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Welding Procedure Specification According to EN ISO 15609, 2004

Manufacturer TEI WM WPS No:003

PQR No:003
Method of preparation and cleaning: Grinding/Brusing
Test Pieces
No. Welding Process Thickness Welding position Joint type Parent metal (specification)
1 111 6(mm) PB Fillet P235GH

Weld Preparation Sketch

Joint Design Welding Sequence

Type of Wire feed

Filler metal current travel Heat input Metal
Run Process (mm) Current (A) Voltage (V) polarity (cm/min) (Kj/cm) transfer
1 111 3.2 100-140 25-30 Dc+ 18-23 0.9 Spray arc
2 111 3.2 100-140 25-30 Dc+ 18-23 0.9 Spray arc

Filler metal E 42 5 B 4 2 H5 Type, Designation, Trade name BOHLER FOX EV 50

300-350C @
Any special drying or baking 2h Shielding gas Gas flow rate (l/min)
Tungsteen electrode type N/A Deatails of back gouging/backing N/A
Preheat temperature (C) N/A
Interpass temperature (C) N/A Pulse welding details N/A
Other information
Torch angle 80
Waving/Oscilation Weaving
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Cooling rate
Method remarks Heating rate (C/h) Holding time (min) Hold temperature (C) (C/h)

The above test piece was welded in presence of

Tsiamis Ioannis
Location/ Date of welding Issued by
Kozani TEI WM