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Adverb Worksheet

Adverbs of time, place, and manner modify the verb. Ask about the verb, when? How often? (time), where? (place)
how? (manner).

1. Our soccer game was played yesterday. ______________________

2. Sometimes, my family goes to the movies. ______________________
3. My friends and I played outside in the snow. ______________________
4. The people talked quietly at the hospital. ______________________
5. Tomorrow, the students will have a show in the gym. ______________________
6. Occasionally, my aunt and uncle will visit us from Florida. ______________________
7. Joey fell down and broke his wrist. ______________________
8. Put your games away ______________________________. (time)
9. The children sat ______________________ (place) and watched TV.
10. The speaker spoke ______________________ (manner) at the meeting.

Adverbs of degree answer the question how much? or how little?. It describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

11. The extremely tall basketball player blocked the shot. Modifies what part of speech? _________________
12. The surgeon did the operations very carefully. Modifies what part of speech? __________________
13. Bob nearly broke his arm in the fall. Modifies what part of speech? __________________
14. Sammy was __________________________ able to reach that top shelf.

Adverbs of affirmation or negation tells whether a statement in true or false.

15. My father is positively the best coach my team has ever had. ______________________________
16. We never play that school in basketball. ______________________________
17. You will undoubtedly win that writing contest. ______________________________
18. I would ____________________________ like to go see that movie. (affirmation)
19. The truck driver can ___________________ find that building. (negation)

Write a sentence with an adverb of time, place, or manner.


Write a sentence with an adverb of degree.


Write a sentence with an adverb of affirmation.