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Rbrica de Amazing Race: El prximo episodio

Espaol III, Unidad 1: Navegando el mundo

Limited(1) Developing (2) Accomplished (3) Exemplary (4)

Content Fulfills few of the requirements of the Fulfills some of the requirements of Accurately includes all of the Includes all of the requirements and has put care
assignment (more than 2 the assignment (missing 1-2 requirements of the assignment. and effort into the process. Thorough, detailed,
components are missing or components or there are errors) accurate.

Grammar Limited control of grammar, syntax, Some control of grammar, syntax, General control and some variety of Accuracy and variety in grammar, syntax, and
and usage. Well below level. and usage. Slightly below level. grammar, syntax, and usage with few usage, with no or almost no errors. Challenging
OR errors. Level appropriate. level of difficulty.
Notecards/visual contain conjugated
Vocabulary Limited vocabulary & idiomatic Appropriate but basic vocabulary & Generally appropriate vocabulary & Varied and appropriate vocabulary & idiomatic
language, few vocabulary resources. idiomatic language. idiomatic language. language.

Presentation Skills Student speaks unclearly or Student speaks somewhat unclearly Student mostly speaks clearly, projects Student speaks clearly, projects voice, maintains a
inaudibly, has frequent pauses, and or inaudibly, does not maintain voice, maintains an almost constant and constant and appropriate pace, and makes regular
makes no eye contact or is reading constant and appropriate pace appropriate pace with few pauses, and eye contact.
directly from notecard/visual. (frequent pauses), and makes makes some eye contact.
Extreme difficulty in expression of limited eye contact or is reading The group presentation is organized and
ideas. directly from notecard/visual. The group presentation is generally coordinated. It is well rehearsed.
organized and coordinated. There is
Disorganized and uncoordinated. No The group presentation lacks some evidence of rehearsal.
evidence of rehearsal. organization and coordination.
Little to no evidence of rehearsal.
Comprehensibility Not understandable; with errors that Generally understandable, with Fully understandable, with some errors Fully understandable, with ease and clarity of
force interpretation and cause errors that may impede which do not impede comprehensibility. expression; occasional errors do not impede
confusion for the audience. comprehensibility. comprehensibility.
Clarification or self-correction (if
Clarification or self-correction (if Clarification or self-correction (if present) usually improves Clarification or self-correction (if present) improves
present) usually does not improve present) sometimes improves comprehensibility. comprehensibility.
comprehensibility. comprehensibility.

Product Creation: Students product shows little Student has a hard time matching Students product effectively Students product powerfully communicates
Students will be able to consideration for context or for the medium to the purpose of communicates important ideas for the important ideas for the purpose of proposing an
effectively use a medium to purpose of proposing an episode of proposing an episode of the purpose of proposing an episode of the episode of the Amazing Race to the network.
communicate important the Amazing Race to the network. Amazing Race to the network; as a Amazing Race to the network. Student Student skillfully uses a particular medium,
information (findings, ideas, Ideas are not clearly conveyed. result, the product communicates skillfully uses a particular maximizing its features, to expertly convey ideas.
feelings, issues, etc.) for a ideas with a vague sense of medium(PowerPoint, Google Slides,
given purpose. purpose. Prezi, video, etc) to clearly convey ideas,
matching medium to purpose.
Collective Intelligence Student disregards the contributions You share ideas but struggle to You exchange and evaluate ideas You exchange and evaluate ideas critically and
Students will be able to work of the other members. consider other viewpoints to critically and respectfully with others, respectfully with others, synthesizing their ideas
respectfully and responsibly achieve a common goal. synthesizing their ideas with your own with your own to achieve a common goal AND seek
with others, exchanging and to achieve a common goal. input from others.
evaluating ideas to achieve a
common objective.
Rubric scale:

Points % rounded %

28 100 100

27 98.3 98

26 96.7 97

25 95 95

24 93.3 93

23 91.7 92

22 90 90

21 88.3 88

20 86.7 87

19 85 85

18 83.3 83

17 81.7 82

16 80 80

15 78.3 78

14 76.7 77

13 75 75

12 73.3 73

11 71.7 72

10 70 70
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