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BST line and contrast sensor

Perfect technology
for perfect guiding results

CLS Pro 600

CLS Pro 600
Perfect technology

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CLS Pro 600
Perfect line and contrast control

CLS Pro 600 is an innovative concept made up of a high resolution CCD colour sensor, a clearly arranged backlit colour
display, optimum image processing as well as high performance LEDs. Altogether, the sensor offers all the features to ensure
perfect control results even in the case of poor contrasts.

Performance? Comprehensive and practice-orientated!

CLS Pro 600 provides the following outstanding technical features:

y With its colour sensor, the system precisely scans continuous or broken lines,
print edges or web edges.

y The integral automatically controlled LEDs with an extremely long service life
constantly give optimum lighting thereby ensuring excellent web guiding

y Using a special lens with high photosensitivity, CLS Pro 600 is extremely
dependable even at highest web speeds.

y Thanks to its broad measuring range of 25 mm, contrasts are detected even
in the case of major splice offset.

y The sensor is networked with other BST components using CAN bus. When
starting a new job, the basic functions of a BST control device can be remotely
controlled using CLS Pro 600. This expedites the workflow.
A colour display of contrast transitions
allows convenient selection of the y Using the integrated USB interface, parameters may be swiftly and conveniently
desired printed line, print or web edge.
transmitted to the users system or to other cameras if necessary.

Operation? Easy and flexible!

When developing CLS Pro 600, BST International not only focused on technological features, but also had users
requirements in mind:

y On the colour display, all messages and data are clearly shown and can be
easily read.

y The menu interface is variable so that the user may individually define the 18
most important functions which can be called up at the push of a button.

y The system is controlled using a keyboard installed on a guide ring for up

to 180 rotation.

y In order to adjust the keyboard to the camera mounting position, rotation

in increments of 90 is available.

y The keyboard may be removed and connected at a central point if needed,

e.g., when the sensor is installed at a point of the machine which is hard to
get to.

y A special laser line projection onto the material allows for easier positioning
and precise adjustment of CLS Pro 600.
The CLS Pro 600 keyboard allows for
180 rotation on a guide ring.
CLS Pro 600
Technical overview

Technical data

Supply voltage: Lighting:

24 V DC y Integral LEDs
y Connection for external lighting
y Scanning of (including colour selective evaluation): Displays:
continuous or broken lines y Colour display of identified edges or contrasts
continuous or broken print edges y Colour display of contrast view (extended contrast view)
web edges y Colour display of contrast profile (contrast profile view)
y automatic and manual setup
Interfaces: y Membrane keypad with intuitive symbols
y Analog output (0 V ... + 10 V) y Individual menu configuration
y USB (service interface) y Various access rights / user administration options
y CAN bus y Keyboard:
y Error output can be removed and installed at a central point (e.g., control panel)
accommodated on a guide ring for 180 rotation
Sensor: four different installation positions (90 rotation)
y CCD (colour)
y Sensor resolution: <10 m Other features:
y Measuring range: 25 mm y Laser line projection on the material for easier positioning
y Distance between web and camera housing: 20 mm y On-board flash memory (for saving and loading of system
Colour graphic display: y External trigger pulse available
y Resolution: 320 x 240 px (true colour)
y LED background lighting Protection class: IP54

Operating conditions: Weight:

y Temperature: 0 ... 45C (32 ... 113F) y ca. 1.7 kg
y Air humidity: 5 ... 90 %,
not condensing


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