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Internal Communications Plan

Use this tool to document how you plan to communicate the details of your project to all target audiences. This tool will help
resources required to support your internal communications strategy.

Who should use this tool?

Anyone responbile for a project needing to communcate to various stakeholders.

Examples have been provided in grey text. Ensure you delete all grey text before using this tool for your own purposes.


Tab 1. Introduction
Tab 2. Internal Communications Plan: Plan and document all touch points to be conducted throughout the year after the
order to maintain momentum and sustain your program.
audiences. This tool will help you organize the steps and

ol for your own purposes.

throughout the year after the initial launch has taken place in
Internal Communications Plan

Use the Internal Communications Plan tool to detail all of your communications to be made throughout the year in regards to the leadership development program.

Complete the communication plan by indicating the message that will be delivered and its purpose, the medium used to communicate it, the expected outcome, the recipients, the deliverer, the creator, the delivery date,
the frequency, how feedback will be gathered, and the completion status of the message. You can add or remove cells at your discretion, but be sure to copy and paste the entire row down if you need to add more steps
outside of the given chart area.

To learn more about different methods of optimizing your internal communications strategy, refer to McLean & Company's Storyboard: Optimize the Internal Communications Strategy.

Communication Plan
Message Purpose Medium Expected Outcome Audience Deliverer Prepared by Delivery Date Frequency Status

Twice a year to review

To ensure that managers Managers will begin
best practices and
Manager coaching are providing direct reports In person, small proactively providing
Managers Jessica Leigh Jessica Leigh 10/20/2015 remind of the Survey In progress
training with valuable and timely groups employees with helpful
importance of
feedback. feedback and coaching.

Program participants
will take responsibility
To inform program for their own
participants of the action development and will
plans, how to use them, In person, small seek out their managers Program
Development Action Kim Lee Kim Lee 11/14/2015 Yearly Survey In progress
and that they are groups to have conversations participants
Plan Training
responsible for their own around development
development. opportunities and
complete the action

Less performance Anonymous

To give regular reminders Emails and appraisals will be survey,
Performance appraisal Kim Lee / Jessica
about upcoming departmental postponed due to other Employees Jessica Leigh 11/24/2015 Yearly immediately after In progress
calendar updates Leigh
performance appraisals. meetings previously scheduled the performance
meetings or work. appraisal.