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Chapter I
1 Title The key : The Effectiveness of technology The Effectiveness Of Teaching
in teaching speaking skill Grammar In Writing Context As Task
Based Approach
Nowdays, technology is widely used in
2 Background
educational sectors. So, an innovative
technologies are being introduced in teaching
process especially to teach speaking skill in
the classrooms. The using of technology in
tecahing speaking skill can help students to
enchancing their speaking ability easily.

Is there any technology that can be used to Do the students taught by using writing
3 Research
make teaching speaking skill practice become context as task based approach gain better
Problem effective and easy for the learners ? achievement in learning grammar than
those taught by using pattern exercise

4 The Objective of the Based on the statement on the research Based on the statement in research problem
Research problem, the researcher have an aim to talk above, the purpose of the study is to know
about several modern technology which the effectiveness of teaching grammar in
povide to their speaking ability higher. writing context as task based approach get
better achievement in grammar.

5 From that problem,the alternative hypotesis According to the problem above, the
Hypothesis can be formulated that nowdays, there are alternative hypothesis can be formulated
many modern technology which available to that students grammar achievement taught
make the practice of teaching speaking easier in writing context as task based better than
for students. those taught in pattern practice drills
Assumption The researcher has assumtion in his study The writer has an assumption in his research
that the using of modern technology can help that lecturers technique of teaching
students to get into the materials better than influences students learning success.
the using of difficult duty that the students
have to do.
Scope and Limitation This study is do for the students in Mysore, This study is directed for the forth semester
of the Study India. This research is focus on learning of English Department at STKIP PGRI
speaking skill using modern technology. The Jombang in academic year 2012/2013. This
writer curious about the students speaking study is focused on learning grammar in
ability when they utilize the modern activity. adjective clause doing this research, the
researcher wants to know the students
achievement when they are taught in writing
context as task based approach than those
taught in pattern practice drills, to describe a
rule of grammar and apply it in pattern
practice drills. Besides, the researcher
expects the students are able to play the
grammar s background in their writing.
Significance of the Practically : The practical of this reseach is
Study students who want to develope their
speaking ability especially by using modern
technology for educating process.
Theoritically : Technology is the vehicle to
get access with this modernized world. In
ecucation,Technological tools have been
regarded as ways of helping students
improve language skills such as speaking
Definitions of Key - Modern technology - Grammar
Terms - Increase students speaking ability - Task based language teaching
- Grammar in Writing context
- Grammar in pattern practice drills