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Problem Seeking Method

William Pena

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Goals Facts Concepts Needs Problem

Function 1. Multifunction house with commercial uses 1. House dwellers still use the building while 1. Building users are divided onto house users 1. House space requirement for everyday uses for 4 1. The building should flexible in room
people renovation being conducted (private) and commercial users (public) people function.
activities 2. Distinct separation between different uses
relationships 2. The new building will be use straight away 2. The house dweller need to do activities 2. Need a big room for several meeting occasion 2. There are a obvious dividers to change the
3. Different acces to different function without being disturbed by commercial room usage (privacy/public)
activities 3. Side entrance separated with the commercial uses
3. The commercial uses have a bigger share
3. The character of house and commercial 4. Need multifunction room for special uses compare with the house
uses are completely different
5. Sufficient space for commercial uses

Form 1. Blend and adapt with surrounding building 1. The exisisting building need to be retained 1. Open layout, minimize fixed divider 1. Resistance to flood 1. Column and slab with minimize wall, but
site still shows the modern building
environment 2. Easy to find and locate 2. The zoning law accommodate until 2.5 2. Simple shape, provide the possibility of 2. Maximise the use of the existing plants
quality storeys high expandable room 2. The building character and height should
3. Unique and shows the multifunction uses 3. Uses the nearby material building suppliers interesting enough to attract the users
3. Most of surrounding building are residential 3. Open to public for commerial, but inward
4. Keep the existing tree and reuse the building looks looking for house

Economy 1. Partial funds, gradually built 1. Limited fund, the money only enough for 1. Provide the maximum uses of initial funds 1. House construction cost IDR 2 mio/m2 1. Only IDR 75mio for the initial budget
initial budget part and not a whole facility
operating costs 2. Minimize operation costs 2. Reuse the existing material whereas 2. Office construction (open plan) IDR 1 mio/m2 2. Demolish and renovation the old building
life cycle costs 2. Schedule of payment need to be established possible will be minimized
3. Maintenance and less operating cost
3. Material supplier exist at nearby the location 3. Retain structure as much as possible 3. The cut and fill uses minimize budget

Time 1. Preserve the memory of the old building 1. Need to build while on the sunny season 1. Front building part will be built first 1. Office/ commercial will be built first 1. Quick construction period
present 2. New building have to reflect the sense of 2. The construction time no more than 2 2. The main structure should be adequate for 2. The structure will be built without the wall 2. The building provide the method for future
future time months 3 storeys expansion
3. Finishing will be completed on later stage
3. The structure should be exposed finish.

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