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Jael Ndongala

507- 6 Milepost PL Avenue

Toronto, ON M4H1C9
416 2197481 jael@gmail.

Experience ensuring customers satisfaction and contributing to customer
success, leading to increase in sales revenue
Strong oral and written communication, interpersonal active listing and
solving problems skills developed through employment experience as a
personal care Support
Ability to multi task and prioritize in a fast- paced environment, attention to
detail and quality
Collaborative and supportive player, able to work in a fast paced
environment, prioritizing and managing multiple projects at once while
meeting deadlines
Flexible available to work shifts days, evenings, weekends
Languages speak and write: English, French, Lingala and others


Customer Focus

Reinforced and prioritized the importance of making customers and their

needs a primary focus of everyone's actions, met customer needs ,
circumstances , concerns, and expectations
Extended sincere empathy when customer expectations have not been met
Resolved problems by clarifying complains or issues, selecting and
explaining the best alternative to solve the problem to ensure a resolution
and customer loyalty
Displayed a customer comes first attitude, attending, attending to inbound
calls and telephone inquiries
Developed and maintained strong relationships with high profile clients,
understanding their requirements to ensure repeat business
Conducted a respectful and tactful approach when responding to situations where
there is a need to address issues or concerns
Greeted, assisted and responded to customer inquiries by answering question
accurately and in a professional and courteous manners
Handled upset customers by listening to the individual, empathizing, apologizing,
and taking personal responsibility for resolving customer problems

Work Experience
Personal Care Support, (P/T), Client; Heejee, Toronto, ON
Personal care Support, Client: Rachel Lee, Toronto, ON
Customer Representative and managing Store in Africa, Congo (DRC)
Tutor, Lefu institution, in Congo
Care giving and house keeper


Graduated from CALC Adult learning center School (TDSB) in 2015, in Toronto, ON
High school Diploma in Congo in Pedagogy Institution
Bachelor in Literature, Pedagogy University in Congo