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Placement Brochure - CCBMDO 2016-17

Indian Institute of Management Indore

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Page 01 | Index IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Education is not the About
learning of facts, but IIMI
training of the mind to
Albert Einstein

Indian Institute of Management Indore

Ministry of Human Resource Development,

Government of India established Indian Institute of
Management ((IIMs) as institutions of excellence
with the objective of imparting high quality
management education and training. These
Institutions are recognized as premier management
institutions, comparable to the best in the world for
teaching, research and interaction with industry.

Established in 1996, IIM Indore is the sixth in the

family of state-supported management schools.
Since its inception, IIM Indore has been a leader in
the field of management education, interfacing with
the industry, government sector and PSUs. Situated
atop a scenic hillock, its 193 acre campus provides an
ideal backdrop for contemplative learning and has
the latest teaching aids, rich learning resources, a
strong IT backbone, state-of-the-art sports complex
and hostels as part of its contemporary

Page 02 | About IIMI IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

The Programme - CCBMDO

The Armed Forces are a valuable workforce that

contribute their highest level in services to the
nation. The Officers are extremely task-oriented,
self-disciplined, enthusiastic and courageous. They
possess high level of leadership ability and indulge in
the job at hand with highest level of motivation. After
having spent a good amount of time in the military
environ, their early release from services requires
that they be re-settled in requires and respectable
work-life where they can use their inherent skills
which are relevant and important to corporate world.
As working for a corporate arena demands that
professionals should be able to relate to and merge
with civilian and corporate life, this programme is an
inter-linking step to re-orient them towards their
new professional life.

Programme Focus

The course for Defense Officers has been designed as a challenging learning
experience that focuses on real-world problems and solutions, providing new
knowledge and tools to face challenges in the corporate arena. The course
familiarizes the Officers towards business environment by providing the
understanding of conceptual and analytical tools including technical and
behavioural techniques.

Programme Design

The Certificate Course in Business Management for

Defence Officers is spread over three terms. During
The more the 24 weeks of the programme, participants receive
academic inputs in two parts, namely, Core courses
you and Domain courses. Distinct objectives are served
by each course. Largely, core courses are in the first
sweat in two terms and domain courses are included in the
training, third term. Core courses provide essential
knowledge required for all managers whereas
the domain courses help the participants specialize in
their chosen field of expertise.
less you
will The course aims at providing participants with the
fundamental knowledge, skills and techniques,
bleed in contextual understanding, and overall perspective
necessary for general management. Compulsory
the coursework provides broad training to participants
that help them in career flexibility and mobility. It
battle also helps them move towards general management
Richard Marcinko positions where the challenges and their
contribution in resolving them would be

About The mixture of core and domain courses helps the

participants develop an in-depth understanding of
the the interrelationships crucial to successful business
management. This enables them to be more

Course effective in their jobs while being sensitive to the

issue and challenges confronting people in the other
parts of the organisation.

Page 03 | About the Course IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17


Core Subjects Electives

Business Economics Brand Management

Introduction to Quantitative Methods Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling Green Business Management

Managerial Accounting and Control Project Management

Managerial Communications Quality Management

Marketing Management Strategic Cost Management

Operations Management Supply Chain Management

Organizational Behaviour Retail Management

Financial Management Compensation and Performance Management

Human Resource Management Business Growth Strategies

Management Information System Corporate Performance Management

Perspectives on Law and Business Project Finance and Appraisal

Strategic Management Training and Development

Page 04 | Curriculum IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

from the

It is a moment of immense pride for us at IIM Indore to

present the THIRTEENTH batch of Armed Forces

Officers who have successfully completed the six
month fully residential Certificate Course in Business
Management for Defence Officers .These 34 Defence
professionals have created a unique niche for
themselves in their professional careers with varied
years of experience in the Defence Forces. Powered
I sincerely hope, that by their rich operational, technical and administrative
experience in varied circumstances and situations,
the corporate elite these officers form a rich repository of proven
would be the first in leadership skills, combat experience, and managerial
ability. I am sure the present batch too is raring to go
unleashing the fiery under the adept guidance of the esteemed faculty at
IIM Indore.
potential within this
select lot for Our vision at IIM Indore is to create future leaders who
manage and create powerful organizations in the
exponential growth emerging corporate landscape. The curricula of the
armed forces programme was in line with this vision
of their respective and equipped the participants with some of the best
industry oriented global practices. Academic rigor is
organizations. reflected in the course design and delivery of this
programme. Various pedagogic tools were also
employed during the course duration to develop not
only a holistic business perspective but an ability to
seize opportunities in a competitive business

The dynamic group of defense personnel is no

stranger to concepts of strategic planning and the
end of the course would undoubtedly see them
transformed into valuable assets to the corporate
world. Considering their unique combination of
diligence, sincerity and absolute commitment to the
job at hand, juxtaposed with multi-tasking abilities,
values like honesty, integrity and esprit de corps that
intrinsically come with the Uniform- I sincerely hope,
that the corporate elite would be the first in
unleashing the fiery potential within this select lot for
exponential growth of their respective organizations.
Rishikesha T Krishnan
Director IIM Indore I strongly believe that the unique opportunity offered
by IIM INDORE to these officers would give them a
cutting edge in the Civil Sector and I wish them

Page 05 | Message from the Director IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

from the

The technological revolution and the forces of

globalization have changed functionality of

organizations in the recent years .These Changing
paradigms have made it mandatory for an
academic institution to foster a new breed of
professionals individuals equipped with the right
kind of knowledge, skill, and attitude to think out of
box and innovate. The industry expectations have
also gone higher and only those survive and sustain What separates the
who have the right attitude & skills to accept
challenges and increase the performance ladder winners from the
each day. losers is how a
We at IIM INDORE, endeavour to enable our person reacts to
students to move forward confidently; to embrace
change rather than follow; to innovate rather than each new twist of
remain stagnant and to initiate rather than respond
and thereby to become competent managers and
dynamic entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing
economic and industrial environment. The
CCBMDO course curricula is an intense six-months
full-time programme tailored for high performing
and experienced defence personnel. The
programme provides participants with the
necessary tools and perspectives to lead their
organizations successfully. Designed for senior and
mid-career professionals, the application oriented
curriculum is built around classroom discussions,
case analysis, assignments, exercises, simulations,
and group activities.

This batch of CCBMDO-13 represents an

enthusiastic and a vibrant group of professionals
with a keen aptitude to learn and absorb the best
from what IIM Indore has to offer. I am confident that
this group of professionals will be of great value to Amitabh Deo Kodwani
your organization and recommend the batch for
your consideration. We solicit your cooperation in
Faculty HR & OB and Chair Placement
our attempt to create a knowledge society that
fortifies the intellectual, physical, mental and
spiritual dimensions of individuals for holistic

Page 06 | Message from the Placement Chair IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17
from the

It is my privilege to introduce the 13th batch of

Officers of Indian Armed Forces undergoing the six-

month full time Certificate Course in Business
management for Defence Officers (CCBMDO) at IIM,
Indore who have served and continue to serve this
great nation. At IIM- Indore, we remain dedicated to
our mission that will nourish the mind, mend the heart
and rejuvenate the spirit of management education
I am confident that for military personnel.
these 34 dynamic, We at IIM -Indore have been working with Indian
talented, Armed forces officers in peacetime and gathered
considerable experience and understanding on the
experienced and well scenarios that Armed Forces Officers face and fulfil
- balanced Indian with commitment. The six-month full time
programme in business management course has
Armed Forces been a tailor-made programme for the Indian Armed
forces personnel who retire in the national interest to
Officers have the keep the Armed Forces young. The participants of the
course come from diverse academic and professional
calibre to lead your background creating the right mix for the
organization into the management education. From the war room to the
boardroom, officers who have served the Indian
future. Armed Forces are willing to moving to the corporate
sector to handle greater responsibility in the
expanding market with their specialized skills.

The batch of 34 participants in CCBMDO-13 course in

the year 2016-17 courses are well disciplined,
especially skilled in project management, and above
all have an excellent never-say-die attitude. They can
manage stress and long working hours better than
most others. I have personally received feedback
from the former defence officer participants who
have joined the corporate world that the intensive
courses at IIM-I have changed their career prospects,
outlook and helping to combat the corporate battle
field. The recruiters in the past have rendered
feedback that the officers score high as far as
attitude, adaptability and performance are
concerned in this ever changing business world.

Prof. Keyur Thaker The CCBMDO -13 course participants have enhanced
the diversity in learning and gave us an opportunity to
Chair, CCBMDO give back to the nation by transforming them into
corporate warriors.

Page 07 | Message from the Programme Chair IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17
Prof. Sanjog Ray Prof. Bhavin J Shah Prof. Yogesh Prof. Mehul Ashok
Fellow IIM Kolkata CA MSc, PhD Maheshwari Raithatha
PhD(IIT Bombay)

Subject Subject Subject Subject

Spreadsheet Modelling Quantitative Methods Financial Management Management
and MIS accounting n control

Prof. Saripalli Bhavani Prof. Nobin Thomas Prof. LV Ramana Prof. Hasmukh Gajjar
Shankar BE (Mech), MA(TISS MA, MTech, (IISC BE, MBA, PhD(IIT
Fellow IRMA Mumbai), Fellow IIM Bangalore), PhD Bombay)

Subject Subject Subject Subject

Marketing Organization behavior Financial Management OM II

Prof. Amitabh Deo Prof. Iragavarapu Prof. Shubhabrata Prof. Rohit Kapoor
Kodwani Sridhar Basu Fellow ((IIM A), ME
Post Doctorate Mcom, MBL, CS, PhD BE, Fellow IIM (CAD/CAM &
(University of Warsaw, Ahmedabad ROBOTICS), BTech
Poland) (Manufacturing Engg)

Subject Subject Subject Subject

HRM Perspective on law Strategic Management Operations
and business Management

Prof. Swatantra Prof. Sumit Kumar Prof. Aditya Billore

MA, PhD (DEI Deemed Ghosh BE, MTech, Fellow (IIM
University) PhD Psychology Indore)
The art of
teaching is the
art of assisting
Subject Subject Subject discovery.
Managerial Organisational Marketing Mark Van Doren
Communications Behaviour Management

Prof. Pradip Banerjee

Mcom, CFA, PhD

Financial Accounting
& Control

Prof. Dipayan Datta

Excellence Subject
Business Economics

Page 08 | Mentors of Excellence IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

On the basis of my interaction with CCBMDO
Faculty I I M I ' s
CCBMDO participants of the current batch, I wish to mention
programme that they are well equipped with the skills needed for
Speak offers a unique middle level managerial position in the Corporate.
With their wide experience in varied leadership
blend of the
p o te n t i a l a n d t h e positions in the Defence Force of our Country, they
possible. CCBMDO possess hands on experience in successful handling
students come with of complicated situations. Their experience of
substantial experience from working in adverse and high pressure conditions,
all sectors of three wings of blended with the current training in managerial
defense forces and are proficient effectiveness will make them an asset in any
in management tools and organization. I wish them all the very best for all their
techniques. The unique ability of endeavors.
applying built in leadership skills to
operational situations and transforming the
profile of highly energetic defense officers into Prof. Swatantra
emerging corporate leaders is really fascinating.
It is this dimension that makes them 'special' to all
aspiring organizations.

Prof. Rohit Kapoor IIMI CCBMDO course has consistent track record,
compiled over more than a decade, of attracting high
quality experiences military professionals as
students, delivering to them an innovative curriculum
through an outstanding faculty team. Its alumni are
spread around the globe in key positions in a variety
of companies and industries. The students officers in
I have enjoyed teaching the CCBMDO batches over the current batch of this CCBMDO Programme live
the past few years. The IIMI CCBMDO class is rich in up to their distinguished leadership lineage. Drawn
experience, expertise and exposure. The batch of from all three wings of highly disciplined defense
2016-17 is from diverse defense background and is full forces, they possess outstanding skills of problem
of enthusiasm to take up further challenges. They solving with go-getter and never say die attitude. As
bring to class such a variety of perspectives and has one who taught a core course to the entire batch, I
an insatiable appetite to learn. They experiment with can personally vouch for their commitment,
the concepts discussed in class with their reflective enthusiasm and maturity. I am confident that they
cognition and combinatorial capabilities. This unique have, what it takes them to be transforming from
combination of breadth of experience and depth of military to corporate managers in a quick time frame.
analytical learning makes them class apart and is Therefore, I have no hesitation whatsoever in
reflective of future corporate leaders. I am sure they recommending them to potential employers.
will succeed in a variety of senior management roles
they choose in their careers.
Prof. Pradip Banerjee

Prof. Aditya Billore

I have taught several CCBMDO courses and I have

found the defense officers extremely interactive and
Management courses generally cater to homogenous reflective. These officers come from different
classroom audiences, with a majority with only no or backgrounds and experience(s) of armed forces
2-3 years of experience. The CCBMDO stands in stark which will help contribute the nation from battlefield
contrast. Our officers participants have already to corporate challenges. Theyre able to reflect on
handled various leadership roles in high pressure and their leadership roles in all spheres and
highly challenging environments in all verticals of simultaneously are able to apply new frameworks of
armed forces. Their present aspirations closely match business parlance, which in turn contributes to
their drives in turning up prepared each day to classes forming a strong foundation for their future. Im quite
with case analyses and presentations. This full-time confident that the learning experience at IIMI would
six month programme exposes participants to the enrich the present batch of officer students and will
business realities of an emerging economy. I heartily enable them to add considerable value to the
recommend the CCBMDO participants for the most organizations they would be joining. Im sure they will
decision making challenging roles in dynamically be able to take up increased responsibilities in future
emerging scenarios. with great success. Wishing them the very best.

Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhuri Prof. Sumit Kumar Ghosh

Page 09 | Faculty Speak IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Alumni C o m i n g f ro m t h e
Army, corporate world
A well calibrated course aimed at bringing the best
out of a person with defence background and
Speak was going to be a
completely new world. It
moulding him for a dynamic corporate life. It is an
all encompassing course with focus on leadership.
was difficult to envisage the Must say I benefited immensely from this course.
challenges and working style
that it will throw towards me. The
CCBMDO course made the
transformation from Military to Civil Jose Varghese
world very easy. The course gave me GM and Head
knowledge and tools that will be required to Pricol Engineering
carve my way in the Corporate society. It Industries Ltd.
provided me the with required edge compared to
my peers in company to excel in my domain. The
course offered exposure and learning towards
various subjects in business management to help
emerge as leader in companies. Defense Background
with CCBMDO course is sure shot recipe towards
becoming successful leaders. As someone who has been the beneficiary of the
immense good that comes one's way after having
done the CCBMDO course, It is a proud moment for
me to pen down my own impressions of the course
and my association with Planet I. It seems like
Aman Misra
yesterday that i was there - a winter of January
Head Network Operation
2015 to be precise - unsure of myself and what lay
Aircel Bihar
ahead, given that I had taken the momentous
decision of making the transition from Uniform.
The next few months that followed were a beehive
of activity, with the learned faculty preparing us for
a new combat in the corporate sector - one that we
were unfamiliar with. I still remember their
infectious enthusiasm and indomitable energy,
The Certificate Course in Business Management for despite being confronted with a class that carried
Defence Officers (CCBMDO) at IIM Indore is the perfect its own baggage of experience, and unwilling to let
launchpad for all defence officers seeking go some of these.
opportunities in the corporate world.
Slowly, but surely, like expert sculptors, they
This six months residential course is well structured to chipped away and at the end of 24 weeks, out
prepare officers from the armed forces to undertake came a fresh batch of military officers, ready to
any management roles in any challenging and face the grind of the business world. Personally, I
competitive business environment. recollect fondly the enthusiasm of Prof Rohit
Kapoor, the maturity of Prof Amitabh Deo
This course is an icing on the cake for all officers who Kodwani, the energy of Prof Manoj Motiani and the
already have strong leadership & communication skills calm yet energetic demeanour of Prof
that were inculcated by the Indian Defence Forces as Shubhabrata Basu among the many others. All I
they undergo their military-to-corporate transition. had to do was to absorb like a sponge all the
learning that was being thrown at me and the job
Personally for me the CCBMDO course has been a was done.
turning point of my life. This course has been
instrumental in bridging the gap from the battlefield- The campus itself was a throbbing nerve centre of
to - b o a rd ro o m t h ro u g h co n te m p o ra r y g l o b a l excellence, with careers, resumes and emerging
management practices imparted by highly qualified trends being discussed over meals, long walks and
faculties of IIM Indore. late night snacks at the night mess.

Many CCBMDO alumni's have already made their mark It was a pleasure to visit the campus again and
not only in the corporate world but also as interact with CCBMDO 13 about my own
entrepreneur and are successfully managing massive experiences during the transition. In them, I saw a
operations all over the country. I strongly recommend mirror of my own self - ready and raring to take on
these officers on any management roles to any the world. I wish them all the best in their future
organization. endeavours.

Raja Narayanaswami
Suraj Shankhpal
Site Leader
Executive Director of OGS
Amazon Fulfilment Centre,
Goldman Sachs

Page 10 | Alumni Speak IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

The Batch

Page 11 | The Batch IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17


Page 12 | Batch Statistics IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Average Age Average Experience
Average age of the whole batch in years, Average experience of the whole batch in
on the scale of 60 years years, on the scale of 40 years

00 60 15.2
00 | 40

Age Distribution
10 Experience Distribution
Number of candidates distributed
over age categories
Number of candidates distributed
over their experience categories 09
<35 Yrs 35-45 Yrs >45Yrs <15 Yrs 15-25 Yrs >25Yrs
20 04 23 02

Functional Experience
Total Functional Experience of the batch in various domains, on the scale of 350 years

Admin/Facilities 292

Aerospace 032

Govt. Relations 110

HRM 345

IT/Telecom 039

Marketing 000

Operations 249

Project Management 134

Security 179

Supply Chain Management 108

Training/Academia 168

Page 13 | Batch Statistics IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Background Gender
Number of candidates distributed over Number of candidates distributed
their backgrounds according to their gender


05 20 07

Indian Air Force Indian Army Indian Navy Male Female

Areas of Interest
Number of candidates, out of 34, interested in various functional areas

Admin/Facilities 28

Aerospace 04

Govt. Relations 26

HRM 30

IT/Telecom 07

Marketing 01

Operations 26

Project Management 26

Security 15

Supply Chain Management 15

Training/Academia 20

Page 14 | Batch Statistics IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Interests and

Total Experience

Govt. Relations



Highlighted tiles denote areas of
interest. Experiences are mentioned
in years.

Brigadier Arun Kumar Ahuja 25 00 10 30 00 00 30 00 25 00 15 35 View Prole

Colonel M J Jacob 30 00 04 30 00 00 30 00 30 26 08 31 View Prole

Colonel Nitin Jaltare 24 00 09 24 11 00 00 12 16 00 24 25 View Prole

Commander Manish Narang 07 00 08 15 00 00 05 05 00 00 15 24 View Prole

Wing Commander Randhir Singh Katoch 21 09 07 21 00 00 15 05 15 00 11 22 View Prole

Commander Syed Imtiaz Hussian 17 00 06 16 00 00 12 07 00 17 00 22 View Prole

Commander Kartik Gopal 17 00 05 15 00 00 12 00 00 17 00 22 View Prole

Lieutenant Colonel Sanjay Joshi 17 00 05 17 00 00 00 05 17 06 06 21 View Prole

Commander Himanshu Bahuguna 00 00 05 00 00 00 07 08 00 00 01 21 View Prole

Lieutenant Colonel Amit Karulkar 03 00 00 15 00 00 15 03 00 00 15 21 View Prole

Commander Sanjeev Sahni, VSM 10 00 02 04 00 00 03 03 05 00 05 20 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Vineet Bewtra 04 00 02 08 00 00 05 04 07 00 03 14 View Prole

Major Alok Kumar Das 13 00 01 14 00 00 11 02 00 06 08 14 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Sandeep kulkarni 00 00 04 00 04 00 06 07 00 00 00 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Madhusudan 00 00 02 00 00 00 10 06 00 04 00 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Shakti Singh Chauhan 07 00 00 09 08 00 06 06 07 00 05 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Onkar Kaple 05 00 01 03 02 00 03 02 01 01 00 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Suneet Kumar Dubey 02 09 04 04 00 00 12 05 10 00 04 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander S Hem Kumar Naidu 12 08 05 10 00 00 12 05 10 04 00 12 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Marrapu Sunitha 10 00 06 11 00 00 07 05 00 00 12 11 View Prole

Major Vineet Benal 05 00 00 06 00 00 03 05 08 07 00 11 View Prole

Major Preeti Sharma 00 00 01 10 00 00 03 00 00 05 00 10 View Prole

Major Shilpa Phapale 06 00 00 08 04 00 00 02 00 00 00 10 View Prole

Squadron Leader V Padmaja Kamakshi 10 00 10 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Pankaj Thakur 06 00 00 07 00 00 05 04 07 00 06 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Prabhdeep Singh Sandhu 00 00 45 03 00 00 00 03 00 00 05 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Manpreet Singh 05 00 02 00 02 00 02 02 00 00 00 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Prabhu 05 00 04 07 00 00 00 05 08 04 00 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Rakesh SNE Naik 07 00 03 07 00 00 00 00 07 00 00 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander Kartik Bhake 00 00 00 10 00 00 10 05 00 00 00 10 View Prole

Lieutenant Commander R Sathya Narayanan 04 00 00 04 02 00 06 00 06 02 04 10 View Prole

Squadron Leader Shiva Garg 07 00 00 09 00 00 05 09 00 09 05 10 View Prole

Squadron Leader Manvi Bali 04 06 04 09 06 00 07 09 00 00 09 10 View Prole

Squadron Leader Supriya Chitre 09 00 00 09 00 00 07 00 00 00 07 10 View Prole

Page 15 | Batch Statistics IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Arun Kumar Ahuja
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 35) Areas of Interest

15 00 10 30 00 00 30 00 25 00 15

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

An imaginative and effective leader with proven ability in successfully handling Certificate Course in Business
large independent organisations to achieve their goals. With a career span Management, IIM Indore
extending over 35 Years, has handled diverse strategic appointments overseeing MSc (Defence Studies), Madras
operations, managing human resources, administration, training and University
development. Defence Financial Management
Career Summary BA, JNU

Strategy and Operations Core Competencies

Headed various military establishments engaged in strategic planning and
Govt. Relations.
execution of operations pan India.
Administration/ Facilities
Extensive experience of dealing with personnel, handling equipment and related
issues under varied operational conditions.
Training & Development
Dealt with procurement of Weapons and Equipment of approximately Rs. 1000
Corporate Social Responsibility
Crores for the Army.
General Administration

Headed administration of a military township spread over 5000 acres comprising Chief of Army Staff Commendation
office complexes, administrative installations and housing facilities for 2014
approximately 15000 personnel. General Officer Commanding- in-
Monitored progress of projects involving construction of new buildings, Chief Commendation 2012 & 2015
infrastructure and maintenance worth 200 crores annually.
Headed security of a military station in Maoist threatened areas. Contact Details
Managed retail CSD Canteens with an annual turnover of approx Rs. 100 crores.
Oversaw efficient functioning of Ex Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme,
looking after 5000 personnel spread over the State of Jharkhand.
As Chairman of a Senior Secondary Army Public School employing 125 Teachers 9971006794
and 2300 students, oversaw the management and effective functioning of the

Training and Development

Head Human Resource Development for various establishments, with personnel

strength varying from 800 to 5000.
Headed a project for development and application of a model for objective
assessment of 30 military training establishments spread all over India.
Administered and imparted training annually to approx 700 senior and middle
management Army officers for assuming leadership positions and ensuring
operational readiness.

Page 16 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

M J Jacob
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 31) Areas of Interest

30 00 04 30 00 00 30 00 30 26 08

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Talented High energy CEO with 30Years > Progressive experience in managing Certificate Course in Business
multiple functions of logistics, SCM, Operations, HR & Administration within the Management, IIM Indore
army possessing impeccable track record of overseeing Operations, improving PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply
processes, Infrastructure & systems to maximise profit. Chain Management St Xaviers
College Kolkata 2012
Career Summary PG Diploma in Human resource
St Xaviers College Kolkata 2013
Logistics Senior Management Program IIM
Indore 2011
Headed transport units comprising 250 Logistics professionals,150 military General Management Program IIM
vehicles ,weapons ,ammunition, stores & equipment Lucknow 2010
Coordinated movement of 300 Military trucks & maintained up to date information BA Economics Osmania University
Trained & tested 2500 military drivers Intelligence Staff officers Course,
Managed 15 warehouses of 10000 sq ft each with different types of inventory. Military intelligence school, Pune
Oversaw issues, Receipts, distribution & Accounting of stores up to 30,000 Tons
Executed supply and transport contracts worth Rs 30 Million Annually Core Competencies
Monitored stock levels of 352 types of lubricants greases, Petrol, Diesel ,ATF of 10
depots HR/Administration/Security
Directed inter depot stock transfers Logistics & Supply Chain
Allocated budgets of Rs 40 Million annually to depots. Management
Managed Issue of tenders, Opening, Evaluation & price negotiation Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Managed Negotiation of costs with vendors & made payments to vendors. Transport Fleet Management
Monitored cost, quality & efficiency of movement & storage of stocks Vendor Management
Headed LPG gas agency with a turnover of 3000 cylinders a month. Managed the
P&L account. Awards/Achievements
Managed retail CSD canteen & maintained P& L account.
Awarded Chief of Army Staff
HR & Admin Commendation Medal & Certificate
For outstanding performance on 15
Managed facilities, VVIP Messes & Oversaw maintenance Jan 2015.
Conceptualised, organised & managed security of establishments Awarded General officer
Organised fire fighting practices in the unit Commanding in Chief Commendation
Organised Events. Medal & Certificate for outstanding
Carried out performance appraisal of 66 officers & 40 subordinates performance & saving Rs 2.7 million
Successfully trained military personnel & NCC cadets worth of petrol & Diesel on 15 Aug
Deployed resources as per requirement 2011
Oversaw maintenance of different types of Government accounts
Managed procurements of stores & Stationary worth Rs 10 million annually
Ensured Compliance of all personnel & safety standards & policies Contact Details


Page 17 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Nitin Jaltare
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 24) Areas of Interest

24 00 09 24 11 00 00 12 16 00 24

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A dynamic Army professional offering nearly 25 years of experience; strong ability Certificate Course in Business
to master a situation quickly, highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of Management, IIM Indore
professional disciplines with specialisation in Security, Intelligence, Loss 2012 PGDBM in Ops & HR from IMT
Prevention & Fraud Control, Defence Procurement, Imagery Analysis and Ghaziabad
Geographical Information System (GIS) 1989 B.Tech (Mech) from APS
University, Rewa
Basic and Adnance Geographical Info
Career Summary System (GIS) Course
Bomb Disposal Course
Technical Intelligence (GIS and Imagery Analysis)
Core Competencies
Spearheading execution of technical intelligence operations along entire Northern
and Western border of the country including formulation of long term policies.
Designed Geographical Information System (GIS) based databank to support the Security, Intelligence, Loss
intelligence operations. Prevention & Fraud Control
Proficient in GIS database management and satellite imagery analysis. Handled all Defense Production
major GIS softwares including Geomedia Arc GIS and Mapinfo. IT( Geographical Information System
Operations (Security, Intelligence and Engineering Projects)
Handled intensive man management/administrative challenges and essayed
stellar role while establishing an effective information collection network in high Awarded Vice Chief of Army Staffs
risk environment. commendation card for outstanding
Efficiently executed external and internal security/intelligence operations at performance in 2007.
national level. Awarded Army Commanders
In depth knowledge of Integrated Electronic Security Architecture entailing (Southern Command) commendation
planning, budgeting & resource deployment. card for excellent performance in
Deft in carrying out risk assessment and initiating risk mitigation measures in 2014.
direct consultation with Senior Management to reduce risk to all low as practically
possible. Contact Details
Strong ability to develop Security and Asset protection procedures, Risk Analysis
and mitigation plan with timely execution of assessment reports.
Effectively led a team of approx 200 skilled technicians, executed engineering
construction projects, crisis management at multiple locations. 9881230444
Instrumentally handled crisis during execution of high risk bomb disposal tasks.
Defence Procurement and Policy

Successfully conceptualized planned processed and executed procurement

projects, for hi-tech defence equipment, including post contract management, at
multiple locations.
Proficiently analyzed reports from diverse national security and investigation
agencies to derive relevant inputs and addressing organizational challenges.
Played a major role in formulation of policies, guidelines processes in the field of
national technical intelligence and important national security related issues.

Page 18 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Manish Narang
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 24) Areas of Interest

07 00 08 15 00 00 05 05 00 00 15

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Executive Officer with 24 years experience in HRM with emphasis on Training and Certificate Course in Business
Development, Operations and Administration. Management, IIM Indore
PG Diploma in Management (PGDM),
Career Summary Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of
Management Studies, Mumbai.
Specialization in Operations,
HRM/ Training and Development
Strategy & Weapons and Sensors,
Gunnery School, Indian Navy.
As Commanding Officer, led, guided, motivated and mentored more than 300
Certificate of Proficiency (French),
personnel and effectively utilised their skills and capacities to ensure 24x7
School of Foreign Languages, New
Operational readiness of two technology intensive warships.
Delhi (One-year duration).
Formulated and instituted SOPs for Continued Educational Programme for
personnel on-board ships, ensuring sustained efficiencies during strategic
Goal setting, performance appraisals and review of KRAs of personnel from year Core Competencies
2001 to 2016.
Accomplished restructuring of Training curriculum and Evaluation methods for HRM
officers, including preparation of over 50 Operational documents at Gunnery Training and development
school of Indian Navy. Operations
Addressed training gaps based on feedback and developed comprehensive General Administration
training programme in Strategy, Operations and Warfare for 100 specialists Facility Management
including foreign officers.
Spearheaded a joint team of Navy and Defence PSU and achieved installation of a Awards/Achievements
major combat system for training ( 20 Cr).
Supervised overall skill development of over 1000 personnel for two years to meet Commendation by Chief of the Naval
challenging organisational roles. Staff for Professional Competence
Commendation by Flag Officer
Project Management and Operations Commanding-in-Chief, Southern
Naval Command for Professional
Formulated technical specifications and qualitative requirements for state of the Competence
art next generation weapons. Commendation by Flag Officer
Concluded Cost negotiations with a foreign vendor ($ 140 million) and as part of Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval
Contract management, co-ordinated induction, field trials and evaluation of major Command for Professional
weapon system on-board ships. Competence

Administration/ Facility Management

Contact Details
Achieved 20% increase in sales from facilities catering to more than 20,000
personnel through effective planning, forecasting and inventory management.
Audited security and firefighting facilities.
Organised Gunnery symposium and coordinated conduct of major events (Silver 8745030550
Jubilee of unit and Navy Ball).

Page 19 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Wing Commander
Randhir Singh Katoch
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 22) Areas of Interest

13 09 07 21 00 00 15 05 15 00 11

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A competent professional with 22 years of qualitative experience in Talent Certificate Course in Business
Acquisition / HR processes/ Flying Operations/ Project Execution / Training & Management, IIM Indore
Development / facility management/ Security Operations with the Indian Air Group Testing Officers Course (DIPR)
Force. Flown 3003 incident free hours on AN-32 and Avro transport aircraft as a Basic flying Navigation course
Navigator. Mid level defence Management
Operations officers Course (Guided
Career Summary Missile)
Radiation Safety, response to
Human resource development, training, Administration, Project Management Nuclear Threats (BARC)
Joint Services Chemical Biological
Managing various HR activities like manpower planning, performance radiological and Nuclear Course
management, stress management, payroll management, grievance handling and Bsc (Physics, Mathematics and
handling large task forces in a disciplined & organised environment Geography) Pune university
A qualified analyst of human behaviour & evaluator of personality profile.Prepared
and validated selection tools. Core Competencies
As in-charge of Human Resource development in respect to Induction of Officers
at Air Headquarter, New Delhi, successfully inducted 3500 officers over a period
Human Resource Management-21yrs
of five years. (2010-2015).
Administration/ Facilities- 21 yrs
Conducted inspections of Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) with strength of
Operations- 15yrs
150 each.
Securities- 15 yrs
Core team member of Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) (2011). AFCAT
Training & Development-11 yrs
was part of study conducted by IIM Ahmadabad for improving selection rates in
Aerospace- 9- yrs
Indian Army (2013).
Government relations 7 yrs
Evolved recruitment policies on Age and Education rationalization which helped
Project Management-5 yrs
more than 3,00,000 prospective candidates (2014). Conducted various talent
acquisition camps in IITs, NITs and Universities and influenced more than 10000
students Pan India.
Established Air Force Selection Boards at Gandhinagar and Kanchrapara (2012/
2015 respectively) and enhanced selection capacity of Indian air Force. Kargil Star and Medal
As a group testing officer(gto)and pilot aptitude and battery test instructor Participated in Kargil war and
assessed personality of 900+ defence officers achieved the organisation set goals
Commanded a unit of 42+multispeciality work force to provide terminal defence Seamlessly undertook evacuation
to strategically important airbase. during devastating Bhuj Earthquake
As Joint Director, worked with Defence Institute of Psychological Research Inspected All India Level Inter
(DIPR), DRDO and established computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) in Services Selection activities
Handled HR budget for training purpose. Contact Details

Operations Management

As a Senior Air maintenance Officer (SAMO) of an airbase, executed movement of 9910676999

aircrafts to various locations, thus accountable for movement of 1,50,000 troops
and load. -katoch
As a Senior Operations Officer for four years achieved various training and
operations activities related to security of air base.

Page 20 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Syed Imtiaz Hussian
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

17 00 06 16 00 00 12 07 00 17 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

22 Years experience in Logistics specialising in Supply Chain, Materials, Certificate Course in Business
Procurement, Operations, Vendor Management, HR, Budgeting & Cost Control, Management, IIM Indore
Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Stakeholder Management, Risk LL&MC (Long Logistics &
Management, Govt Liaison, Cross Functional Coordination and Resource Management Course) Naval Logistics
Optimization. & Management School equivalent to
MBA IN Logistics & SCM, Goa
Career Summary B.A (Economics), National Defence
Academy (JNU)
Material & Supply Chain Management
Core Competencies
Managed inventory of >1.5 lakh equipment / spares sourced from >50 OEMs /
traders at Port Blair and of >3.5 lakh equipment / spares sourced from >100 OEMs
Supply Chain Management
/ traders at Kochi
Maintained supply chain of >500 customers & suppliers through Integrated
Computerised System with Total Asset Visibility at both Kochi and at Pt Blair
Developed procurement strategies at optimum costs within time, budget and
quality norms
Rationalised spares & stores reducing Inventory holding costs Awards/Achievements
Managed Material Budget of Rs 1000 Cr p.a
Skilled in negotiating with vendors on quality, timely supply and credit terms Flag Officer Commanding in Chief
Handled the logistics and SCM of the IFR-16 (International Fleet Review 2016) with Commendation 2008
participation of 48 countries,100 warships and 15,000+ personnel and with a Flag Officer Commanding in Chief
budget of over Rs.150 Crores during Feb 2016 Commendation 2016

Logistics, Operations & HR Contact Details

Advised on Project Management, Contract Administration & Logistics Ops
Ensured seamless and cost effective movement of consignments
Designed contingency plans against impact of disaster to contain losses 8500476442
Oversaw HR processes - Career Planning, Promotions, Training & Welfare
Managed planning and budgeting of diverse fund accounts
Contributed towards enhancing quality of life and morale on operational ships
Ability to work in diverse environs with people from varied backgrounds
Adept at performing under pressure and to meet deadlines
Commended twice for Professionalism and Devotion to Duty

Page 21 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Kartik Gopal
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 22) Areas of Interest

17 00 05 15 00 00 12 00 00 17 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

22 Years' experience in Logistics & Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Certificate Course in Business
Obsolescence and substitute management, Procurement and Vendor Management, IIM Indore
Management, HR, Budgeting & Cost Control, Stakeholder Management, Risk MSc (Defence Studies), Defence
Management, Govt Liaison, Contract Management, Cross Functional Services Staff College (Madras
Coordination and Resource Optimization. University)
LL&MC (Long Logistics &
Management Course) Naval Logistics
Career Summary & Management School equivalent to
MBA IN Logistics & SCM, Goa
Material & Supply Chain Management University
B.A (Economics), National Defence
Headed a team of 40 personnel as Controller Procurement with a budget of over Academy (JNU)
Rs 450Cr
In addition also dealt with procurement of Aviation Spares, Oils, lubes, Safety Core Competencies
equipment, Flying Clothing etc. from over 25 OEMs/Traders across the globe
worth Rs 50 Cr Pa
Supply Chain Management
Managed inventory of >3.5 lakh equipment / spares sourced from >200 OEMs
Maintained supply chain of >750 customers & suppliers through a ERP system
called ILMS with Total Asset Visibility
Devised provisioning strategies to optimise scarce budget, reduce ICC by
effective inventory management and effective Obsolescence and substitute Awards/Achievements
Skilled in negotiating with vendors on contract, quality, timely supply and credit
Flag officer commanding in chief
terms both global and pan India
commendation 2003
Over 15 years experience of working on ERP system
Flag officer commanding in chief
commendation 2013
Logistics, Supply Chain and HR

As the Head of Department of a frontline Warship oversaw all aspects of Contact Details
Operational Logistics including stores, spares and enhancing quality of life,
morale and facilities for 450 personnel.
Sustained logistic support of the ship in international water during deployments.
Coordinated timely supplies of stores, spares, fuel, at foreign ports. 9496542784
Rendered advise as personal staff to Chief of Logistics and subsequently to
FOCINC (west) on various Logistics and Budget Management issues. gopal-9bb70a101
Effectively carried out Administration and coordination activities for an
organisation with strength of over 1300 personnel and interacted with Trade
unions for resolution of Admin/ HR issues.
Ability to work in diverse environs with people from varied backgrounds
Commended twice for Professionalism and Devotion to Duty

Page 22 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Colonel
Sanjay Joshi
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 21) Areas of Interest

17 00 05 17 00 00 00 05 17 06 06

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

21 years of leadership and management experience in Administration and Certificate Course in Business
Facilities. Management, IIM Indore
Psychological Counselor Course,
Career Summary DIPR, New Delhi
Undertook various military courses
A performance driven person with rich and diverse experience who enjoys with focus on man management
challenges and creative problem resolution. tactics and resilience
An effective communicator with strong analytical, planning and people B A (Economics & Sociology), H N B
management skills. Garwhal University
Proficiency in handling everyday HR functions by keeping men from diverse
cultures as a motivated work force in most demanding work environment. Core Competencies
Exposure to planning and conducting training of fresh interns into the
Experience of planning and implementing administrative and operational Administration
functions in establishments in both peace and war like situations. Facilities
Career Highlights Training

Administrative and operational head for establishments ranging in strength from Contact Details
150 to 750.
Have been head of team for planning and conducting training of 1500 plus interns.
Head of set up responsible for providing general administration, facilities
management, logistics and security for 3000 plus people. 9500477933

Page 23 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Himanshu Bahuguna
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 21) Areas of Interest

00 00 05 00 00 00 07 08 00 00 01

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Innovative, Energetic professional with 21 years of leadership and managerial Certificate Course in Business
experience in the Indian Navy. Diverse management experience: Project Management, IIM Indore
Management, Quality Assurance, Operations and Maintenance, Handling IR Post Graduate Diploma in
issues, Technology induction and Obsolescence Management, and Overseeing Management, JBIMS, Mumbai
Ship Building Projects. Post Graduate Diploma in Naval
Construction, IIT Delhi
B. Tech (Naval Arch. and Ship
Career Summary Building), Cochin University of
Science and Technology Cochin
Operations, Maintenance & Repairs
7+years in Naval Dockyards Core Competencies
05 years in Production floor and 02 years in Quality Control and Quality
Assurance. Project Management
Provided round the clock support for dry-docking operations of ships. Overseeing & Quality Assurance
Successfully managed IR/HR issues of 530 workers at 04 work centers (2012 - Operations and Maintenance
2013.). Technology induction and
Coordinated IMS certification of the Yard (2010-2012). Obsolescence Management
Ensured successful completion of Submarine structural repairs with in-house Contract and Vendor Management
resources, for the first time in the Country (1999-2003). Defence Production

Ship Design, Technology & Obsolescence Management
05 Years in Naval HQ
Flag Officer CommanderinChief
Project Manager New Designs. (2011-2012). Commendation, Indian Navy Yr 2001
Ships Hull Equipment Specialist, Technology management, Technical document Flag Officer CommanderinChief
control, and Development of Technical Specification. Commendation, Indian Navy Yr 2012
Conceptualized and executed habitability up-gradation program on ships in
service. Contact Details

Overseeing and Project Monitoring

03 years in Warship Overseeing Team, Kolkata
Project Overseer for New construction ships (2013-2016).
Oversaw the construction of 01 Stealth Frigate, 04 Fast attack crafts & 06 ferries, bahuguna
projects amounting to more than Rs 2000 Cr. Guided the Frigate project to
completion without further time and cost overruns.

Field Appointment
02 Years onboard Replenishment Tanker

First Line maintenance and upkeep of special Ship Equipment like rigs for
Replenishment/ Fueling at Sea (2003-2005).

Page 24 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Colonel
Amit Karulkar
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 21) Areas of Interest

03 00 00 15 00 00 15 03 00 00 15

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A dynamic engineering professional with over 21 years of experience in HR, Certificate Course in Business
Administration, Operations, Construction Management and Facility Management, IIM Indore
Management in the Indian Army. Exec MBA in HR, IMS, DAVV,
Career Summary Post Graduate Diploma in HRM, IMS,
DAVV, Indore,2014
HRM B Tech (Mech), CME, Pune, 2003
BSc(Physics), DG Ruparel College,
Successfully trained 500 senior managers of Defence Forces through 6 Mumbai, 1994
Information Warfare Courses and 7 onsite modules.
Modified and updated training programs leading to substantial increase in skill Core Competencies
sets of managers.
Developed new evaluation systems for instructors and students facilitating HRM
superior assessment. Operations Management
Edited and published Official Monthly Magazines. Project Management
Managed complete HR portfolio for a unit with 250 men. Facility Management
Recruited and selected 1000 soldiers with high retention.
Conducted successful induction programs for officers and men.
Implemented new training initiatives for officers and soldiers. Awards/Achievements
Administered payroll, rewards and benefits, employee grievance redressal and
legal issues. All India Topper in the Combined
Defence Services Examination, UPSC
Operations Management in 1993
Instructor Grading in the Information
Managed procurement and maintenance work worth Rs 50 Cr per year for a road Warfare Course at the Army War
construction agency. College, Mhow in 2009
Constructed 16 steel bridges over fast flowing rivers in high altitude for induction
of battle tanks. Contact Details
Inducted 8 high speed motorboats from Florida, USA to Ladakh.
Steered CSR activity in Ladakh with an annual budget of Rs 60 million.
Led an EPC unit which won the Best Equipment Management Trophy for three
consecutive years. 9009264222
Project Management and Facility Management karulkar-b9348215

Directed a task force for construction of 12 kms of Steel Fence on the LOC.
Executed large construction projects worth Rs 30 Cr including a school, hospital,
Officers Mess, HT Substation, deep bore wells and water purification plants.
Provided complete facility management services worth Rs 30 Cr per year for a
large military station.
Administered the Quantity Survey, Estimation and Contracts Team to effectively
manage 300 construction contracts.
Introduced changes in existing projects without disturbing the ongoing process,
thus increasing output and reducing operating costs.
Directed all activities relating to contracted facility services, including but not
limited to technical reviews, materials, equipment and product requisitions
leading to an increase of 50% user satisfaction.

Page 25 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Sanjeev Sahni, VSM
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale on 20) Areas of Interest

10 00 02 04 00 00 03 03 05 00 05

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A dynamic personality and a gifted leader with 20 years of wide ranging Certificate Course in Business
experience in various challenging profiles & roles in the Indian Navy. Seeking top Management, IIM Indore
management appointments in Administration and Facilities with a strong aptitude 2004 M.SC Degree Course Kochi
and skill set areas in fields of Govt. liasioning, PR, Hospitality, Events, Estate University
management and Golf/tourism. 2002 M.B.A (Master Diploma in
Business Administration) Symbiosis
University, Pune
Career Summary 1995 B.SC Special Degree Course
Goa University Naval Academy
Administration & Facilities, Project Management & Operations
Core Competencies
Awarded Vishisht Seva Medal(VSM) by Hon'ble President of India on 26 Jan 16 for
extraordinary contribution towards development of infrastructure, facilities,turn
around projects and green initiatives in various estates under Delhi Naval Facilities & Administration
Area(2010-16) Project Management
General Manager & Head of Operations of various Naval Estates in Lutyen's Delhi HRD
namely Kota House heritage estate (2012-16), Three Defence Estates in Public Relation
Diplomatic/Embassy enclaves (2010-12) and Training Estate of Indian Naval
Establishment at Goa spread in 23 Acres (2007-09). Awards/Achievements
Conceived & commissioned Capital infrastructure project of developing ten luxury
suites resulting in 20 % increase of accommodation and revenues in Delhi Naval Decorated with Vishisht Seva Medal
Area. (VSM) by President of India on 26
Resolved long standing accommodation deficiency of naval staff in Delhi area by Jan 2016
30 % increase in Type B dwelling units under Indian Navy MAP (Married Awarded Director General Coast
Accommodation Project) scheme Guard commendation on 15 Aug 2016
Coordinated media interaction, hospitality and events related to Ministry of Awarded Commendation by Chief of
Defence, Chief of Naval Staff, Press Conference for International Fleet Review 2016, the Naval Staff on 15 Aug 2013
Annual Tri-services Commanders Conference, Defence Ministers interactions Awarded Commendation by Chief of
involving Head of Foreign States, International dignitaries and various Foreign the Naval Staff on 04 Dec 2011
Delegations (2010-2016). Represented Navy Team in Navy Golf
Championship (2005 to 2015)
Human Resource Development, Training, Govt Liasion and Public Relations
Contact Details
Distinguished experience of service with Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra
(2000-02) as his ADC with wide exposure to Protocol, Govt. liaising and
Engagements, Public & Political relations, central/state Govt. functioning.
Trained 100 students in Project Management as visiting Guest faculty at IIM 9910158303
Ensured skill development and training of personnel related to professions in
projects, leadership and team building, clerical work, hospitality management,
data entry operators, housekeeping and security (2010-16).
Distinguished as best Instructor of officer cadets at Indian Naval Academy
Goa(2008) and training ships (2003).
Conducted performance appraisals and career planning sessions and mentored
400 officer cadets (2007-09) and 200 cadets in training ships in 2003/2004.

Page 26 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Vineet Bewtra
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 14) Areas of Interest

04 00 04 08 00 00 05 04 07 00 03

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

14 years of leadership experience in Project & Infrastructure Management, Certificate Course in Business
Planning, Operations, Facility Management, Administration, HRM and security; Management, IIM Indore
including 2 years in Pharmaceutical company Diploma in Business Management,
NMIMS, Mumbai
Career Summary M. Sc. (Nautical Science and Tactical
Operations) CUSAT, Kochi
M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry) Vikram
Project & Infrastructure Management
University, Ujjain
Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare
Monitored Civil Projects (Works/ Land) from conceptualization, to budgeting &
Damage Control & Firefighting
control, till implementation, amounting to 50 Cr for last 02 years
Ensured coordination at all levels to attain sanction of 2 cases pending for last 8
years and completion of work stalled for last 2 years amounting 8 Cr
Core Competencies
Planning and Operations
Project & Infrastructure Management
Served as operational advisor to the Command Team in deriving optimum value Facilities & Administration
from available assets in a dynamic environment Planning/ Operations
Independently handled large operations including exercises with foreign navies HRM/ Security

Facilities/ Administration & Hospitality

Initiated, executed and monitored contracts related to hospitality, arboriculture
and maintenance Selected and deputed to France for
Ensured apposite maintenance of facilities like auditorium, stadium, gymnasiums, procurement, trials and induction of
canteens, and movie hall 15 Fast Attack Ships (Project cost -
Conceptualized, initiated and procured items for residential area spread across 117 60 Cr)
acres with more than 5700 houses and 9 gardens. Selected as the first Officer-in-
Charge of Sagar Prahari Bal
HRM & Security Squadron at Mumbai, post 2008
terrorist attacks.
Planned training, mentoring including rendering of annual reports and
preparation for operational readiness of 110 multi-skilled uniformed personnel Contact Details
Ensured security of data, men, material and infrastructure for 7 years


Page 27 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Alok Kumar Das
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 14) Areas of Interest

13 00 01 14 00 00 11 02 00 06 08

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A highly motivated and mission oriented military professional with 14 years of Certificate Course in Business
experience in the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers of Army, led Management, IIM Indore
large multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in the field of Strategy & MCA (Regular) from CUSAT/Pune
Operations Management, Human Resources management (Specialisation in University
Talent Acquisition) & General Administration, Supply Chain & Logistics COP (Portuguese ) from JNU
Management. B.Sc (Physics -Hons) from LNMU
Personality Assessment and Group
Career Summary Dynamics course (GTO)
Company Commanders and Unit
Strategy & Operations Management Administration Course (WCC)
Middle Level Defence Management
As Techno-Manager in diverse roles, led teams of 300+ engineers , specilialised Course (JC)
technicians & junior leaders (defense & civil employees) for the planning and Middle Level Technical Management
execution of preventive and predictive maintenance schedule of size of (OPEEC)
approximately 1000+ vehicles, 900+ communication equipments, 11000 + Leadership, Team Building and Small
weapon systems, 1500+ IT equipments, 50+ radars and 5000+ other controlled Team Concept (YO)
assets totalling worth 500 Cr+.
Core Competencies
Functioned as Primary Technical Advisor to senior Commanders to ensure 100 %
battle worthiness of multi-sized and multi-speciality equipments.
As Operational Commander, carried out collection, collation, analysis and action Operations Management
on Intelligence while leading teams of 150+ trained soldiers during hostile HRM & Talent Acquisition
conditions. Training & Development
General Administration
Human Resource (Talent Acquisition) & General Administration Logistics & Vendor Management

As qualified analyst of human behaviour and evaluator of personality profile Awards/Achievements

(Group Testing Officer) in Service Selection Board, assessed personalities
(approximately 11000+ for screening & 1267 for complete process) of candidates Commendation by General Officer
seeking selection as defence officers over 3+ years. Commanding- In- Chief.
As expert & instructor, provided training to 40+ senior defence officers to become CCTA Award (Silver Medal) with
qualified assessors in projective, demonstrative and interview techniques. Instructor grading In OPEEC course.
Conceptualised, Innovated, Designed & Validated various testing tools on group Was handpicked out of 100 assessors
dynamics. to become the Conducting Assessor
Handled 360 degree HR functions of 150-600 + strong multi-cultural outfit of in Regional & All India
varying talent and competencies. Standardization Exercise.
Handled General Administration of army units typically on 200+ acres with Nominated as expert one-to-one
maintenance of assets worth 1500 Cr+ and provided high level security to Instructor to foreign Officer on Group
personnel, information & infrastructure. Dynamics.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Contact Details

Managed overall logistics for stores of materials and ration, stocking of
ammunitions & food items & other high-value assets to cater for 150-
800+personnels with optimum deployment and utilisation of resources .
Engaged complete vendor base with 100+ vendors, OEMs and user for
improvement in product design and logistic capability, reduced turnaround time.

Page 28 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Sandeep kulkarni
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

00 00 04 00 04 00 06 07 00 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Result oriented and performance driven experience in Technical Branch with vast Certificate Course in Business
exposure on Project Management, Design & Project co-ordination for Management, IIM Indore
Shipbuilding Projects, Large Scale Operations, Asset Management, Vendor and B.E. Electrical & Electronics
Stakeholder management (DPSU, Ministry of Defence, OEMs and Tier I & II firms). (OIST Bhopal)
Electrical Specialisation
(Indian Navy)
PMP, PMI USA, License 1867501
Career Summary Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Exemplar
Global,License G201610552
Projects (1200 Cr Approx) Supply Chain Executive, CII
Certified Scrum Master,
Refit & Augmentation of Electrical Distribution system (including 48 Km Cable Scrum Alliance, License 542861
Laying) for Midlife upgrade of INS Viraat
Procurement, Installation & Setting up of State of Art Audio Video solution for Core Competencies
WAN Conferencing, Training & Briefings at Warfare Centre Kochi
Procurement, Installation, Integration & Commissioning of Simulation WAN for Project Management (IT & Engg)
Wargame Training at Warfare Centre Kochi Operations
Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of Enterprise LAN (60 nodes) Vendor Management
(Paperless office) at Warfare Centre Kochi Stakeholder Management
Project Co-ordination for Electrical system procurement, installation & integration
onboard Warship Project P28 ensuring delivery schedule and limiting cost Awards/Achievements
overrun for Vessel Kamorta and Kadmatt at Navy HQ New Delhi
Project Coordination for Electrical system installation & integration onboard Flag Officer Commanding in Chief
Project 28 Vessel Kiltan & Kavaratti ensuring time bound Launching at Navy HQ (Southern Naval Command)
New Delhi Commendation 15 Aug 11
Vice Chief of Naval Staff
Operations Commendation 04 Dec 14
Best Technical Lecture Trophy,
Maintenance of Electrical Systems worth 300 Crores(Approx). Systems included INS Valsura 2007
5MW Gensets, Switchboards, HVAC, Communication & Complex Navigation Aids
on ship. Improved Inventory Stock (20% reduction in non-movable inventory) and Contact Details
15% reduction in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure (INS Viraat, Mumbai)
Optimized Uptime of system asset worth 45 Crores (Approx) comprising
Electrical Utility, IT & Simulation WAN of 140 Nodes and State of Art AV Systems at
Warfare Centre. Augmented Smart Class, AV Solutions & Enterprise LAN for
Paperless Office optimizing resources in training operation (Warfare Centre
Inventory Control of IT & Electrical System spares. Inventory record digitization kulkarni-pmp-b676367a
resulting in Spare Stock rationalization (Warfare Centre Kochi)
Reorganized processes at IHQ/DND for file management of Project Record
Database, Configuration Management & Lesson Learnt documentation (Navy HQ
New Delhi)

Page 29 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

00 00 02 00 00 00 10 06 00 04 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Twelve years of proven expertise in research, design, operations, production and Certificate Course in Business
quality assurance at organisations in Indian Navy in varied capacities. An Management, IIM Indore
experienced Project Manager who has successfully delivered resulted oriented B.E. (Mechanical Engineering),
projects relating to development of cost efficient modifications, productivity Kurukshetra University
increases and labour cost reductions.
Core Competencies
Career Summary
Project Management
Project Management Operations Management
Vendor Management
Mentored 20 designers from Top IT consultacies for technical design of
engineering systems of advanced nuclear submarines
Managed end-to-end system integration from conceptualising to trials onboard Contact Details
1st indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant
Managed a team of engineering professionals at Trials Centre for trials of
engineering equipment of nuclear submarines 9810535608
Efficiently executed the responsibility of managing the operations of engineering
department, production, inventory control and maintenance & refit of war ships. sudan-vashisht-68377831
Responsible for maintaining force levels of warships and submarines through
planning and execution of refits/ maintenance periods

Marine Engineering

Expertise in selection, installation, operation & maintenance of diesel engines,

steam machinery & propulsion equipment

Administration, HRM and Training

Responsibility for ensuring high standards of safety and awareness by

implementing safety management programs and procedures onboard
Ensured the discipline, welfare, morale and motivation of subordinates during the
appointments onboard 6 Major Submarines in difficult and dangerous conditions
over a span of 12 years of service.

Page 30 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Shakti Singh Chauhan
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

07 00 00 09 08 00 06 06 07 00 05

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

12 years as an Officer in the Indian Navy to command, lead and inspire service Certificate Course in Business
personnel with varied experience in the field of operations , tactics, general Management, IIM Indore
Management, Project Management, Administration, HRM, Telecommunication, M.Sc (Telecommunications), Cochin
Training and Development and Cross functional Coordination. University
B.E. (Mechanical Engineering),
Ch. Charan Singh Meerut University
Career Summary Core Competencies

Leadership, Strategic Planning, Communications and Operations

Project Management
Strong exposure of working under different operational environments with honed
Human Resource and Management
abilities in identifying potential, deconstructing complex situations and
leadership and Administration
streamlining solutions leading to increased operational efficiency
Second in-command of two Minor War Vessels - Leadership role by commanding
Strategy & Planning
and managing a team, developing their skills to a high level of competence and
Senior Operations/ Administrative Officer - conceptualized, lead and directed a Awards/Achievements
team of highly skilled personnel from cross functional groups. Coordinated and
planned limited resources to achieve operational tasks. Selected for motivational lecture for
Specialist advisor to the Command Team and Collaborating units in deriving a group of 3000 school children at
optimum value from EW assets in a dynamic environment as a specialist for 08 Mumbai.
years, including services onboard the prestigious Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat. Twice carried out appointments as
Highly result-oriented, motivated and dynamic manager of change with a proven second- in- command of two
acumen to lead & manage diverse and large teams; an effective communicator strategic minor war vessels at an
with exceptional presentation skills early stage and seniority in Naval
Analytics & Problem Solving
Contact Details
As Communication specialist, Conceptualized, designed and executed an
electronic warfare centre and Induction & Acceptance during successful
commissioning of first Naval satellite communication system project' RUKMANI',
onboard a newly commissioned Fleet warship.
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
Administration, HRM and Training

Responsibility for ensuring high standards of safety and awareness by

implementing safety management programs and procedures.
Ensured the discipline, welfare, morale and motivation of subordinates during the
appointments onboard 10 Major Fleet warships in difficult and perilous conditions
over a span of 12 years of service.

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Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Onkar Kaple
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

05 00 01 03 02 00 03 02 01 01 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Submariner with 12 years of rich experience in the Indian Navy and Siemens Certificate Course in Business
System House on Operations & Maintainance of Ships and Submarines, Project Management, IIM Indore
Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management and General B.E Electronics from Pune University,
Administration. Maharashtra
Electrical Specialisation Course from
Career Summary INS Valsura, Jamnagar, Gujarat
Basic Submarine Course from INS
Satavahana, Visakhapatnam, AP
Operations Management
Pursuing MBA from Jamanalal Bajaj
Institute of Management Studies,
Led a 30-Personnel cross-functional team in Operation of a $250 million
Churchgate, Mumbai
Enhanced Operational availability and fighting efficiency of the Submarine
through seamless operations and planned maintenance. Core Competencies
Spearheaded Innovative projects and defect repair techniques along with micro
sequential planning for manpower deployment, resource mobilization to meet Operation Management
Operational requirement of Western Fleet Submarines. Project Management
Efficiently planned and Co-ordinated all activities related to supply chain Technical management
management of Electrical Spares for Submarines of the Western Fleet, thereby Shipbuilding and Refit Management
ensuring high compliance rates and minimal downtime of onboard systems. Administration and Human Resourse
Co-ordinated completion of Refit of the submarine at Eastern Fleet by resolving Management
various technical and miscellaneous issues by effective and timely decisions given Experience in Managing high value
to various agencies involved in Refit of the submarine. Assets under adverse and
Ensured Operational availability of the submarines at Eastern Fleet by suitable Challenging Condition
and timely directives to the various units and external agencies under Eastern
Naval Command. Awards/Achievements

Technical management Commendation by Flag Officer

Commanding in Chief, Western Naval
Planned and successfully led 30 technicians to execute a major two year repair Command (2014)
and refit of Submarine program costing Rs. 350 Cr with intensive collaboration
with various agencies. Contact Details
Successfully planned and executed production activities of the department by
leading a 112+ employees in the department worth Rs. 50 Cr annually.
Introduced innovative processes and systems for productivity gains, enhanced
quality and better service delivery standards and plant standards.

Project Management

Successfully completed following projects using S7 series Siemens Programmable
Logic Controller(PLC) & Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA) in a
time bound manner:
Automation of a Chlorine Compressor Plant worth 50 Cr which includes
Software Development and Commissioning at GACL, Dahej in Bharuch,
Automation of a manufacturing plant worth 20 Cr which includes Software
Development and Commissioning at Suzlon Industries, Silvasa in Vapi,

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Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Suneet Kumar Dubey
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

02 09 04 04 00 00 12 05 10 00 04

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Dynamic military Helicopter pilot and UAV Qualified Flight Instructor with over 12 Certificate Course in Business
years of multi-disciplinary and progressively higher leadership and management Management, IIM Indore
experience in Operations, Training and Project & Personnel Management. Bachelor of Computer Science,
Holkar Science College, Indore
Career Summary Qualified Helicopter Pilot, Indian
Qualified UAV Pilot, Israel Aerospace
Naval Strategic Planning & Training (Captain of Aircraft/Flying Instructor)
Industries, Israel
Qualified UAV Flying Instructor, Israel
Experienced naval aviator with flight time of 600+ hours on Helicopters (Single
Aerospace Industries, Israel
Engine) and 1200+ hours (Mission Commander 600+ hrs and Internal Pilot 550+
hrs) on unmanned aircraft (Heron/ Searcher). Core Competencies
Achieved 100% conversion rate by qualifying over 08 ab-initio internal pilots of
Indian Navy.
As Mission Commander, mentored troops, established various SOPs and executed Naval Operations & Planning
surveillance all around the coast of the country. Strategic Planning
Designed and managed several training programs as well as conducted briefings Project Management
and sessions for civil organisations. Operations Management
As Head of operations, meticulously planned and executed all administrative, Resource Management
logistics and operational tasking of the complete complement of flight including a
Helicopter and 03 MALE/ HALE UAV.

Operations Commended with C-in-C East

commendation for UAV flying
Forecasted and adjusted decisions in a high-pressure operational environment validation from East Coast of the
effectively to a team of 150 personnel. country.
Undertaken anti-piracy deployment in the Gulf of Aden/ Mauritius and Seychelles Handpicked as core team member of
and enhanced operating efficiency to 80%. Naval Rotary UAV Project (Indian
Handled Disaster management helicopter rescue team of both shore based and Navy) worth Rs 1100 Cr with ADE,
afloat units for a safe and efficient evacuation. DRDO.
As Station Flight Safety Officer ensured1500+ hrs of accident/ incident free flying Distinction of scoring first position in
during the tenure. Qualified Flight Instructor Course
for UAV during deputation in Israel.
Project Management
Contact Details
Formulated Standard Operating Procedures for undertaking ab-intio training of
internal pilots in Indian Navy.
Successfully executed unmanned operations from Rameshwaram and Manglore
independently for the first time in Indian Navy. 9493187321
Formulated emergency recovery procedures for unmanned aircraft for all major
air stations in Indian Navy. kumar-dubey-34565318
Core team member for validation of UAV operations from Andaman & Nicobar

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Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
S Hem Kumar Naidu
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 12) Areas of Interest

12 08 05 10 00 00 12 05 10 04 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A seasoned professional with systematic and rational outlook having 12 years of Certificate Course in Business
experience in Project Management, Operations, Administration, Supply Chain Management, IIM Indore
and Human Resource Management and Security. Certificate Course in voice
Communication NEXT
Career Summary BSc Computers Osmania University

Project Management Core Competencies

Project Officer - Planned and supervised setting up of a premier Air Squadron on Project Management
the eastern sea-front estimated 200 Cr. Operations
Member Planning Committee - Planned, initiated and managed setting up of Administration
various permanent and temporary facilities at major naval base for International Logistics
Fleet Review 2016 at Visakhapatnam worth 20 Cr. Supply Chain Management
Head of Transport Human Resource Management
Conceptualised 5yr - financial plan for the Military Motor Transport till 2020. Security Management
Procured various HMVs and Special Vehicles estimating 15 Cr. for Airport
Safety Services, Air-crash and Salvage operations at Porbandar Civil Airfield. Awards/Achievements

Operations Management Certificate of Recognition for

Lakshya Operations, Administration
Operations Officer Coordinated various Disaster Relief Ops post Super Cyclone and Supply Chain
Hudhud - 2012
IInd-in-Command Successfully accomplished safe, high level embarkations on- Contact Details
board major warships with critical aviation assets and ensured incident free flying
operations of indigenous, high-speed Pilotless Aircraft.
Airfield Safety Officer - Ensured 100% operational availability of various aviation
specialist vehicles and Salvage, Rescue, MEDEVACs, Runway Vehicular Traffic 9662789890
General Administration

Deputy Head - Ensured overall Discipline, Administration, Health and Welfare,

Morale, General Hygiene and Security of Naval Air Enclave spread over 14 acres
with 300 Naval and DSC personnel.
Maintenance and Fire Safety Officer Ensured timely maintenance and upkeep of
unit infrastructure including Buildings, Offices, Aircraft Hangar, Aprons and Major
Fire Fighting Arrangements at 03 Naval Air Squadrons.
Formulated and Authored Fire Safety Orders as guidelines/ SOPs for the Naval
Air Enclave and allied units.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Officer-in-Charge - Shaped and Augmented the infrastructure of Unit Run

Canteen (CSD) to presentably accommodate 80% of increased inventory during
the tenure and increased revenues by 30%

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Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Marrapu Sunitha
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 11) Areas of Interest

10 00 06 11 00 00 07 05 00 00 11

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A multi potentialist with 11 years of experince in cross functional departments in Certificate Course in Business
the Indian Navy and Department of Skill Development , Entrepreneurship and Management, IIM Indore
Innovation , Government of Andhra Pradesh ,with expertise in the field of Post Graduate in Military Psychology,
Operations, Project Management , Education Management , Human Resourse Defence Institute of Psychological
Management ,Budget Control , Skill Development , Public Private Partnership, Research, Bhartiar University
Corporate Social Responsibility . B. Tech (Electrical and Electronics
Engg) JNTU , Hyderabad
Career Summary

Operations and Project Management Core Competencies

Handled multi crore infrastructure and training projects in Indian Navy and Govt of Education Management
Andhra Pradesh HRM
Responsible for implementation entire cycle in educational projects, skill Operations
development projects including vendor management, contracts, budget control Government Relations
Corporate Social Responsibility
Education Management Skill Development

Joint Director (Education) of 17 Indian Navy run schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas
Pan India

Training and Development Commended by

CommanderinChief, Indian Navy in
Training Coordinator for 1200 Officer trainees per annum in the Indian Naval 2008
Academy Qualified GATE 2004 in Electrical
Executed training management system and training analytics at Indian Naval Engg with 92.3 percentile
Academy for Officers Qualified Skydiver and Mountaineer
Senior Project Manager (Training and Development) for Department of Skill
Development, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Govt of AP for various Contact Details
Government projects

Selection / Talent Acquisition / Recruitment

Qualified Military Psychologist to assess the candidates appearing for various
entries as Officer through Service Selection Boards and UPSC
Talent acquisition drive for about 7000 students Pan India under University Entry
Recruitment of personnel below officer rank in Navy
Handled end to end Recruitment and Selection procedures

Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, CSR & Government Relations

Worked with Special Secretary, (Skill Development) to Chief Minister of AP for

implementation of various skill development programmes leading to
employability enhancement for youth in AP
Implemented various Govt Schemes like PMKVY, NULM involving Industry, Govt
Departments and Sector Skill Councils in AP
Implemented CSR projects of Dell Susan foundation, HPCL, GAIL

Page 35 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Vineet Benal
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 11) Areas of Interest

05 00 00 06 00 00 03 05 08 07 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Offering 11 years of experience in the elite force of The Indian Army ranging from Certificate Course in Business
Project Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, General Management, IIM Indore
Administration, Fire and Damage Control Safety & Security, Disaster Assessment BHM (Bachelor of Hotel
and Management, Supply Chain Management. Management)
DWDA (Diploma in Web Designing
Career Summary and Applications)
Post Graduate Diploma in Radio
Project Management Communication
ADP (Systems)
Construction of KLP from budget approval to construction of the whole project
which included sheds for an equipment heavy organization, offices, living Core Competencies
accommodations and arboriculture. Construction of installation facilities for
simulator. Project Management
Disaster management Operations
Conducted flood relief operations being the sole officer in-charge to seal the
breech in Hisar/ Ghaggar distributaries channel.
Contact Details
Constructed and managed a post in highly active terrorist infested region which
included supply management, security management, motivation and command
and control under high pressure situations.

HRM 7085229698

Planned and executed the work functions, promotions, administration and

training of an organization of 200 plus manpower over a period of 06 years.

Supply Chain Management

Whole and sole officer responsible for the provisioning, procuring and
maintenance of all facilities and amenities in an equipment heavy organization
(e.g. Rations, fuel, power, Building and maintenance, Ammunition).

Administration and Security

Managed a far flung post on the international border for a period of 03 years
which included planning of Rations, Transport, Security, Link and supply
Management and the construction of the post itself. It also included planning of
personnel security, safety and leave plans.
Experience of working with the prestigious welcome group Marriott hotel in front
office and service department.

Page 36 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Preeti Sharma
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

00 00 01 10 00 00 03 00 00 05 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Strategic minded professional with 10 Years' experience in Indian Army in Human Certificate Course in Business
Resource Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Management, IIM Indore
BSc (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)
Punjab University
Career Summary
Certificate in Material Management

Core Competencies
Managed teams of various sizes ranging from 70 to 130.
Carried out staffing plan of team during movement of unit. HRM
Carried out performance appraisals of all team members on periodic basis. Operations
Ensured preparation and execution of training plan for all team members. Logistics
Carried out staffing activities for the projects and processes as per laid out policies Material Management
and procedures.
Effectively managed the leave of absence in a systematic manner to ensure that
the requirements of clients both internal are external are met. Contact Details
Motivated team members to develop their own targets regarding work schedule.
Regular interaction with team members individually and as a group to keep them
informed about the tasks assigned from higher levels and work requirement within
team. 8396012611


Carried out forecasting, planning and procurement of general and technical

equipment for over 150 vehicles and store.
Forecasting and provisioning of rations for 700 team members on regular basis
and during movement.
Planned and coordinated movement of team and equipment during de-merger.
Coordinated with various level's for provisioning of rations and store for men and
material during camps and outdoor training.
Managed movement of vehicles on daily basis.
Maintained a check on the function and serviceability of vehicle and equipment
through low level managers for availability at all times.

Page 37 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Shilpa Phapale
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

06 00 00 08 04 00 00 02 00 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

10 years of experience in Telecommunications, Human Resource Management Certificate Course in Business

and Project Management in Corps of Signals. Multidisciplinary leadership Management, IIM Indore
experience in Training, Personnel and General Management. BE(Information Technology) Smt
Kashibai Navale College Of
Career Summary Engineering, Pune
Diploma (Computer Technology)
Vivekananda Education Societys
Telecom Polytechnic, Mumbai
Provided seamless data and voice communication in mountainous terrain. Core Competencies
Planned and successfully executed wireless communication network over a wide
area in desserts.
Provided voice and data communication in high altitude area during camps. Telecommunication
Liaised with PSUs for ensuring seamless communication to personnels located in Human resource management
far flung areas. General Management
Planned and fielded manpower and equipment for gaining communication Project Management
intercepts in all weather conditions.
Worked as a data analyst in EW entity. Awards/Achievements
Responsible for designing and implementing mobile communication vehicles.
Performed the task of Executive Staff
HRM Officer(ADC) to Army Commander,
Eastern Command.
Handled shifting of an entire unit base to a different location in a record 20-day Gold medal in Taekwondo
span and established a working unit to be effective for the routine job. Championship in District level
Commanded a unit of 60 personnel in mountainous terrain. (Mumbai Suburban)
Ensured implementation of HR policies and procedures in line with core Bronze medal in Taekwondo
organizational objectives. Championship in State level
Formalized and streamlined Standing Operating Procedures for various (Maharashtra)
operations in a unit.
Involved in appraisals and performance reviews. Contact Details
General Administrator
Responsible for managing a Pre Primary School, appointing teachers, finances
and administration of the school.
Overseeing the entire domain of security planning, including contingency
planning, appointment of area coordination teams, implanting area specific phapale
security plans/concentration points & safe havens viable evacuation planning.
Responsible for organizing creative and innovative entertainment and cultural
functions for Army personnel and their families.

Project Management

Initiated a Project for providing alternate communication media between two

Involved in a Project to innovate the Indoor Badminton court for Southern

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Age (in Yrs) Background

Squadron Leader
V Padmaja Kamakshi
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

10 00 10 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A result oriented and focussed professional having 10 years of performance based Certificate Course in Business
career in finance operations and Human Resource Management & Administration Management, IIM Indore
in Indian Air Force. BCom, Madras University
MCom, Madras University
Career Summary
Core Competencies
Effective implementation of audit requirements of CAG.
Effective monitoring & control of Air force Budget at Air force Headquarters
resulting in savings to the Government Exchequer.
Ensured administration of Airforce Welfare Organisation subsequently creating
HR Operations
new facilities for trainees at Airforce Station, Pune & Delhi.
Government Relations
Efficiently managed Govt. relations with audit agencies including Officers of CAG
Event Management
& MOD.
Ensured effective Human Resource Management at various Air Force Bases,
which includes management of around 10,000 personnel in the last 10 years of Awards/Achievements
As the nodal appointment for project management group, ensured quality and Air Force Commanding in Chief
also timely execution of various major work projects, at Air Force Bases. Commendation, Pune 2015
As Event Manager successfully organised various formal and social events of Air
Force. Contact Details
Steered the procurement process of logistics division by timely disbursement of
funds resulting in scheduled availability of critical equipment & spares for
operational readiness.


Page 39 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Pankaj Thakur
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

06 00 00 07 00 00 05 04 07 00 06

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Offering 10 years of rich experience as a seasoned Officer in the Indian Navy on, Certificate Course in Business
Operations, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, IIM Indore
Management, General Administration, Fire and Damage Control Safety & Security, Specialized in Nuclear, Biological,
Disaster Assessment and Management and Supply Chain Management. chemical, damage control and
Career Summary Underwater Specialist in ship diving
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer
Application, GNDU University
Post Graduate Diploma in Business
Administration, (Distance Learning)
Planned and coordinated a high profile naval war exercise involving cross
functional operations of naval warships, missile convoys and over 1000 personnel.
B.Sc, GNDU University
Successfully conducted the Operations of Newly Inducted Unmanned Remotely
Operated Vehicle named K-Ster along with Israeli Team.
Successful Coordination, planning, liaison and protocol implementation for the Core Competencies
high profile operational exercise of naval warships with foreign warships in Vizag,
as part of the prestigious Presidents Fleet Review in 2016. Operations
As the Operations Officer, planned and executed the strategic navigation routes Project Management
expected to be followed and Action Stripping/ Jettison bill plans during the Strategic and Planning
deployment across gulf of eden and overseas deployment to UAE, Muscat and Human Resource Management
Bahrain for naval warships, which were held under the auspices of Ministry of Security
External Affairs for building CBM's among the Middle East nations. Training
Adminstration and Facility
Strategy & Planning
Conceptualized and formulated Vision document for various organization wide
projects Led NCC Contingent as Platoon
Responsible for devising strategy to attain short, medium & long term goals as per Commander on Rajpath
organizational requirements Represented Fleet in Command Level
Prepared & planned overall hull Defect list of ship for offloading of entire hull Squash Tournament successively for
package & also undertook major hotwork, material & man-management planning 02 Years
onboard INS Ganga for her major overhauling Represented Western Fleet in
Command Level Rowing Competition
Project Management for 03 Years.

Headed a team of 38 Specialists, including service personnel and OEM reps, for Contact Details
implementation of newly introduced Galley Fire Fighting project. Pivotal role in
successfully completing the project within deadline.
Human Resource Management 9969188266

Designed NBCD syllabus for training of 350 personnel onboard ship.
Effectively planned and led on the Job training of 350 plus personnel in
professional aspects and safety management.

Page 40 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Prabhdeep Singh Sandhu
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

00 00 00 03 00 00 00 03 00 00 05

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Achievement-driven professional with 10 Years experience in targeting Certificate Course in Business

assignments in HR/Academic Counselling/Project Management with an Management, IIM Indore
organization of repute. B.E. Electrical (PTU, Jalandhar)
Instructors Course from Naval
Career Summary Institute of Education and Training
Technical, Naval Base (Willingdon
Human Resource Management Island) Kochi

Organized training schedules in coordination with internal / external faculty after Core Competencies
gathering inputs and requirement
Spearheaded the recruitment process and supported employee integration Human Resource Management
through knowledge sharing and teamwork Training, Development and
Led employee training and development division by monitoring competency Recruitment
grids and identifying training needs for skill / competency up-gradation Project Management
Developed a tool to measure pre-training needs analysis and post- training
effectiveness Awards/Achievements
Collected and collated program feedback and performed value added analysis for
enhancing program effectiveness
Flag Commanding in Chief, Southern
Identified training and development needs within an organization through job
Naval Command Commandation 04
analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers
Nov 2011
Observing administration, training and development(03 India level recruitment of
Evolving weekly & annual training programme for apprentice training Contact Details
Managing non-public and public funds(accounting officer)
Conducting Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training(RDAT, Hyderabad)
visit; enhancing trainees strength from 47 to 67 com
Making annual appraisal of the subordinate Defense Civilian Officer and
submission to higher authorities 9632007651
Project Management p-singh-087455129

Managed overall operations for executing projects involving scoping, initiating,

high level design & architecture, resource mobilization, execution within cost &
time parameters
Monitored / tracked projects with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts,
time over-runs to ensure timely execution of projects
Defined best practices for project support and documentation
Developed long-term partnerships with local suppliers/contractors and prepared
rate contracts; managed day-to-day supplier performance to ensure meeting of
service, cost, delivery and quality norms
Appointed alternate / new vendors as part of import substitution and cost
reduction efforts

Page 41 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Manpreet Singh
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

05 00 02 00 02 00 02 02 00 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Result oriented and performance driven experience of 10 years in Submarine Certificate Course in Business
Cadre/ Technical Branch of Indian Navy with vast exposure on Project Management, IIM Indore
Management, Operations/ maintenance/ testing/ tuning and trials of electrical B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
machinery, Project co-ordination for Ships and Submarine refits (Modernization/ (Punjab Technical University)
Upgradation), Offloading of refits (Defense Procurement), Vendor and Basic Submarine Course, Submarine
Stakeholder management (DPSU/ PSU/ Pvt. Shipyards and Foreign OEMs). School

Career Summary Core Competencies

Projects Project Management (Offloading of

Offloading of Refits of Ships and Submarines to DPSU/ PSU/ Pvt./ Russian Operations
Shipyards at Naval Headquarters Vendor & Stakeholder Management
Formulated the refit program up to 2032 for submarine fleet
Coordination in formulation of maintenance policy for future projects Awards/Achievements
Overall coordinator for repair/ refurbishment and retro fitment of PGD equipment
onboard submarines on Western Seaboard Flag Officer Commanding in Chief
Coordinated post contract management between various Shipyards and Naval (Eastern Naval Command)
Headquarters Commendation 15 Aug 15.
Procurement, Trials & Commissioning of 1000 kW and 500 kW Resistive Inductive
Load Banks for Naval Dockyard, Mumbai Contact Details
Co-ordinated promulgation of Technical and Exploitation Documentation for
Maneuverability and Control Equipment for Russian make submarines
Coordinated interactions between Indian Navy, Ministry of Defence and oversees
Vendors in relation to maintenance of submarine fleet and aircraft carrier.
Headed a team of 150 men and fostered cohesive environment of working.
Innovated methodology for defect rectification of heavy PGD equipment thereby
reducing the breakdown period. singh-b7b4b4130


Maintenance and Operations of Electrical Equipment worth 600 Cr (Approx).

Systems included Nav-aids, Communication Systems, Fire Control Systems,
4.3MW Motor, 1 MW Gensets, Sonars, ESM, Radar, Submarine Batteries and other
electrical machinery as Head of Department
Co-ordinated Medium Refit cum modernization as HOD and clearing of Harbor
Acceptance Tests of all electrical equipment onboard submarine (Sindhukirti)
Maintained the electrical spares inventory to optimum level
Optimized performance of Main Broadcast system onboard.
Mentored junior officers improve the competency andefficiency in submarine
Trained end-users on maneuverability and control systems

Page 42 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

05 00 04 07 00 00 00 05 08 04 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Highly dedicated and result oriented Naval Officer with over 10 years of Certificate Course in Business
experience in General Administration, Human Resource Management, Project Management, IIM Indore
management and Security. Proficient at providing support services for diverse M.B.A (HRM) pursing from
teams in alignment with the higher directives. Experienced in streamlining Pondicherry University
processes with in-depth understanding and continuous optimization of B.Sc (Computer Application) RDVV
individual, objectives and targets. Adroit at handling security related issues, University, Jabalpur
manpower related issues and crisis management.
Core Competencies
Career Summary
Project Management
Project Management Logistics
Commissioned a new Naval unit Sagar Prahari Bal at Visakhapatnam with 08 Fast Security
Interceptor Crafts for harbour defence. Facility Management
Organized administrative and logistics supports for setting up of a new unit.
Unique distinction of being handpicked from middle management level for Data Awards/Achievements
Acceptance Trails (DATs) and acceptance of new vessels.
Skillfully managed the task of the various general administrative functions of the
Awarded Chief of Naval Staff
organization while maintaining the filing system, handling stores and keeping
Commendation Medal & Certificate
stock inventory.
For outstanding performance on 04
Streamlined Training Program Modules including standardization of training
Dec 2014.
Methodologies for FIC crew of Indian Navy.
Contact Details

Successfully executed Annual Maintenance contracts worth Rs 2.6 Crore & 1.72
Crore in a span of one year.
Experienced in contract negotiation, contract management, procurement of
Successfully Headed Transport Department comprising of 50 military vehicles,
mointored, maintenance of transport fleet, accounting of fuel and stores.


Experienced in controlling and integration of harbour defence systems and

Implemented stringent security measures for the safety of high-value assets.
Liaised with government and civil authorities/ agencies towards successful
conduct of numerous large scale coastal security exercise Hamla at coastal area.
Managed the security of Naval Ships and naval establishment. Reviewed and
implemented augmentation of security facilities through construction of security
posts and CCTV integration.

Page 43 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Rakesh SNE Naik
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

07 00 03 07 00 00 00 00 07 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

High Performing, disciplined, dynamic, result oriented executive officer of Indian Certificate Course in Business
Navy with 10 years of experience in Warship administration, General Management, IIM Indore
administration, Human Resource, security and Manpower crisis Management with M.B.A Information Systems
a reputation for meeting the organizational objectives in a stipulated time under Annamalai University
stringent norms. A keen planner and strategist with skills in team building, B.E ( Electronic & Communication)
organization building capability and proven abilities in planning and managing Visveswaraiah Technological
resources. University

Career Summary Core Competencies

Operations Management Administration

Facility Management
Headed specialist team of personnel which included domain Experts, service Security
personnel and OEM reps, for implementation of essential refits and dry-docking of Human Resource Management
Naval ships in operational cycles and before decommission. Played a pivotal role Public Relationship
in completing the project within the stipulated timeframe and successful
completion. Contact Details
Planned and implemented successful completion of amphibious operations
conducted in association with the Indian Army, at the strategic tri-service
command at Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Conducted naval and tactical operations at sea onboard various ship at Kochi
whilst carrying out duties of executive officer, signal communication officer and
gunnery officer.
Planned and executed antipiracy mission in GoA as principal warfare officer and naik-696845129
logistic officer.

Human Resource/General Administration/Security

Cadet Division officer of training officer cadets on ships at Kochi and Division
Commander for training sailor Trainee at Chilka.
Proactively completed the recruitment & induction of non officer personnel and
managed all aspects, question paper setting, written exam, interviews.
Settled down elongated unresolved administrative issues, day to day functioning
and smooth conduct. Cleared proposals related to construction of
buildings/important projects as Administrative officer of base at Chilka.
Actively managed administration of around 670 personnel.
Reviewed and implemented augmentation of security facilities through
construction of security post, communication procedure and CCTV integration of
vital areas at Naval station.

Page 44 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
Kartik Bhake
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

00 00 00 10 00 00 10 05 00 00 00

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Submariner with 10 years of experience including Senior Engineering Officer Certificate Course in Business
onboard operational Submarine with expertise in planning, facility and projects Management, IIM Indore
management, operations, Indigenisation, training and leadership. Post-Graduation Diploma in Marine
Career Summary BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Planning and project management Core Competencies

Planning and Supervision of reffitment and trials of Rs 6000 crores Submarine. Operations
Planned design and installation of High-Pressure Air Testing and Repair Bay & Trial Project Management
bed for Centrifugal pump and Heat Exchangers at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. HRM
Coordinated indigenisation of Centrifugal pumps and Heat Exchangers of Diesel Supply Chain
generators of EKM class of Submarines. Facilities and Adminstration
Supervised restoration of the technical facility in Naval Dockyard (worth 5 crores)
post Cyclone Hud hud. Awards/Achievements
HRM (Leadership, Training and Development) Awarded FOCINC Commendation
(on the spot) in 2011 for undertaking
Led a multi-ethnic team of 50 in the high-risk environment as Senior Engineering defect rectification of main Diesels of
Officer. EKM Submarine at sea.
Leading a team of 150 technical dockyard personnel in Naval Shipyard
(Vishakhapatnam). Contact Details
Conducted training for technical Submarine Officers.
Ensured task allocation, documentation, leave planning and annual performance
appraisal of 150 shipyard personnel.

Logistics and Facility Management

Handled contracts as Manager (Projects) exceeding 50 lakhs for supports facility

of Naval shipyard
Ensured robust logistic operations by detailed Budgeting and Cost Management
of dockyard technical facility.
Coordinated and planned structural repairs of Submarine Museum (Kursura
Museum) worth Rs 1 crore with the State government, Andhra Pradesh.
Designed and curated Submarine Section of Visakha Maritime Museum, Andhra

Page 45 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Lieutenant Commander
R Sathya Narayanan
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

04 00 00 04 02 00 06 00 06 02 04

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

A committed tech savvy professional having a diverse background of Electrical, Certificate Course in Business
Electronics, Projects, IT, administration, logistics, firefighting, Nuclear and Management, IIM Indore
biological protection, HR with 10 Years of high quality experience in the Indian Master of telecommunication-
Navy in areas of Project Management, Operations, Infrastructure Management Cochin University
and Procurement, Financial Budgeting. LONG NBCD,( Nuclear, Biological,
Chemical Warfare and Firefighting
Career Summary and DamageControl Technique)
Bachelor of Electronics and
Material & Supply Chain Management Communications Engineering
Managed inventory of more than 3 lakh equipment / spares at Mumbai Diploma, Electrical and Electronics
Maintained supply chain of more than 200 customers & suppliers through Engineering
Integrated Computerised System with Total Asset Visibility at Mumbai
Headed a team of 40 personnel as joint Controller technical service, Rationalised
Core Competencies
spares & stores of more than 3 lakh items, reduced procurement time by 50 %.
Operations Management
Human Resource Management/General Administration Material and Supply Chain
As joint administrative head , ensured complete Administration and coordination Human Resource
of various activities for an organisation with a strength of 700 personnel and Management/General Administration
oversaw all aspects of enhancing quality of life, morale, facilities and welfare for Fire fighting safety/ NBC warfare
700 personnel.
Ability to work in diverse environs with people from varied backgrounds Contact Details
Operational Management/Fire Lighting Safety/NBC Warfare
Maintenance of Electrical & electronics items , navigation Systems worth 300
Crores (Approx). Systems included 5MW Gensets, Switchboards, HVAC,
Communication & Complex Navigation Aids on ship.
Ensured successful completion of structural repairs warships worth 1000 crores sathya-narayanan-a51018a3
(approx) within 2 years timeline.
Maintenance of high end firefighting equipments/spares 400 Crores(Approx).
Systems included firefighting , damage control and NBC on ship.
First Line maintenance and upkeep of ship based ground control unit of
unmanned aircraft.

Page 46 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Squadron Leader
Shiva Garg
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

07 00 00 09 00 00 05 09 00 09 05

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

10 years of senior-level leadership and management experience in supply chain Certificate Course in Business
management, operations, logistics, program management, quality auditing, Management, IIM Indore
training and development in Indian Air Force. Six Sigma Black Belt 2016
Master of Science: Environmental
Career Summary Sciences, Kanya Gurukul
Mahavidyalaya - Haridwar
Supply Chain Management
Core Competencies
Inventory Management through ABC and VED analysis
Warehousing and Store Management for costly aircraft spares Operations and Supply Chain
Provisioning and Procurement of aircraft spares, rations, clothing, fuel and other Management
technical spares for various weapon systems Logistics
Forecasting of requirement and indenting using ERP tools. Quality Management and Process
Procurement activities out of allocated budget within compressed time frames, improvement
placing supply orders upto few crores. Contract Management
Applied Six Sigma concepts to reduce procurement process cycle from 52 days to Vendor Management
36 days. Inventory management
Directed and supervised complete logistics activities (receipt, storage,
warehousing, preservation, issue, distribution and transportation) to ensure Commendation by Air Officer
availability of spares for operations of designated fleets of aircraft for complete Commanding in Chief of South
IAF. Western Air Command in 2012 for
outstanding professionalism and
Analysis and Process audit contribution
Long Service Medal for unblemished
Presented analytical study reports to higher headquarters for assessment of service record of nine years in 2016
system performance and timely course corrections.
Utilised ERP tool, Integrated Material Management Online System for proper
Contact Details
equipment accounting and administration.
NPA management
Periodically identified Non Moving inventory for quick disposal through

HR Management and Training

Mentored and trained junior officers, storekeepers and inventory managers on use
of ERP tool and MIS reports.
Managed leave, performance, welfare, training and appraisal aspects for 200
Mentored and trained 2000 Officers under training for their outdoor activities,
overall development and welfare.

Page 47 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Squadron Leader
Manvi Bali
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

04 06 04 09 06 00 07 09 00 00 09

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

10 years of leadership experience in the Indian Airforce in various gamut of Certificate Course in Business
departmental functions such as Planning and execution of Complex Operations, Management, IIM Indore
Project management, Strategic Planning, Event organisation, HR development B.Tech Computer Science and
and General Administration. Engineering from H.P university
Career Summary Post Graduate Diploma in
Aeronautical Engineering
Operations Management (Electronics) from visvesvaraya
technnological university
Headed teams of over 500 technicians and managed operations of radars and
communication systems with a serviceability rate of 95% Core Competencies
Ensured 100 % serviceability and technical upkeep of critical flying navigational
equipment installed at military and civil joint airfield. Effective Communication Skills
Formulation, implementation and auditing of Information warfare policies and Compelling Presentation Skills
eliminating the vulnerability windows in the physical and virtual network. Operations Management
Product data management (PDM) of state of the art communication equipment Project Management
and navigational equipment in liaison with civil agencies like BSNL, HCL, BEL, Human Resource Management
HAL, AAI and foreign vendors. Training and Development
Budgeting and Auditing
Human Resource Development, Training, Govt Liasion and Public Relations
Collaborated in critical planning, problem solving, field testing, evaluation and
acceptance of state of the art navigational equipment with domestic and Commendation by Air Officer
international vendors for radar and communication projects at pilot sites of the Commanding In Chief South
Indian Airforce. Western Air Command in the Year
Implemented an in house concept of Hardware repair centre for all IT resources by 2010
imparting hardware repair training to technicians and repairing the vast expanse Long Service Medal for Unblemished
of IT equipment at base. This helped in reducing the downtime of essential IT Service Record of Nine Years
equipment and substantial costs incurred on AMC for repairs.
Forecasting, budgeting, procurement of IT equipment, software of over 40 lakhs
every financial year. Contact Details
HRM (Leadership, training and development)
Successfully formed and led teams in challenging conditions towards successful
induction, commissioning, maintenance and operations of radar and
communication systems. 9910807410
Employed innovative management techniques towards team building and culture
setting. bali-39311112a
Ensured training continuity, discipline, task allocation, facility management, leave
planning, documentation, grievance management, HR Policy formulation and
annual appraisal closures for teams of over 500 technicians.
Conducted training lectures and guest lectures at technical type training schools.

Administration and Security

Management of facilities like canteens, Generators, Fire Fighting Equipment,

deployment of stores and assets including maintenance of records.

Page 48 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17

Age (in Yrs) Background

Squadron Leader
Supriya Chitre
00 60

Total Experience (in Yrs) Functional Experience (in Yrs, on scale of 10) Areas of Interest

09 00 00 09 00 00 07 00 00 00 07

00 | 40

In a Nutshell Academic Qualifications

Team-oriented self-starter with 10 years of experience in Indian Air Force in the Certificate Course in Business
field of human resources management, event management, school Management, IIM Indore
administration, training and staff development. Post Graduate Diploma in Human
resource management, SCDL, Pune
Career Summary Masters in Psychology (Clinical),
Pune University
Core Competencies
Responsible for appraisal reports, documentation, innovations to feedback
mechanism, welfare, leave planning, skill assessment and task allocation. Human resource management
Been a mentor on job performance, inter personal relationship, inter-department Training and development
co-ordination and behavioural aspects. Public Relations and Event
Ensured IAF policies are disseminated and understood in all levels of the management
workforce. School administration
Led daily, weekly and monthly coaching, counselling and feedback sessions.
Contact Details
Training and Development

Instructor, counsellor and facilitator at the National Defence Academy .

Evaluated the effectiveness of training programs and recommended 7709954705
improvements to upper management.
Conducted orientation sessions and training for new hires. -chitre
Communicated all learning and performance objectives, schedules and training
assessments to upper management.
Trained staff during demonstrations, meetings, conferences and conduct of

Event management

Event management for ceremonial functions, celebrations and social events.

Protocol management for visits of VIP's, Senior Officers and other dignitaries.
As Public relation officer was instrumental in organising press conferences,
dealing with enquiries from public, press and related organizations and
management of media coverage for important events.
Undertook and supervised conduct of large scale examinations and recruitment

School Administration

Executive Director, Air Force School (XII Std) CBSE.

Educational advisor on management committee of 2 Kendriya Vidhalayas

Page 49 | Individual Profiles IIMI-CCBMDO Placement Brochure 2016-17


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number one,
has always
been hiring
Time spent on

hiring is time
well spent.
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