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Assignment 2B Rubric

Student: Student 1

Question 2: Base: 37 points

Pts. Received/
Feature Available Comments
Program correctly calculates the loan amount 6
Program should not crash due to a division by 5/6 I was unable to generate a divide
zero condition or other easily avoidable error by zero situation, and you
condition. For example, non-numeric data handled your testing of non-
should be validated via IsNumeric() function. numeric data very nicely with an
IfElse statement. However, I
was able to crash the application
by clicking on
btnCalcDifPayments with
nothing entered.
All data inputs can be properly entered 4
Application utilizes proper variable 6 I agree with your decision to use
declarations (form-level variables used only only local variables well done!
when necessary; public vs. private only when Note that q should probably only
appropriate, etc.) allow integer entries. Also, its
questionable as to whether or not
its helpful to create a variable
such as message2 in your code:
Dim message2 As String =
txtIntPaid.Text =

It might be a little more

streamlined to do:
txtIntPaid.Text =

Finally, since message2 is already

a string data type, you shouldnt
use CStr(message2) (thats
asking you to convert a string to a
string, which doesnt do anything
but take time).
Application uses variables appropriately (in 6
assignment statements, instead of hidden
labels, etc.)
Type conversions are done explicitly (use of 4
cint, cdbl, cstr, etc.)
Application uses proper VB syntax and 5 Great use of variables,
techniques based on best practices weve calculations, compound
learned to date conditionals, nested conditionals,
exit sub, messagebox

Optional (max 8)

Application has a user-friendly user interface 2 Youve developed an incredibly

including listboxes, frames, menus, etc. (clear usable interface that made
button, use of appropriate default values, running through several loan
spinner button for entering data, tab order, scenarios painless. I really
default button, cancel button, tooltips, etc.) appreciated the Copy feature, as
well as the difference calculator
(though you might have wanted to
calculate these automatically).
Note that clear doesnt clear out
the Total Payment field.
Application also displays the total payments 2 See comment above re:
and the total interest paid automatically calculating these
Application properly formats data 2 Very nicely done.
System allows for two side by side 2 This is a great feature.
comparisons using the same loan amount (for
example, to compare the monthly payments on
4 year loan vs. a 3 year loan)

Application allows the user to calculate the 2 Well done!

amount they can borrow given the interest rate,
number of years, number of payments per year,
and monthly payment desired

Question 2 Grade: 45 out of 45 points

Great job on this application, Student 1! This is a fully functional, easy to use calculator
that is very well written. I appreciate your attempting (and implementing) all of the
optional features!