands, our
education system and other areas of our lives. I will leverage my experience in Iraq and
will focus my efforts on national security, intelligence and veterans affairs. I would help
to establish and support policy that would allow our men and women in uniform and the
intelligence community to win the war on terror and make America safe.

4. First of all, President Trump won the election fair and square. I am confident that
American voters made their decisions on the policy positions of the two candidates as
they have in elections in this country for hundreds of years.

It is clear that Russia tried to spread propaganda, Congress and intelligence agencies
are investigating that and the United States will respond in accordance with the findings.

5. I believe that we should be able to verify the identity of the individuals who want to
come to this country. To do otherwise, places our people at great risk. Controlling our
borders is an essential element of our national security.
1. Shayne is an advocate of repealing the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has made
health care where people can't afford medicare. [I] disagree with Obamacare. And
Medicare and Medicaid dont pay 100% of the bills with insurance.

2. I don't support President Trump. He is business man. He should think about others
before he thinks about himself all the time. I still disagree, in part, [with] his major

3. If I get [elected to] Congress, [I would be a] different Republican [than] Jason

Chaffetz. He has resigned from Congress. I would help many people to be able to afford
health insurance and help [those with] disabilities get on Social Security.

4. The United States responded to intelligence that the United States found out that
Russia transparency caused [the] election [of] President Trump. It really showed a lack
of communication. It was never solved because Russia and United States never listen
to each other lack of communication!

5. I disagree with President Trump. [There] should not [be a] travel ban. Handicap
International is committed to supporting people who are fleeing conflict and natural
disaster. Whether they are sheltering within their own countries or residing in countries
of asylum as refugees, our teams are hard at work providing basic and specific aid to
people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.
1. Healthcare is one of the prime reasons I am running for office; this is of pressing
concern to Utahns and it is a cant sleep issue for many. I am for removing the profit
motive from health care and insuring that everyone is covered at an affordable rate and
in an efficient manner. I see a basic plan as including child healthcare, maternity
benefits, preventive services, treatment of chronic and acute illnesses, including
hospitalizations, and prescription drug costs. I see this plan as being tax payer funded,
as in virtually ever other developed country. Costs can be contained by removing
unnecessary regulation and keeping the administrative costs to below 2%, as is the
case with Medicare Part A & B. Some people might actually pay less under a
government mandated system when one considers the elimination of premiums,
deductibles, and the costs of medications and supplies. A private plan can be offered for
so-called cadillac services.

2. Unfortunately, most of what President Trump does is notgood for Utahns and our
nation. When he seeks to do something good -- for example, reduce unnecessaryor
harmful regulations -- he will have my support and I will be happy to work with him.
When he does not, I willvigorouslyoppose him. I will demand
accountability,transparencyand integrity in his actions -- as I will for any president or
political leader, including myself.

It is sad and harmful that the president is trying to take health care away from millions in
the middle class and trade it for a tax cut for himself and his wealthy friends. Trumpcare
is a blow to the middle class and I strongly oppose what the president is doing with
health care.

I believe our immigration policy should first and foremost keep families together and
honor those hard working, law abiding adults who were brought undocumented into the
country as children. The president's immigration policy hurts Utahans and damages
America's standing in the world.

I am committed to policy based on truth, science and data. The Trump Administration
has shown continued disrespect for truth, and rejects science and data for ideology. The
wonders of scientific progress have brought us electricity, anesthesia, antibiotics and
many other life-saving innovations. I will work for improving the lives of Utahans based
on truth, science and data, and if the president ever chooses to join me in this I will
welcome his help.

3. I would take an entirely different approach. I would stand up to the Trump

Administration when his policies hurt the middle class, such as removing affordable
health insurance from millions of people. On areas in which we agree, such as
eliminating meaningless regulations, I would work with him. I would insist upon truth and
data as prerequisites to problem-solving and insist upon accountability for all parties. I
would put my country ahead of partisanship and reach across the aisle to find solutions.
This would involve listening to other viewpoints without judging. It is a task I would
approach with humility and with an open mind; arrogance has no place in any
professional endeavor, including politics The powers of persuasion I would employ are
the same ones I have used to get patients to stop smoking and to make necessary
changes to improve their health. I would serve my constituents conscientiously and also
insure that my Congressional offices were staffed with responsive people who are also
interested in problem-solving. My service would adhere to the highest ethical stands.
The public can expect the truth from me, even if unpleasant.

4. Only a thorough and meticulous investigation will provide the answers the public must
have. That Russia interfered in our election is something that should concern all of us.
Fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy, and democracy has a greater
chance of failing if it is based upon propaganda and lies.

We must find technical solutions to block Russian bots and other forms of propaganda
that influence the electorate. In addition, we must hold anyone who colluded with
Russia responsible and they must receive justice. If we are not proactive to counter this
problem, it will continue to plague us and questions about the legitimacy of our elections
will not cease.

5. I support the principles of the Utah Compact. My belief is that most immigrants are
productive, tax-paying citizens. This country was founded on immigrants, including my
own grandparents who came here to escape the genocide of the Armenian people by
the Turks. Immigrants have made us a strong and diverse nation and there is no
reason to believe that the positive contributions of immigrants would suddenly cease.
Inherent in hatred of immigrants is disdain for those who are different from us. The kind
of America I want to leave to my children and grandchildren is an oasis of tolerance,
inclusivity, and diversity -- with liberty and justice for all.

I oppose the travel ban. Refugees are already stringently vetted, and the
aggressiveness of ICE to separate immigrant families and deport the parents of
dreamers is yet another example of cruelty that is out-of-line with Utah values.
1. Its an absolute travesty that the richest country in the world does not have public
health care. There are many positive aspects, but many drawbacks as well to the
Affordable Care Act. Many people are still uninsured, underinsured or cannot afford their
premiums and deductibles. I am an avid supporter of a single payer Medicare for all
system. The Republicans want to replace so called Obamacare. The only replacement
that will improve the lives of ordinary Americans is a Medicare for all system.

2. I would describe my level of support for Donald Trump to be minimal at best. I agreed
with his position to stay out of the TPP. I support his plans for infrastructure spending. I
support his rhetoric about expanding suicide prevention and other mental health
services to veterans. Those are the only things hes done and talked about doing, that I
can honestly say I support. I do not align with Donald Trumps positions or actions very
much at all.

There are several policies both proposed and enacted by the Trump administration that
I disagree with. I disagree with his support of Saudi Arabia and their atrocities in Yemen.
We must stop arming nations that break international human rights laws. Specifically, in
this situation, we must stop supporting our allies in systemically starving an entire nation
to death and we must pressure Saudi Arabia to end the blockade that is preventing food
and medicine from getting to civilians in Yemen.

I disagree with the AHCA that takes away health care for millions of people. The AHCA
is not really a health care law as much as it is a major tax break for insurance
companies and the richest people in our nation. If elected, I would vote against this bill
and work tirelessly for a single payer health care system.

I disagree with his continuation of the illegal, unilateral drone program. For too long the
United States has been acting as a rouge nation that is out of touch with international
human rights laws. The drone program has been one of the worst foreign policy
blunders I have ever seen. It is reprehensible that the U.S. government practices
extrajudicial assassinations in foreign countries. Nearly 90% of people killed from drone
strikes have been civilians. Also, a major value in the United States is that someone is
innocent until proven guilty. Some argue that that only applies to U.S citizens. Anwar al-
Awaki and his son were both American citizens and both executed via drone strikes
without a trial or even being charged with a crime. That is an incredibly egregious
mockery of our criminal justice system and the principles this nation was founded on.
Donald Trump has not only done nothing to stop this horrific policy, he has in fact
amplified it.

I disagree with his continuation of the devastating war in Afghanistan. I was 13 years old
when the quagmire in Afghanistan began. It has been by far the longest war in U.S
history. Something I find interesting about the war in Afghanistan is that the longer it has
gone on, it seems the more apathetic people are about it. Which seems to be the
opposite of the reaction to the war in Vietnam. Over 100,000 people have been killed in
Afghanistan, we are seeing more extremist groups emerging and the Taliban still
controls large areas of the country. The Trump administrations plan is to send more of
our brave young men and women to go fight in what has been a devastating and
ultimately unwinnable war. If elected, I will be fighting for an end to the war in
Afghanistan. I will be fighting to ensure that the U.S is in line with international human
rights laws and I will be fighting to end the so called War on Terror and reverse the
disastrous Bush doctrine.

I disagree with his plan to cut social programs while increasing pentagon spending. The
U.S government already spends an obscene amount of tax revenue on the military. We
spend as much as the next seven nations combined on defense. When Trump and his
cronies tell you that we need to spend more to rebuild the military they are lying. This
is an example of crony capitalism at its finest. Its a way to further enrich weapons
contractors and the military industrial complex. Its especially disgusting when, hes
simultaneously advocating for giving more tax money to major corporations who benefit
from military spending and calling for cuts to some of our most basic social programs.

The Trump administration wants to cut grants that go to Meals on Wheels, which
provides meals for the elderly and the disabled many of whom are veterans. The people
who rely on Meals on Wheels lack access to the community or the money to be buying
adequately nutritious food. These are the most vulnerable people in our society, Trumps
policy is asking them to suffer so we can enrich war profiteers. He wants to cut
spending on Head Start program which is a fantastic program for early childhood
education for low income families. These policies being pushed by the Trump
administration are Robin Hood in reverse policies. He wants to steal from the poor to
help the rich. People like to complain and worry about someone like Senator Sanders
being too much of a socialist. Donald Trump is a socialist of the worst variety and
sadly the type we have seen all too often in positions of power in the United States. He
wants the working class, the poor and disabled to compete in the free market, while
insulating the rich with government assistance and corporate welfare.

I disagree with him rolling back Obamas environmental policies. We are well passed
the time when action should have been taken regarding climate change. It is unnerving
to say the least that we have a president who has called climate change a Chinese
hoax. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, is one example of his dangerous
policies towards the environment. The Paris Agreement was a non-binding and
ultimately moderate band-aid for climate change. Pulling out was a symbol to the world
that the U.S will act as a rouge nation, whos not interested in international cooperation
regarding climate change.

I disagree with his aggressive rhetoric and threats towards North Korea and Iran.

The United States has no right to unilaterally threaten a sovereign nation. The United
States has no right to even rhetorically call for a preemptive strike against a country
that has not attacked it. To think that Iran or North Korea are interested or capable of
starting a war of aggression against the United States is laughable Especially, when
we have been at war since 2001, and in that period broken countless international laws.
We cannot allow the death toll from U.S military aggression to grow.

I disagree with his plan for a border wall. The concept of a wall on the border of Mexico
is nothing short of an idiotic policy. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that
the cost of such a wall will be over $21 billion. The Head Start Program in total costs a
fraction of that. The idea that Mexico was ever going to pay for it was a total lie. The
average length of time most undocumented people has been in the U.S. is 13 years.
The number of undocumented people entering the country illegally has been in decline
for several years. Republicans like to pride themselves on being fiscally responsible
the concept of the border wall is the antithesis of that notion.

I disagree with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch was the
lone dissenting opinion in the Alphonse Maddin case, showing his preference for
companies over basic workers rights and human dignity. Gorsuch believes in the
corporate personhood precedent weve had since the Santa Clara County Vs Southern
Pacific Railroad Company decisions and has no interest in overturning the Citizens
United v. FEC decision. Campaign finance reform is the most important issue facing the
United States and he is on the wrong side of history in that regard.

In short, I believe Donald Trumps presidency has been a disaster for millions of people
and I am avidly against the policy positions of his.

3. Yes, I will be radically different from Jason Chaffetz. Firstly, I will not be taking the big
corporate money that he has. In fact, I will be fighting for a 28th Constitutional
Amendment for campaign finance reform to ensure that no politician will be taking
corporate money. He supported the ACHA and he voted against expanding the
Childrens Health Insurance Program. Rather these draconian health care policies that
punish the poor, the sick and the disabled, I will be fighting for Medicare For All. I
believe that health care is a basic human right and it is disgusting to say that people
have to choose between their healthcare and an iPhone. Thats an erroneous statement
as well. The medication I take would cost $5,500 per month without insurance. Thats a
whole lot of iPhones.

Chaffetz has opposed the legalization of cannabis, where as I support its legalization
and propose to tax it and us the revenue for single payer health care.

Chaffetz has supported selling public land to corporations, I think that that is just
normalizing the behavior that was one of the greatest scandals in U.S history (The
Teapot Dome Scandal). We must protect public lands and not make them available to
oil companies.

Chaffetz has opposed marriage equality that gives our LGBTQIA+ sisters and brothers
the ability to marry whom they love. I find Chaffetzs position to be frankly appalling and
hypocritical. He tried to be a small government politician, yet he was supporting the
government interfering with something as personal as whom one can marry. He was
also, vigorously anti-choice when it comes to reproductive rights. No one likes
abortions, but again the government doesnt have a place in such a personal matter.
The federal government has no place between a woman and her doctor.

Chaffetz voted no on stimulus spending. I believe John Maynard Keynes created the
best model of how to get out of a recession. Stimulus spending was following this model
and Chaffetz worked against the actions that would have helped the economy. He
supports more so called free market solutions, basically laissez faire economics, which
time and time again has proven ineffective in solving the problems of depressions and
recessions. We can wait for the market to correct itself in the long run, but as Keynes
put it In the long run were all dead.

Chaffetz voted no on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Again, Im appalled
by his position. Domestic violence is not taken seriously enough, we cannot go
backwards and put our sisters at risk for more violence.

He supports the privatization of Social Security as well as raising the age of retirement
to 69. I believe we need to protect social security, we shouldnt change the retirement
age, we need to end the cap on taxable income for social security and expand benefits.
Chaffetz voted no on four weeks of parental leave for federal employees. I support
across the board parental leave for all workers. I will fight for a guaranteed three months
of parental leave at 80% of monthly income when a child is born and an additional
ninety discretionary days from when a child is three years old until they begin grade
school. He voted to repeal the estate tax. Repealing the estate tax is basically a tax give
away to the nations richest people. It could give the Walton Family a fifty three billion
dollar tax cut. That is absolutely ridiculous. The federal government has been working to
protect billionaires and corporations for way too long. We must keep the estate tax and
put its revenue into a single payer health care system.

These are just a few examples of how I would be different from Jason Chaffetz. He and
I are on diametrically opposed places on the political spectrum. With Chaffetz Utahs 3rd
district had a representative that was representing the worlds largest corporations and
billionaires. He was not representing working class families. He was not representing
San Juan or Carbon County. With me, the third district has a candidate that will not take
corporate money. Who is free to stand up for farmers, for coal miners, for veterans, for
single moms, for consumers and the 99%.

4. I support an independent investigation to look into possible collusion between the

Trump campaign.

5. I support allowing refugees into the United States. Yemen is facing one of the human
rights crisis since WW2. Anne Franks family is one of many examples of what can
happen when refugees are denied entry into the United States. The travel bans targets
Muslims and is completely illegal.
1. We believe that health care is a right and a public good, not a commodity. We believe
that our country is better when every person has affordable healthcare. Our campaign
stands firmly behind H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. A
single payer, Medicare for all system would put an end to out of pocket payments that
act as barriers to healthcare access; would provide free choice of healthcare providers;
would be held accountable to the public instead of to corporate interests; and would end
for-profit healthcare. Healthcare is a right, and should never again become a luxury that
only the rich can afford.

2. I align with virtually zero of Donald Trumps policies or actions. Every single
Executive Order he has signed has been a disaster at best. He has a cabinet full of self-
serving incompetence. His platforms and policies are based on lies, misinformation, and
hatred. We stand in opposition to that hatred in all its forms and strive toward
compassion and inclusion in all of our efforts.

3. I would serve very differently. Two examples would be: immediately putting an end to
the attacks on healthcare and western public lands. Rep. Chaffetz has also governed as
a partisan politician, forsaking his integrity for his party. Rep. Chaffetz said that he could
no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president before turning around,
voting for Trump, and full-heartedly supporting him. I do not put party above all else. My
background in community organizing has helped me understand that real, long-term
and sustainable solutions are achieved through listening to and working with people that
see things differently.

4. The US should continue an independent investigation into whether or not Trump, or

any members of his cabinet colluded with Russia leading up to the 2016 election. We
also need to address the means through which such tampering was conducted, so as to
regain the integrity of vote. Election interference by foreign governments cannot be

5. I do not support any iteration of Donald Trumps travel ban. Undocumented

immigrants make up large portions of Utahs workforce in the hospitality, construction,
and agriculture industries. We must set clear paths to citizenship, and stop letting ICE
tear Utah families apart. No human is illegal.

I also believe that refugees and displaced persons need our compassion and help. As
leaders in the world, we need to open our hearts to those who suffer, regardless of
where they come from. Refugees do not wish to leave their homes; they are forced to
leave their homes. We must care for the displaced and homeless peoples of the world,
helping them regain their dignity and their lives.
1. The United States government does not and cannot provide healthcare, any more
than it can provide cars, or clothing, or corn. What it can, and does do, is use its power
to affect the marketplace behavior of producers of each of these and more.

Imagine the US government decided to create an Affordable Universal Motion Picture

Act. From DC it would write a comprehensive law to cover every aspect of producing,
promoting and distributing every motion picture made in the USA. It would license
schools for actors, other schools for directors, other licenses would be required for the
equipment operators a law and a federal exam, licensing bureau and regulatory
agency for every aspect of filmmaking, dozens of them. Imagine the damage and
inefficiency that kind of law would do. How much longer would it take to produce a film?
At what additional cost? How many theater owners would choose to go into another
business? How many total theater seats would be lost? What would a ticket cost?

Yet healthcare is far more complex than movie making, and writing such a law, or series
of laws since the 1940s, with each new law intended to cure the shortcomings of the
prior one, is exactly the mess we have today.

The cure to our healthcare cost and access crisis is more competition - more
alternatives, more providers, more options, more freedom of choice, a reduction in
expensive, legal prescription opioid abuse, and a lifting of government restrictions on
therapeutic cannabinoids (medical marijuana), as well as other efficacious, currently
banned legacy drugs which threaten Big Phama-crony-FDA "profits" (this is more
accurately "theft." Profits are the result of a free market exchange where each side is
grateful, and both sides "profit" - BOTH are better off).

Government intervention into healthcare is the primary source of increasing costs and
decreasing quality. Unlike free markets, government, especially through cronyism, stifles
innovation and kills off the competition, rewards the insider crony-connected companies,
increases costs, increases the number of regulators and medical staff required to
comply with excessive, costly regulation, drives out those who choose not to game the
system, and has left the free market in healthcare a shambles - except in those optional
areas where the government has NOT been involved such as Lasik eye surgery. In
those few areas where there is free-market competition in healthcare - those areas not
entirely controlled by government - costs have dropped, innovations and alternatives
are constantly developed and offered to patients, and both the providers and consumers

Cannabis should have never been classified as schedule one as it clearly has
therapeutic value, with (especially compared to prescription opioids which are legal)
minimal side effects, none of which risk death to the patient in the way our legal
prescription drugs do. While I've never smoked marijuana, both my dad and my
daughter are medical doctors and each has shared their personal experience with
patients who have benefited - not only appetite restoration in cancer patients, but
effective use with PTSD (According to the Military Times, 20 veterans commit suicide
EACH DAY in the USA; many of those could be prevented with access to not only
cannabis, but also psychocybins - yet even end-of-life prescriptions are banned and
research on efficacy (which occurs in other nations) is stifled by the US government
here), epilepsy, Parkinson's, tumor management, and many others. TRUCE, here in
Utah, is a terrific resource for learning the truth about the medical value of cannabis and
our government's truly hardened role in preventing not only treatment but also research.

Our government should immediately pass Right to Try legislation - terminally ill patients
deserve the right to try anything that has the hope of offering relief. Why should any
human being with end-of-life anxiety, physical pain or depression, or suicidal PTSD, be
denied the right to try anything that might provide relief? Our government, its FDA and
DEA should not stand between a terminally ill patient and his/her healthcare provider.

Finally, I believe there is hope for greatly reduced medical care costs in the near future
as a result of three key factors.

First, medical tourism. Those wishing to escape the nightmare of the government-
created medical mess in the USA can find US trained physicians practicing in their
native nations, offering the same or superior technology and treatment options outside
the USA for a fraction of the cost.

Second, for those who can afford it, there are medical markets completely disconnected
from our insurance-government-AMA complex. Sometimes called "concierge care"
these physicians typically take cash-only, provide year-long contracts with access and
personal cell-phone contact, earn a free-market quality living and then donate a day a
week or more to free clinics. Markets develop to serve consumer needs and have
proven robust even in the face of massive government created restrictions.

Third, as the medical arts transform from an "art" into an information-based science,
computer-driven artificial intelligence will prove (and is already proving to be) as
accurate as a human being at diagnosis, prognosis and a recommended treatment plan
for the vast majority of common diseases and ailments. Personal healthcare monitoring
is a rapidly growing part of the Consumer Electronics show, and the ability to perform
what were once hospital lab only tests, can now be done at home for a tiny fraction of
the cost.

Bottom line: Get government out of the way, return to a direct provider-payee
relationship, and we will all have far better healthcare at a far lower cost, not only here
in the US, but globally.

2. While Candidate Trump promised to "drain the swamp" and bring a third party" like
energy to DC (and he initially did exactly that by beating both the Bush machine in the
GOP and the Clinton machine within the DNC), his commitment to vastly increase
military and immigration prevention spending is deadly - not only to those targeted by
our military, or those seeking to escape starvation and tyranny abroad - but to every
American here in the USA. With $20 trillion dollars of current federal debt (apparently
heading on toward $30 trillion), and nearly $200 trillion in mandated-by-law but currently
unfunded government spending, our national security, both near and long-term is far
from secure.

Where President Trump has acted to advance individual liberty, has acted to reduce the
size and power of the Federal government, has called on Congress to investigate
federal waste and fraud and criminal activity, I am a fan. His Supreme Court
appointment of Judge Gorsuch is perhaps the best example. Judge Gorsuch, like the
Libertarian Party's platform, is said to base his political philosophy in Natural Law. The
two core tenets of Natural Law are the Non-Initiation-of-Aggression and Self-Ownership
principles, which are likewise core to my campaign for the US House. I also support the
withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. The Congress, not the Executive, has the
authority for entering, or not, into treaties such as this. The use of executive orders to
usurp power from the other two branches of government should have been protested by
Congress at the time.

Where President Trump has acted to increase spending, balloon the debt, invade our
private lives, restrict our personal freedoms and disregard the non-initiation-of-
aggression and self ownership principles - our inalienable rights - I am and shall be

I also call for a return of the executive branch of our federal government, the presidency,
to its constitutional role as a first-step to restoring our liberties. The idea that it is the job
of the US president to "fix" or to "run" the economy, to "create jobs" or to somehow
"provide healthcare, jobs, education, transportation, housing, end poverty, end drug use,
and more" is more in alignment with the role of a dictator or tyrant than the role of the
presidency as envisioned by our founders, and as executed by Presidents Washington,
Jefferson or even Eisenhower. The latter of these warned us about the acquisition of
unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists."

That misplaced power that President Eisenhower admonished us about over 50 years
ago is certainly characteristic of our federal government today.

3. Id finish my term!

I support Congressman Chaffetz's attempt to return excess federal land to the states.
Our founders, our Constitution never imagined the Federal Government having control
of more than half of the land mass of any state (they likely didn't envision even a tiny
fraction of that). This majority control of a state's geographic area flies in the very face of
the concept of the Federal Government as one created by, and subservient to, the
states. I was opposed to his withdrawal of HR 621, the Excess Federal Lands Act.

I supported and cheered his attempts to restrict the TSA from using full body scanners
and to prohibit TSA collective bargaining. I likewise support his opposition to importing
nuclear waste from other nations and his call for a balanced federal budget.
Since 1972 the Libertarian Party has called for marriage equality. I opposed
Congressman Chaffetz's attempts to prevent same sex marriage in Washington DC. I
oppose his attempts to restrict terminally ill patients from having the right to die with
dignity. I oppose his attempts to restrict access to therapeutic cannabis. I call for the
release of all non-violent victims of our alleged "War on (otherwise innocent) people
who use drugs." This is a remnant of President Nixon's racist attacks on the anti-
Vietnam War left that has done irreparable damage to our nation at tremendous cost.
Each non-violent, otherwise innocent drug user in our federal prisons costs $70,000 per
year in California - more than the tuition at Harvard. Add to that the opportunity cost of
the productive activity that human being could contribute if not for being trapped in a
federal cage, and the cost is well over $100,000 per individual per year. I also support
the efforts of the Innocence Project to free those who have been demonstrably wrongly
convicted - Justice Scalia estimated that number to be 5 percent of those in federal
prison. Especially as the Libertarian candidate, the loss of liberty by the provably
innocent is a deep, heartfelt concern.

Finally, again, I promise to fill the full term to which I am elected. This is not the first time
Congressman Chaffetz has abandoned Utah. Unlike our former congressman, I would
not leave my responsibilities to campaign (especially full time) for my party's presidential

4. I note this question does NOT ask, "How should the United States government
respond." This distinction between the government and what the United States is, is a
CORE part of my campaign.

The United States is FAR MORE than its government.

We The People were to have been the driving force of the United States through our
enterprise, our charity, our voluntary organizations from the Boy Scouts to the United
Way to the Red Cross and others. Yet what we have today, as I noted above, is a focus
not only on our government as "what the United States is" but of our President as "the
guy in control of everything."

So what is the President compared to the United States? We were intended to be a

"Compound Constitutional Republic" with three equal portions of our federal
government - the executive, Congress and the courts. So the president is at best 1/3rd
of our federal government. And our federal government was to have been a servant of
our states. The various states having the bulk of governing authority, including being a
check on the power of the federal government. If the states represent just half of total
government, then the Presidency should be about 1/6th of total government power. But
government wasn't to be ALL of what the US is. Private industry, agriculture, retailing,
transportation, the media, tourism, etc . . . the bulk of the USA was to be in the power of
the people. Government, at best, was to have been perhaps 10 percent of what the
UNITED STATES is. So the power, the authority of the president was to have
represented at best 1/60th of that total.
So with that context in mind, what the United States should do in response to this past
election is to demand a full accounting of all the waste, fraud and possible criminal
activity involved in every aspect of our federal government. Russian influence is not
present in only ONE political party - the idea of this is self-evidently absurd. Russian
(and other governments) attempt to influence both of the two old parties, as well as the
UN, major corporations and anyone or anything they see as either a threat, or the
source of an opportunity to gain advantage. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and it
seems rather than a vigilant media, or vigilant government we are awash in the
meaningless distractions which lead the United States (all of us) away from being the
fully informed, politically active citizens that are required for our Democratic Republic to
not only flourish with Liberty for all, but to survive for as much as even another

5. The emblem of the Libertarian Party is the Statue of Liberty. She says it best, Give
me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched
refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift
my lamp beside the golden door.

I want an America that welcomes each and every human being fleeing tyranny in their
homeland, seeking a fair opportunity to produce and then be entitled to use the rewards
of their contributions in whatever way s/he sees fit - the essence of (what was once) the
American Dream.

Those who take that risk, who seek a fair chance to MAKE a living, who desire to
contribute to the cradle of liberty, deserve the warmest of welcomes.

Those capable of producing who seek the largess of a comfortable life paid for by
others as a matter of simply having been born as (what could have been) a human
being, deserve a kick in the pants whether they were born here or elsewhere.

And for those coming from nation-states which have declared an intention to destroy
America, as well as for others whose intentions are suspect, I fully support the
government in that part of its Constitutional authority to as fully as possible vet those
intentions. I do not support, however, the Constitution-free zones our borders have
become for US Citizens returning from abroad. The federal government, for example,
should not have the power to download and read every bit of data from our cell phones,
computers, and personal papers before granting permission to reenter our nation and
return in peace to our homes.

I truly believe that those who would give up their liberties for the illusion of increased
safety, deserve neither.
1. I am a Type One diabetic, small business owner, who not only has not been able to
have health insurance since I dropped off of my parents insurance plan in 2006. For the
last couple of years have been barely scraping by like so many hard working Americans
with my bills. I am also the type of principled conservative that will not seek for help from
the government, since it is not only unconstitutional, but it is theft and simply wrong for
government to steal from one through the means of taxation to give it to some complete
stranger regardless if they need it or not. Since 2006 I have been paying cash, or
thought of creative legal solutions for my own healthcare. For if there is a will, there is a
way. Yes, it has not been cheap! Before Obamacare went into effect, my average cost
for each bottle of insulin was around $100. Ever since Obamacare went into effect the
average cost for each bottle of insulin jumped to at least double if not more. In fact
according to my studies the overall cost of insulin and healthcare in general used to be
so much cheaper before government decided to play the professional do-gooders and
got involved, illegally may I add.

My solution would be multi-faceted. I want a complete repeal, and repeal only, of

Obamacare. I then want to push to completely restore the free market throughout all of
the United States, coincided with a complete ban of corporate lobbyists entangling with
government for their own special interest pocket books. Lastly I think that it is time to
place a 10 year sunset clause on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and any other
healthcare government ran program out there. These solutions are not only a
constitutional ideas, but merciful as well. People has been struggling under the arm of
Obamacare, and the reason as to why I would want a 10 year sunset clause in each of
the other governmental programs is to cut the waste fraud and abuse, while caring for
the absolute needy and destitute for ten years, giving enough time for families and an
increase of non-profit organizations to become created. I believe in the goodness in
people and in Americans. People will be taken care of once more, like they did before
government, and the professional do-gooders decided to get involved in the first place.

2. First of all I did not vote for or support Donald Trump, I voted my conscience and
supported my mentor in constitutional studies. Who ran as the vice presidential nominee
to Darrel Castle on the Constitution Party ticket last year. His name was Dr. Scott
Bradley (a 50 year plus scholar on the Constitution.) With this being said, I do like
Donald Trump's politically incorrectness and about half of his policies. Since becoming
president, I can support over half of his stances, and maybe a quarter of his tactics. I
am a strict Constitutionalist, and if the tactics and or issue does not coincide with the
Law. Then I can not support such policy and or tactics.

3. Yes, first of all Jason Chaffetz did not have a perfect voting record according to his
oath of office. Which is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Jason Chaffetz also at times choose to go politicking instead of doing his job.

I promise to create those channels of communication with the district stronger than they
have ever been. By pushing for a cyber Congress, a work from home situation. Since I
for one am sick and tired of the swamp that is Washington DC. I want to have more
virtual town hall meetings as well as the traditional town hall meetings. I want the full
trust and communication with all the citizens within the district, even if we disagree.

4. As soon as there is actual fact as to a foreign nation interfering with our elections. We
can go from there. According to the Constitution. That is the exact reason for
international tariffs and trade treaties. To trade and fairly with our allies, and not our
enemies, for American interests. The international tariffs (which were supposed to be
minimum) was to help fund our national defense, and defense only.

5. The immigration topic is a very heated and contested debate for years now. Let me
first say that I am for neither the open borders crown, nor the round them up crowd.
Both are anti-American and anti-constitutional solutions. I know people personally close
to my heart were denied a visa by our own American Embassies and our own
government. These are good people who pays their bills and striving to provide for their
families. I also know of several situations where the riff raff and people of ill-repute has a
green light in obtaining visas from our own Embassies and government, just to turn
around and abuse the system. It is almost like the government has purposefully
corrupted the system.

If we look at the Constitution itself, the law only gives way to naturalization. Which is not
immigration, it is the very act of becoming a citizen. Which process has also become
distorted. Based on my reading of all of the founders own works and words. They did
believe in a limited regulation of immigration. With their legal proof of this fact dating
back to legislation passed in 1796, 98, etc. Which proves the legality of Immigration
polices during the time of Ellis Island operations.

So my solutions are simple and yet again constitutional. Scrap all the current convoluted
immigration code, and policies. Cleanse the Embassies of their corruption. Re-introduce
Ellis Island type policies, adapted to the 21st century. Lastly, enforce the border.
1. I support repealing "Affordable Care Act" to replace with a better and constitutionally
sound alternate, or nothing else.

The federal government should not have the role in regulating and mandating the health
care coverage with excessive taxation and threat of penalty, which is contrary to the
founders' "yielding to liberty is oppression and taxation is theft" philosophy.

The U.S. government does not have the authority to impose the punitive tax on the
working and unemployed subjects, that includes the penalty for failure to pay for
insurance that is treated the same as tax.

"Obamacare" is the obscene fraud that was illegally passed to benefit the health care
insurance industry and the corrupt lawmakers and bill authors with ulterior motives,
such as connection to Wall Street.

Whilst the abominable law was engineered to bankrupt the people with the oppressive
tax that harm the long-term full-time employment viability and to make involuntary
slavery easier via economic burden.

2. As a supporter who voted for Trump in last year's election, I generally support his
campaign platform, but so far he has yet to keep all of the campaign pledges to
assuage my doubt of his sincerity.

I question Trump's current administration that is fraught with nepotism and potential
conflict of interest, especially meddling in the Syria situation and his unnecessary
antagonism toward Islamic Republic of Iran, which should be left alone.

I oppose further U.S. meddling in the Middle East -- forgetting the lessons of the
disastrous and unnecessary invasions in that region like Operation Iraqi Freedom that
wasted some trillion dollars -- unless there will be the declared act of war authorized by
the Constitution.

President Trump has let me down with a number of campaign pledges that had been
reneged, such as the Syria air strike situation and preserving such unconstitutional
executive orders from the predecessor as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

As a stand-alone independent at-large, if duly elected, I would not vote party-line with
the Republican Party if it contradicts my political and ethical convictions.

If, in a hypothesis, President Trump provenly commits high crimes and misdemeanors
that violate the Constitution with his sworn oath reneged, I would move to support
impeachment, because the Constitution stands above the executive ambitions and
The predecessors did much worse in contravening the Constitution with their blatantly
illegal actions, yet never faced the possibility of impeachment, thanks to the Congress'
entrenched corruption with its preference for graft system.

3. I will fully represent the 3rd district to focus on the constitutional, economic and social
issues, among many issues of relevance and concern to the District, instead of
meddling in local jurisdictions like Rep. Chaffetz had done in D.C. to interfere over
marijuana legalization and other local issues, e.g. assisted suicide, as a shrill and
arrogant moralist drunk on power as a legislator.

4. I decline to provide the sufficient answer to the question that is conspiratorial, which
is ludicrous.

I do not believe that the Russian Federation has influenced and interfered with last
year's election. This claim is the result of a bitter aftermath of Trump's victory by the
leftists, including Hillary Clinton.

5. I support reversing the disastrous immigration and refugees code to abolish with a
severely reduced immigration policy in addition to draconian immigration enforcement to
remove and deport the illegal aliens and other undesirables.

I support imposing the moratorium for at least a decade or two in order to halt further
immigration to slow the abrupt demographic change that has accelerated over the last
fifty years, and to foster assimilation.

I totally and wholeheartedly support President Trump's travel ban pursuant to the
provisions of McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 that authorizes the specific immigration
restrictions, and I think it should be much more broader.
1. We must repeal and replace Obamacare while we have the opportunity to get it done.
I would support a plan that lifts up lower income families to a point that they could afford
healthcare, while creating private-sector competition across state lines to provide better
and more affordable plans to fit the unique needs of families and individuals. Everyone
should have access to healthcare, but you can not expect one family to be responsible
to pay for another nor can we expect the government to front the cost. History has
proven that one size fits all government programs become bloated, costly and ultimately
ineffective. A competitive health care market with the least amount of government
intervention will benefit every American.

2. I support many of our president's efforts and have personally met and worked with
him. I'll gladly work with him again on anything benefiting Utah and our country.

3. Jason served Utah well. I may not have agreed with some of the things he did, but
just like any person in public office, they must be willing to take heat for most everything
they say and do. I will be very involved with my 3rd congressional district on the ground
and through social media. Politics has become a game where constituents do not have
access to their elected officials, and I plan to change that. I'll be transparent on social
media about how I'm voting on bills, and who I'm meeting with and what we are
discussing. Ultimately, I plan to use social media to engage with the people in my
district. Its time to pull back the veil in Washington, and it's time we had people
representing us that are not afraid to put it all on the table and fully disclose with the
people what they're doing.

4. Trump won, simple as that. I passed many polling stations including my own and
never saw any KGB agents standing there. In fact, I have not heard a single report from
a voting American that they were strong-armed by any Russian agent when voting. On
top of this, I did not receive any messages, emails or tweets from any Russian agent or
spy trying to get involved with my vote. This entire Russia debacle is a distraction to the
American people. The process should be very simple, and we can get to the bottom of
the Russian question with just that, a single question. Lets ask our intelligence
community this: Can you prove without a shadow of a doubt with undeniable evidence
that Russia interfered or got involved with Trump winning? If yes, then we will take it
further. If no, how about we move on to things that affect the American people like our
growing debt, jobs, and reforming our broken education and healthcare systems.

5. We must create a more streamlined and regulated process for people wanting to
enter America. Its that simple. We should have a clear, concise and well-structured
process for people to enter America both short and long term. Refugee or not, anyone
coming into America should go through the same vetting process, no questions asked.
America is not the global savior, nor can we afford to be. We are a great nation, and to
remain a great nation we must ensure our country's needs are taken care of first. As
elected officials, we must put the safety of our citizens first, by knowing who the people
are that enter our borders.
1. I would like to see entrepreneurs get their teeth into this. It's private companies that
build the equipment that we use in our everyday check ups and overnight surgeries.
There has to be amazing minds that would love to take on health care reform and
repackage how we think of health insurance.

I would replace it with privatized health insurance.

If we could create a new system which would be a new way of thinking, I think it would
be so abstract from how we are thinking of it today. But that might be what's need.

2. Overall I support him. From one to 10 with 10 [being the] greatest I'm a 8 from
where I'm standing in the arena watching everything happen.

I don't always align with his positions and actions. But generally yes. I'm trying to give
him the benefit of the doubt

The policies I've been able to keep up on yes I'm in agreeance.

I'm understanding why he went the other way on the Paris climate meeting and he'll
need to gather with other countries to create a uniformity and encourage them to 'step
up to the plate'

3. I haven't pulled out his voting record. I know him from a little TV and a lot of him
talking to Doug Wright in the mornings. Did I like him? Yes. He seemed to have good

4. With great caution. When fingers are pointed at someone (person country or
business), they by nature will become defensive somehow.

And they will have to react and that reaction might not be subtle.

We need to ask the question of why they interfered, if findings are correct everything
has its reasons and then proceed [with] what are we going to do about it.

5. My logic tell me immigrants come here because they want come here by their own
free will, for some reason. I believe the cost is $850 to become a citizen. (I know
((what's it worth to have the rights and liberties that we have))). That price tag might not
be obtainable, [so] lowering the cost to citizenship might be the answer. We are talking
about creating generating tax dollars and building a better economy.

Refugees are coming from war-torn places that they were forced to move still, same
concept applies [to] citizenship options.

They would have a potential 2 options. Create a new life here with intent to lawfully
become citizen or return to their country once peace and stable government is restored.
(It would be much more in depth than that, but that's the basics.)

Saying yes is a hard thing to do. Telling an entire country you are not welcome here
again points fingers. And when it's only a select group of people that are the cause,
punishing everybody is childish.

I understand where President Trump is coming from, and I award his effects to take
control but there should be a way to put our Constitution at work.
Did not respond to survey.