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As the new advanced technologies forged throughout the

society, the means of surveillance simultaneously have

become integral part of the society, allowing higher

authority to monitor people`s daily activities such as in

work place, in schools, in banks, and in supermarkets.

CCTV:looking out for you( That is

to say the government constructed one of the largest and

technological advanced system to serve the public safety

need. Despite the government have acted upon the intention

for the safety of the pubic, some of the monitoring have

called into doubt the system, This essay will argue the cons

of surveillance have outweigh the pro. First, the

surveillance is necessary for the proof of illegal activities

and prevent crimes. Second, government cannot promise

the personal information will be safe. Third, the

surveillance has resulted in public concern toward privacy.

To begin with, the surveillance tool is useful for the proof of

illegal activities and prevent the possible cause of crimes.

For instance, capturing of the scene can be used as evidence

to identify what happened during the investigation. On July

22,2005. Jean Charles de Menses was shot by the

police( CCTV footage showed the police

shooting an innocent man. This occurrence is likely to

happen again the future. Moreover, CCTV has contributed

to discern probable crimes. For instance, some people may

walk into the grocery store. After they have noticed that the

cameras were installed in the store. They changed their

behavior to not shoplift. Thus, surveillance videos are

useful tool to determine what happened and to enable


Government cannot guarantee that 100 percent of the

personal information will be safe in their data base. As the

Internet has forged ahead over the start of the century, cyber

attacks have become a major concern. This phenomenon

puts safety of public at great risk because identity theft can

be seen ubiquitously in society. Government officials claim

that no collection of data is 100 percent

secure( Making this statement, naturally

restrains pubic confidence. Thus, the government need to

tighten the security of the data base to regain public


Primarily, the latest discussion in the House of Parliament

involves the government need to take new measurement to

preserve the individual rights. The government, given the

intention of maximizing the protection to prevent crime and

terrorism, has caused removal of individual rights. Some of

the surveillance system ,without people `s consent or

knowledge, encourage suspicion and are intended to limit

our behavior or movements. The purpose of surveillance is

to monitor suspicious behavior. Some surveillance,

however, are focused upon risk and dangers rather than

achieve the positive intention of social goals. This, in turn,

could have potential negative effect on the public. If people

have to comply with the government regulations such as

obtaining state identification cards and keeping records

keep up-to-date. This will take away the individual rights.

Moreover, the mass surveillance in the UK promotes the

view that everybody is suspicious, It is not only those that

have something to hide have fear but something to protect

from the government( Thus, it is vital

for government to reconsider how the surveillance will

effect the individual privacy.

To conclude, the video surveillance, without a doubt, have

increased the safety of the public. However, public feel

vulnerable because they are afraid that the act of

surveillance has gone beyond what is necessary and

appropriate for the public safety. For one, the protection of

data is not highly secured. Public feel reluctant to follow

the government regulations. Second, although government

have installed CCTV cameras, with out considering

approval from the public. Some people voiced their

concerns because they feel that government is promoting

suspicious behavior towards everyone. As these evidence

demonstrate before introducing further proposals,

government need to develop better relationship with the

public. This transparency will bring about the compromise

to meet the new safety standard.