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The illustration on this page is a modern vulva amulet

from the pages of the Lucky W Amulet Archive.

During the last week of October, 1995, Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, California, held an
interesting 3-hour tantra workshop. I attended, and i'd like to pass along a little bit of what it was
like, for those who are curious about what is meant by sexual training, as opposed to tantric
religious practice.

This was a couples-only workshop, consisting of a small group -- perhaps 8 or 10 couples. There
were 4 teachers (two couples). The couples all happened to be heterosexual, but the teachers
made it clear that the same training would be given to homosexual couples, had any signed up.

We started by giving our names and listing some of our previous experience with tantra
workshops. As usual, ages ranged from early 20s through late 50s, and experience ranged from
absolutely none through many years of attending workshops or even giving them. Some couples
seemed to be mated or married; others, like my partner and i, were simply "training partners"
who liked and respect each other and trained together, much as one might with a martial arts
training partner.

It was explained at the outset that this particular class would focus on the physiological aspects
of the "extended orgasm" or orgasm control techniques popularized through books like "ESO" by
Allen Brauer or "One Hour Orgasm" by Bob Schwartz, and that there would be little or no
reference to tantra puja or sacred sexuality. The subject would be the woman's orgasm, for the
reason that the female anatomical structures are smaller and thus more difficult to apprehend --
and the presence of training teachers would facilitate learning. The same information applies to
men, of course, and the women were gently advised to make sure that after the class we would
practice on the males as they had practiced on us.
The lecture portion of the presentation consisted of the usual anatomical details of the vulva and
clitoris (shown on a large, well-made, silky-satin stuffed-toy-like vulva!) and a discussion of the
several meanings of the terms orgasm, climax, contraction, ejaculation, coming, and so forth.

Those familiar with tantra or extended orgasm will not need a refresher on this subject, but for
others, the basics are these: the sexual response covers 3 biological systems: circulatory (the
blood needed for arousal and tumescence), muscular (the contractions of male ejaculation and
female orgasm), and neurological (the sensations of pleasure during arousal and orgasm).

Because there is no specific word for the contractions of female orgasm and because in most
males ejaculation and the sensations of orgasm are closely entrained, many people have been
led to confuse contraction with orgasm. For the purposes of the class, orgasm was redefined as
"anything happening between your legs that feels better than anything else in your body" and
muscular contractions were broken down into "peaks," "valleys," and "climaxes."

The demonstration portion of the class came next. The techniques covered were

1. the need for couples to prepare a "research space" in which to undertake the work (separate
and distinct from normal lovemaking and/or tantric lovemaking),

2. a recommended comfortable position for extended masturbation of one's partner while doing
the work,

3. how to do personal "anatomical mapping" of the receiver's genitals, using mutual feedback
dialogue between giver and receiver ("i am touching your clitoris with the flat of my
finger"..."now i am rubbing my thumb upward across your clitoris...") to give the receiver some
terminology to describe what is most pleasurable,

4. "training from effect," in which the receiver -- who has acquired terminology during the
mapping session -- uses a three-step communication process ("that feels please
change to doing this other thing...thank you") to gradually train the giver to produce maximal
arousal and pleasure,

5. "training from cause," in which the giver self-trains in arousing and pleasuring the receiver by
asking simple either/or questions ("would you like this...or that?") and accepting feedback and
acknowledgement from the receiver ("do that...thank you"),

6. a few common ways to masturbate a woman, with attention to the personal anatomical
mapping of the vulva and clitoris done previously,

7. maintaining the receiver's ascending peaks and valleys,

8. and a novel way to cause detumesense in an aroused woman when bringing a session of
research and training to a close without a contractive climax.

One teaching couple demonstrated the first five techniques as the other couple described and
added comments. The students then applied these techniques one-on-one while all four
teachers went around the room checking us and making suggestions. Later, the other couple
demonstrated the last three techniques, which we then practiced while the four teachers again
checked us. The workshop closed with a lengthy question and answer period.

I could give extensive details of the training techniques (training from effect and training from
cause are extremely useful, and the female detumescense trick was alone worth the price for
the course) -- but i do not feel comfortable giving away information which i think is well worth
the small amount of money one would pay to the Sunrise Center to learn first hand. The cost for
this 3 hour class was only $40.00 per couple, about the price of a dinner-and-movie date. Take
the training yourself, if you want the full experience.

The Center runs other types of workshops and their tantra classes are organized under the name
Celebrations of Love.

You can reach them at

Celebrations of Love

Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente Drive, C-200

Corte Madera, California 94925

(415) 924-5483 voice

(415) 924-4212 fax

As usual, i should state that i am in no way connected with the Sunrise Center except as an
occasional student and that i earn no money or free training time by reviewing their classes

I also feel compelled to restate, as i often do, that i believe one could learn just as quickly from
books or, if one had a willing partner, through personal experimentation.

The benefit of this training class was that it rapidly and positively delivered information on
techniques that other people had developed. There are always new wrinkles to this field... and
after many years of practicing karezza, i was happy to realize that i was not too old to learn
something new and enjoy the process.



by catherine yronwode

First, before giving my opinion about spell-work, i need to make a qualifying statement about my
beliefs. Libido is one of those bodily functions i think is genetically determined to a large degree
-- and thus i believe that although magic may ameliorate a situation, it cannot perform a sure-
fire miracle-cure type reversal of nature. In my opinion, because the libido of the individual is
mediated by hormonal interactions and because the nature of these interactions is becoming
more widely known as scientific research into it continues, i believe that biological
considerations should be given weight EQUAL in importance with any magical, spiritual, or occult
considerations in performing this spell.

So, first, let us study the subject from a medical an social standpoint. Your approach to the spell-
work, and the results you may enjoy from it, will depend a great deal on the underlying medical
and social conditions operative in your life.

You have given me no clues as to why the libido of an unknown female is to be increased. For
your pleasure, i presume -- but are you the insufficiently libidinous woman, or is your female
partner not as enthusiastic as you wish her to be? And what do you mean by "libido" -- the urge
to have sex (to initiate sexual contact), or the ability to have a contractive orgasm as a result of
sexual activity?

Inability to reach orgasm is sometimes blamed on a lack of libido, but lack of libido is not the
specific cause of anorgasmia in most cases. Therefore i shall assume that by "libido" you mean
"the urge to have sex."

Estrogen makes women receptive to sex, but in order to wish to initiate sexual contact a high
level of testosterone is necessary. Estrogen and testosterone tend to oppose each other's effects.
Men manufacture more testosterone than they do estrogen, and vice versa, but each gender
produces BOTH hormones.

Most women's output of testosterone is masked during the greater part of their menstrual cycle
by their high estrogen levels, but when their estrogen levels drop, right before they get their
periods, the testosterone that they do produce is unopposed and they then become very
libidinous, sometimes demanding sexual gratification at the beginning and during their
menstrual period. After the period is over, when estrogen levels start to rise again, they are less
likely to try to initiate sexual contact, but they may be receptive to it, just the same.

Men and women who understand the fluctuation of hormone levels in women are more inclined
to become happily adjusted to each other's libidinal impulses. There may be no perceived need
to change any aspect of the female libido (for instance, to try to make its fluctuations conform to
male standards of uniformity of level), but rather a celebration of its ups and downs.

Okay, but you do want a change -- you want to know how to increase a female libido. Still
sticking to biological, medical, and social avenues of thought -- if it is you yourself who has the
insufficient libido, my next question would be, "since when?"

Have you always been this way compared to your partner or to friends of your gender who are in
your general age and weight range? If so, i recommend a thorough medical examination -- you
may have insufficient hormonal resources, for instance, or you may have a hidden medical
condition that interferes with the development of libido. Metabolic disorders and other chronic
illnesses can include loss of libido among their many symptoms.

If you have always been a person with low libido and there is no medical cause, i would next
suggest that your best course of action would be to find a partner whose libido level is
compatible with yours. Males and females both show great variation in the frequency and
intensity of sexual contact they desire. There is a man to match every women who wants one,
and vice versa.

On the other hand, if you once had more libido than you do now, it would help to know if there
was a distinct onset of the loss of libido or if it occurred gradually. Did you start taking birth
control pills, for instance, or are you going through menopause, or have you suffered a grave
illness or had abdominal surgery recently? Are you mentally healthy at the present time or are
you depressed? Has your mate been unfaithful and destroyed your trust? How is your weight?
Your blood pressure? Are you addicted to any drugs or to alcohol? Are you pregnant or nursing?

Examine the factors of health and lifestyle that surrounded the onset of your loss of libido.
Identifying them can help correct the problem. Remediation of hormonal imbalances -- getting
off birth control pills, for instance, or taking hormone supplements -- should be done under a
doctor's supervision. If your doctor is not satisfactory, consult an endocrinologist. If your mate is
not suitable, you may need a divorce.

Okay, now i shall presume that you have taken appropriate steps medically, socially, and legally,
and not merely read through what i wrote above. Next comes the magical work:
The astrological aspects of libido parallel the medical ones. Just as estrogen makes a woman
receptive to sex, Venus rules love, and just as testosterone mediates the impulse to initiate
sexual contact, so does Mars controls action.

Check your horoscope. What relationship is there between Venus and Mars on your natal chart?
How do transits and progressions affect this relationship? If there is NO aspect between the two,
how are they each situated with respect to sign, house, dignity, and aspects to other planets?

I, for one, would not attempt to prescribe a magical spell dealing with a person's libido until i had
done a horoscopic analysis first. I say this from decades of experience: the Venus / Mars aspects
are amazingly sure pointers to the sexual dimensions of human life.

Let me use myself as an example: I have Venus conjunct Mars in Aries in the 11th house, sextile
to Uranus which is in the first house conjunct the Ascendent in Gemini. Look at my Sacred Sex
web site -- you will find tons of stuff about penis-in-vagina intercourse (Venus conjunct Mars),
frankly and openly presented (Aries) in a scientific attempt to help humanity (11th House),
displaying oblivious disregard to the eccentricity (Uranus) or the personal appearance (conjunct
Ascendent) of the writer (Gemini), myself (1st house).

Your chart will reveal similar things about your sexuality. From that chart i would then construct
a magical rite that might emphasize certain favourable aspects of your horoscope or counteract
others that were unfavourable. For instance, if your Saturn were conjunct your Venus, i'd suggest
that you deal with issues of patriarchal society or your own father in order to free your love-life
and allow it to blossom, but if your Mars was afflicted by your Saturn, i would recommend
medical investigation into an overall lack of vitality that might be holding you down.

Oh. You wanted a spell to increase a female libido. Sorry -- i am giving you a two hour
consultation here, and trying to educate you into an entire system of biological-medical-
astrological-magical thought. No time for more of that now. Here's a spell which falls into the
large class of rootwork that makes use of bodily fuids for magical purposes:

Be free of drugs, alcohol, and/or birth control pills for three months. Bring your weight and
blood pressure within optimal range.

Sew or buy a red dress, preferably loose-fitting and made of soft, luxurious-feeling cloth. A
sarong will be sufficient.

Have at hand special treat foods which require no cooking (e.g. fruit juices, fancy herbed bread,
soft cheeses, duck liver pate, fresh fruit, a platter of sushi, fruit tarts, chocolates, baklava, or
whatever you would like most). You may also have intoxicants to hand, in moderate amount.

Pick and dry (or buy) a handful of red and pink rose petals and acquire two roots -- a John the
Conqueror Root (male, testosterone, Mars), and a Queen Elizabeth Root (female, estrogen,

Buy or make a large red candle -- it can be a female image candle or a plain one; it should be
capable of burning for at least 6 hours. If you like to use incense, acquire Dragon's Blood Resin,
which you may mix with other resin incenses such as Copal Oro or Frankincense. You will need
charcoal disks to burn it on.

Finally, you will need a rectangular red flannel mojo bag with a drawstring. You can sew this
yourself or buy one ready made.

Wait until the day you expect your period to begin. (If this cannot be predicted, seek medical
advice to correct possible hormonal problems first.) If you prepare ahead, you can hold
everything in readiness until you do get your period. If you have a job for that day, call in sick. If
you have a steady sex partner, have him call in sick too.

Depending on whether having sex in the morning is your preferred time or if you are ready at
any time of day, you may get up at dawn on the day that you expect your period or begin the
spell as soon as you first get cramps, but before you start to bleed.

Bath in water scented with Love Me herbal Anointing Oil or Love Me mineral salt Bath Crystals.
Dress in the red dress, with no underwear. Wear jewelry with red stones (blood coral is best). If
you begin to bleed during the course of the day, you may bleed all over the red dress, or take it
off and perform the remainder of the spell naked. Be sure to wear no tampons or pads that will
inhibit your bleeding.

Carve the nature of your desire for increased libido, in your own words, on the candle with a
needle. Dress the candle with Commanding Oil (a.k.a. Commanding Power a.k.a. Power Oil).
Dress the John the Conqueror Root with Commanding Oil and the Queen Elizabeth Root with
Follow Me Boy Oil. Place the two roots and the scattered rose petals at the base of the candle.
Speak aloud your prayer or desire for increased libido, calling upon the deity of your choice and
watching the candle flame.

When your period starts or as your cramps increase in intensity, light some incense, then begin
sexual stimulation, either solo or with your partner. The entire time you engage in this, keep in
mind how much you want to feel like this ALWAYS. Do not achieve orgasm at once, but bring
yourself close as many times as you wish, stopping between times for fruit juices and light
snacks. (Alternating sour fruit juices, meats, intoxicants, fruits, and sweets increases my energy
for repeated sexual arousals, and many other people find this a useful technique as well.)

You do not need to be sexually aroused continually, nor need you keep incense burning
continually. Have your partner stroke you and pet you all over your body, not just genitally. If you
are solo, do the same for yourself. When you have had enough -- say after three to six hours of
repeated sexual, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory stimulation -- you should have gotten your
period and then you can just wail away and come as hard as you want for as long as you like. If
you had no Dragon's Blood incense burning earlier, you may wish it at that time.

Rest a moment, thank your partner (if you had one) and deity for helping you achieve great
sexual pleasure, then arise and bathe in water to which Florida Water or Blessing Oil has been
added. Dress in fresh clothes or remain naked. Collect the rose petals, Queen Elizabeth Root, and
John the Conqueror Root from beside the candle and place them in the red mojo bag. Fix the
bag with Love Me Oil and Blessing Oil and smoke it in Dragon's Blood incense smoke. Put the
mojo bag beneath your bed. Let the red candle burn out naturally.

Perform this spell once a month for about ten years. Be sure to always thank your deity for the