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May 2017 Report

Mayad Digital

I. Financials
We are informed by the CEO that we should reach a new gross income target of PHP 500,000 every month. This is noted
and Mayad Digital will do its best to achieve such goal. We are coordinating with Roselle and Jamie regarding financial
matters. As of the moment, we cannot provide the numbers yet, however we believe that the executives are aware of our
financial standing and performance.

II. Current Situation

We have renewed our partnership with Sony Philippines effective May 19, 2017 as a Key Opinion Leader for Philippines
and South East Asia. This is a great avenue for Mayad Studios and the Mayad Academy to assert the influence of both
organizations. We will ask the cooperation of the marketing department regarding this endeavor. I believe that as what we
always say to our clients, to stay relevant in this digital age we need content to produce in social media.

We are now in the final stage of corrections and layout of the digital newsletter as we are about to do an email blast campaign
in the mailing list of Mayad Studios and the Mayad Academy.

Bea has been evaluated and we are looking at the schedule to finish evaluating Andy and Joyce.

According to multiple sources, the big ad agencies in the country are building its own in-house prod house. We are doing
our best to compete in this arena as we are exploring economical and viable options to gain more traction in the industry.

With regards to competition, there are various identified local prod houses that are doing what Chapters is into and we are
going to compile all viable information to be presented to the executives.

We are also hoping that the admin of Mayad Creatives Inc. will decide on the matter of the bundy clock for the office. It will
be beneficial for Mayad Digital the online system so that I can monitor the attendance of our personnel (for Mayad Digital),
since all of them are in flexi time. Hopefully there is an update to that matter so that we can effectively and efficiently
monitor the hours of our personnel.

III. Goals
By the end of June we are looking forward to achieve the following:

- Stabilization of the workflow for Chapters;

- Roadmap for the Mayad Acedemy (in compliance with partnerships that we currently have);
- Purchase of a new laptop and adapter (equipment);
- Digital Marketing Campaign;

Prepared by

Jackner John Borja