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Chessbase Keygen and Activator v2.

Original Version: Nov.2014 by AnonC
Updated Ver.2.3: Dec.2016 by CBF
Added GUIs: ChessProgram 15, ChessBase 14
Added Engines: Komodo 9, Fritz 15, Komodo 10, Houdini 5, Houdini 5 Pro

Supported versions: ChessBase 10 - 14, ChessProgram 12 - 15

and CB engines from Fritz 12 to Fritz 15

1) Serial number:
a) Select the GUI you want to activate
b) Select the Engine you want to activate
c) Generate a serial number by pressing "New Serial"

2) Activation:
You can choose between two methods of activation:

a) Built-in: your serial number will be used to automatically activate

your selection of software. Just follow the instructions in the pop-up.

b) Hardware ID: by selecting this method, you can follow the normal
offline activation procedure of your product.

*** Note that it is critical to use the right serial for the product
you want to activate if you want to follow this procedure!

- Select offline activation in your ChessBase product

- Generate a serial number FOR YOUR PRODUCT and copy/paste it into
the normal ChessBaseAdminTool
- Your hardware ID will be revealed in ChessBaseAdminTool,
enter this hardware ID in the proper box in CB_Keygen
- Press "Get Activation Key"
- Copy/paste the Activation Key into ChessBaseAdminTool and press "OK"

3) If ChessBase or ChessProgram ask for a serial when starting up,

put in the serial number you generated in the first step.
It should ask for a serial number only once.

*** Note that CB13 64-bit may give weird errors and engine serial is
inactivated. Just click OK and everything should be fine!

Enjoy your CB product!

Remember: Please buy this software if you feel it worth the money!