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Appendix A (continued)

PSL-1 Continued
Hydrostatic Test (except for Loose
PSL-2 Equipment meets all the requirements
of API Spec 6A PSL-1 and:
Controls the limits of variance between the
material qualification test coupon and the
production material. CVN testing for service
temperature -20 F and below.
Volumetric inspection of welds (RT or UT).
MT - Magnetic Particle
Examination Magnetic particle inspection of accessible well
UT - Ultrasonic Volumetric wetted surfaces.
Examination PSL-3 Equipment meets all the requirements
RT - Radiographic Volumetric of API Spec 6A PSL-2 and:
Restricts the tolerance of material chemistry.
Hydrostatic Test Report and/or Chart
Recording of Hydrostatic Test (API Increases the maximum size of the material
Spec 6A omits hydrostatic test of qualification test coupon in relation to the
Loose Connectors for all PSL's). section thickness of the equipment
components. CVN testing for all service
A 3.0 Product Specification Level temperatures.
API Spec 6A specifically states, product Volumetric inspection of all material in body,
specification levels do not apply to ring gaskets or
bonnets, flanges & stems..
studs and nuts.
Wet Magnetic Particle inspection of all
A summary of what PSL's designate accessible surfaces.
Hydrostatic Test time extended (except for
PSL-1 Equipment meets the minimum Loose Connectors).
requirements of API Spec 6A for:
PSL-3G includes all the requirements of PSL
Design 3 plus additional practices described in API
6A, Annex A. PSL-3G designates an
Specification additional gas-testing requirement for
Qualification, CVN testing for service assembled equipment.
temperature -50 F and below. 2016 3/8/2016
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