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dares, She see yew F dar ae wera TTT HT aTAtT OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS, CENTRAL EXCISE & SERVICE TAX tarrang | SFA HYDERABAD: | COMMISSIONERATE addta apa waa, vat at eefsae as, aehx arr, GaxTaTa-500 004 BAGH, HYDERABAD-500004 Date: 15-06-2017" ERE aTeer_(-4).H.39/2017 ESTABLISHMENT ORDER (G.0.) NO.39/2017 +e With the approval of the competent authority and in partial modification to E.0(GO).No.28/2017 dated 31-05-2017, following Superintendents are hereby retained/posted to the commissionerate mentioned against their names with immediate effect and until further orders: Name ofthe | Commissionerate in = SI.No | Superintendent | which they are Posted to $/Shri/smt__| presently working = . ‘Audit, Hyderabad aa 7 Retained in Audit, 1 | A.Venkatesh [UOT to Hyderabad Secunderabad Taudit-1] (Mofussil)] a = ‘Audit, Hyderabad Retained in Audit, 2 | Md.Jaffer Razikh [UOT to Medchal Hyderabad (Mofussil)} (Audit-1] 3 lsprenatea Hyderabad-III __| Retained in Hyderabad-IIT .Prahala = ey af [Secunderabad] 4 | G.V.Subba Rao Hyderabad-IIl Audit, Hyderabad _ [Audit-I1, Hyderabad] 5 | B.C.S.Prasad Hyderabad-II Hyderabad-IV i [Ranga Reddy] li) All the representations received regarding Inter Commissionerate Transfer in the grade of Superintendents stands disposed off. t (@aqur sare Ta V.VASUDHA PRASADA RAO) agra Hea (eT a) Joint Commissioner (P&V) C,No.1I/3/19/2017-Estt Establishment Order.No.39 /2017 dated 15-06-2017 wfaTo ‘dale cafe FThe Individual (afetra afttartt & areat & Through the officer concerned) fafa Copy to: 1. Feet sige, Hranees, Fost Tore Yow T Tay a, FauaTE wal The Chief Commissioner, Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Hyderabad zone. 2. wat geet srgra! sige, ater gow, Fahy seg Yow s Tar HL kaa aT All the Principal Commissioner/Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Hyderabad Zone. 3, Bat CAOPAORAT Cow, Fes Sees Yow aT Aa aT RaATATS AT All the CAO/PAO, Central Excise & Service Tax, Hyderabad Zone. 4. Fer faa, af “a” (orafra) (Aare) area Heres, Favare! The General Secretary, Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Group’B’ Gazetted (Executive) officer's Association, Hyderabad zone. 5. Agr Aida, FS tT oT dao HaeH, Hess seme Yow F ar ay, SaTATE! ‘The General Secretary, Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, Hyderabad zone. 6. ecia wigal afew ats Notice Board/Stock File. Shei by3 le r (Sttarar test D.SHAILAJA whl h T ramet srftrertt (Fem) Administrative Officer (Est) Page 2 of 2