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Participants Pre-requisites Good to have

1. Basic knowledge of DWH / BI Concepts

2. Dimensional Modeling /ER Modeling basics

3. Basic T-SQL Query programing

Topic Duration Duration

1.QlikView Introduction Day 1 2 Hours

What is QlikView
Exploring data with QlikView
Getting QlikView
QlikView Architecture
Navigating the document
Slicing and dicing your data
The technology and components behind QlikView
The way the data flows
When QlikView use expands
Create content
Reload, publish, and distribute content
Consume content

Hands on sessions on above topics

2: Basic QlikView Design Day 1 3 Hours

Preparing the workspace

Setting up the folder structure
Creating the QlikView document
Creating the app
The requirements
Constructing the data model
Loading the fact table
Playing with list boxes
Associating additional tables
Creating the dashboard tab

Hands on sessions on above topics

3: OLTP Data Sources Day 1 3 Hour

Using ODBC and OLE DB drivers

Accessing custom data sources
Third-party custom connectors
Reading table files
Extracting datatwo hands-on examples
Extracting data from MS Access
The resulting data model
Loading a table file
QVD and QVX files
Loading an Inline table
Hands on sessions on above topics Day 1

4: Data Modeling
Dimensional data modeling
Relational databases and ER modeling
The star schema
The snowflake schema
Dimensional models in QlikView
The associative data model
Guidelines for table associations
How associations are created
Avoiding data model conflicts
The Table Viewer window

Hands on sessions on above topics

5. Styling Up Day 2 4 Hrs

Design requirements
The Document Properties window
The Sheet Properties dialog
Setting the object properties
Caption colors and style
Propagating the object appearance
Setting the default Sheet Object Style
Hiding captions
Working with list boxes
The General tab
The Expressions tab
The Sort tab
The Presentation tab
The Number tab
The Font tab
The Layout tab
The Caption tab
The Multi Box
The Current Selections Box
Making selections from the Current Selections
Adding a Bookmark Object
Aligning and resizing sheet objects
Selecting objects
Moving objects
Resizing objects
Resizing a Multi Box
Aligning sheet objects
Do a little house keeping
Creating and applying a default color map
Defining chart colors
Setting the default color map

Hands on sessions on above topics

6: Building Dashboards Day 2 & 8 Hrs
User types Day3
Dashboard users
Report users
Creating the Analysis sheet
Creating the new Dashboard sheet
Creating the Reports sheet
Pivot tables
Auto minimize
The Report Editor window

Hands on sessions on above topics

Other charts
Radar Chart
Mekko Chart
Grid Chart
Funnel Chart
Block Chart
Trellis Chart

7: Scripting Day 3 4 hrs

The Script Editor

Menu and toolbar
Script pane
Tool pane
Script statements
Manipulating tables
Conditional functions
Dealing with different data types
Debugging script
Standardizing and organizing script
Re-using scripts
Managing file locations and connection strings
Hands on sessions on above topics

8: Basic Data Transformation Day 4 3 Hrs

Changing the source table structure

Cleansing a dirty table
File contents
Working with the Transformation Step wizard
The final result
Other transformation tricks
Loading a Crosstable
A Crosstable example
Working with the Crosstable Wizard
Expanding a hierarchy
Working with the Hierarchy Wizard
The tree-view list-box
Generic load
Loading a generic table into QlikView

Hands on sessions on above topics

9: Advanced Expressions Day 4 3 Hrs

Using variables
Creating a variable
Using variables in charts
Interactively changing a variable's value
Using variables based on expressions
Using variables to store expressions
Variable naming convention
The Dollar Sign Expansion syntax
Using the TOTAL qualifier
The Aggr function
Using Aggr for nested aggregation
Conditional functions
The If function
The Class function
The Pick function

Hands on sessions on above topics

10: Set Analysis and Point In Time Day 4 2 Hrs


The magic of Set Analysis

Dynamic record sets
More assignment operators
Set operators

Point In Time Reporting

The challenge
Defining the set modifiers
Storing set expressions into variables
Portable set expressions
Hands on sessions on above topics

11: Advanced Data Day 5 2 Hrs


Data architecture
Two-stage architecture
Three-stage architecture
Setting up our environment
Loading data already stored in QlikView
Cloning a QlikView data model
Loading from RAM
Sorting tables
Ordering the Order-By fields
The Peek function
Merging forces

Hands on sessions on above topics

12 : More on Visual Design and Day 5 2 Hrs
User Experience

Creating a consistent QlikView UI

Screen resolution
Background image
Additional interactivity
Advanced search expressions
Dynamic bookmarks
Conditionally showing and calculating objects

Hands on sessions on above topics

13: Security Day 5 2 Hrs

Hidden script
Section access
Section access fields
Reduction fields
Initial data reduction
Omitting fields
Document-level security
Sheet-level security

Hands on sessions on above topics

14: Macros and Automation Day 5 1 Hr

Using Automation Macros

Internal Macro Interpreter
Getting hold of a QlikView Document
VB Script Functions
Using macros in QV document

Hands on sessions on above topics

15 : Mini Project Day 5 2 Hrs

Requirements Gathering
Build Qlikview Data Model
Design Dashboard
Scripting Functionality of Dashboard