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Demonstrative / Posesive + demonstrative

my name mine
your name yours
his name his
her name hers
its name its
our name ours
your name yours
their name theirs

* Alegei varianta corect:

Its my/me agenda.

Put you/your badge here.
Bring hers/she shoes, will you?
She needs our/ours address.
Its their/they tv set.

* Alegei varianta corect:

1. Its her/hers blouse.
2. My/mine father is very tall.
3. Tell me yours/your name, please.
4. I need theirs/their keys.
5. The brown overcoat is my/mine.
6. Where are our/ours suits?
7. Its he/his tie.
8. The red skirt is hers/ her.
9. Is that yellow dress yours/your?
10. The pair of trousers isnt his/he.

* Exprimai posesia:
1. Its my (father) hat.
2. (Diane) eyes are blue.
3. (mother) bag is black.
4. The windows this are quite dirty. (house)
5. The wheels the are new. (car)
6. My (parents) room is upstairs.
7. dog is very old. (Jim and Anne; amndoi au acelai cine)
8. children are good friends. (Jim and Anne; copiii nu sunt ai amndurora)

* Alegei varianta corect:

1. Give me the socks; they are
A. my B. mine C. me

2. iron is broken; she want to buy a ne wone.

A. her B. she C. hers

3. You can use vacuum cleaner.

A. ours B. we C. our

4. Isnt it sweater?
A. yours B. your C. you

5. I dont like gloves; they are so old-fashioned.

A. his B. he C. him

6. I cant use the stove; door is damaged.

A. her B. it C. its

7. ... rucksacks are too heavy. I cant lift them.

A. their B. they C. theirs

* Traducei n limba englez:

maina mea, tatl meu, colegele mele, fraii mei
bluza ta, telefonul tu, cheile tale, pantalonii ti
cravata lui, paltonul lui, cmile lui, pantofii lui
batista ei, prul ei, osetele ei, ciorapii ei
sora noastr, cinele nostru, ghetele noastre, vecinii notri
vacana voastr, eful vostru, prerile voastre, bunicii votri
petrecerea lor, oferul lor, numele lor, copiii lor

* Traducei n limba englez:

Numele meu este Dan. Maina lui este nou. Cinele ei este mic. Sora voastr este aici. Fratele lor
este acolo. Cartea ta este interesant dar (but) scump. Nu tim adresa ei. Scrie numele lor, te rog.
Spunei-mi vrsta dumneavoastr, v rog. Tatl tu este tnr. Casa noastr este mare. Vreau s
mprumut stiloul lui.

* Traducei n limba englez:

Ziarul este al meu. Paharul este al tu. osetele sunt ale lui. Geanta este a ei. Telefonul este al nostru.
Portofelul este al vostru. Dulapul este al lor.

I am a student and I live in a hostel. My new room-mate is Japanese. He has an interesting name, Toru
and he is very proud of his name; it means sea. And he is a very good person. His sister is also a
student. Her name is Akina, spring flower. Their parents live in Japan. She often speaks about them
because she misses them a lot.

La restaurant

What is the company address?

Where is the managers office?
Who is in charge of the human resources department?
What time is the meeting at?
Whom are you looking for?
Where is your secretarys office?