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To: Mr. Ronal B. Miranda

From: Mr. Kyoungsu Jang Manager-CEO
Ms. Daylyn P. Ador HRD Head
Cc: 201 File Clark View, Angeles City
Date: December 31, 2015
Re: Regular Employment

After evaluating your performance as Probationary Employee, please be informed

that effective January 1, 2016 you are now considered as Regular Employee of
Sydney Resort and Hotel. You will be receiving a daily pay of P800.00 plus
overtime and all the benefits given to a Regular employee.
Congratulations and Keep up the good work!!!

Product Knowledge
System Knowledge
Relationship with Co-employees
Relationship with Management
Consistency of Work
A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good
D Needs Improvement E Poor

Noted By:

Ms. Daylyn P. Ador

HRD Head